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Monday, November 30, 2009

How to find edu or gov sites

We all know that Google is highly value links that com from websites that have .edu or .gov domains. Today we have a bunch of programs, or sites that use these programs, to find sites that have .edu or .gov domains. There is an easier, better and above all free ancin to find these sites, and all with Google.
Simply, in Google search box, type : site: .edu and keywords that interest you.
And that's it, Google will provide a list of sites .edu sites that have links with your keywords. In this way you can even search blogs, just after the key word type blog : site: .gov your keyword blog.
Type in search box: site: .edu human heart blog
And that's it, Google will give you a list of all .edu blogs that have links with the human heart.
This is the best and most simple, but above all a free way to find these sites and blogs. No need to pay someone for a program, to join some sites or leave email to someone. Google allows you all this free and you can be sure of the results.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best way to increase website visitors

I noticed that many people advise others to use ezine articles as a source of back-back links.
So, many people write some stupid irrelevant text only to get another back-link, or often they just copy someone else text, from someone’s blog or site, and be banned from ezine articles.
Ezine articles is a good source of strong back-links, who have a high Page-rank, and Google value these links.

It is much better and more efficient use ezine articles as a source to increase website visitors, which is the purpose of ezine articles, to help you fight with the competition. Your article, which is located on ezine articles will be much easier to find on the first or second page of Google for some stronger keywords, than post on your site or blog. This will increase your website visitors, and the best thing is that these visitors are free.

The problem with ezine articles is that you can publish an article every fifteen days, and what you must be the author of the text, and the text must not be find anywhere else on the internet, not even on your site or blog, must be the only ezine articles.

But if you make a little effort, your effort will pay off, and bring you a certain number of visits each month.

I have ten articles on ezine articles, which have a total of 8000 visits per month. Approximately every tenth person who read my article, visit my blog. So from 8000 people who read my articles each month, 820-830 of them visit my blog every month, which is not so bad. I know people who receive 15-20 thousand visits a month from ezine articles.

And for the end, I will give you a little advice, I always anchor my link. I do that because the whole article seems much better and therefore more efficient.

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