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Monday, April 29, 2013

HP ElitePad 900 review

New model tablet HP ElitePad 900, aimed at business users, provides additional connectivity options and better battery life, and personalize the device.

A new model of tablet HP ElitePad 900, aimed at business users, provides additional connectivity options and better battery life with special features that adapt to the specific needs of tablet users.

HP ElitePad is ultra slim, lightweight tablet of aluminum with Microsoft indos 8 (2). The screen has a diagonal of 25.7 cm (10.1 "), weighs just 0.68 kg and has a thickness of only 9.2 mm. ElitePad HP is powered by Intel mobile processor next generation, which gives users the productivity enjoyed by the PC. Optimized for indos 8 and supports data input by touch, pen or voice.

HP ElitePad has a 1080p front video camera and a rear camera of 8 megapixel (MP) with LED flash, as well as the CyberLink YouCam software, allowing users to easily communicate face to face, making videos for the web High Definition (HD) (5) or recording training materials without the high cost of production.

This tablet is also the only Intel Atom Z2760 (Clover Trail) based tablet that has 2x2 MIMO WiFi solution. All other Intel Atom Z2760 based tablets, i.e. Acer W510, Dell Latitude 10, Lenovo ThinkPad 2, HP Envy X2 ... have only 1x1 WiFi solution. 2x2 MIMO WiFi achieves twice the speed of 1x1 WiFi solution and has a much longer range and much better signal reliability.  

The current price of it is $ 643, but when you look at all the performance and features, it's worth the money. 

HP ElitePad 900 10.1" 64GB Win 8 Pro WiFi Tablet

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weapons such sacred

U.S. President Barack Obama in the Senate lost the battle for stricter control of arms sales.

A question raised by U.S. President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden of the White House, it is possible that the Senate does not pass the proposal stricter checks when buying guns, but has the support of 90 percent Americans, is one of those one million dollars.

The act of refusal of the Senate to accept his proposal greater control of arms sales to Obama, surrounded by families of victims of the massacre of schoolchildren in Newtown and former Congresswoman Gabriel Gifords, who survived a gunshot to the head mentally disturbed person, described as "shameful for Washington."
The massacre of twenty pupils in the school in Newtown, December 2012. It facilitated a discussion about the laws related to weapons, the administration of President Obama's call to restrict access to offensive weapons. A few months later, the moment when the gun-toting outweighed Obama's call to put things under control again reminded that in America, according to an incident involving mass murder, aggravated first, and disappears again, the issue of arms control.
Possession of weapons in the United States far exceeds other countries and the recent mass killings sparked comparisons with the policies practiced by other countries when the weapons in question. Countries that have experienced similar trauma of mass killings have taken significant steps to rules governing checks before purchasing firearms, and restrictions on the possession of offensive weapons.
In America, it's much more difficult. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the possession and carrying of weapons. Fans of weapons considered that the right to acquire possession of his birth in the U.S., and that's part of the national heritage. The right to possess firearms and self-defense, especially in the west and the southern United States, is considered part of the American identity, from the time of the conquest.
The careful cultivation of the "sacred" tradition has led the historian Richard Hofstadter called the country to America "gun culture." This proves the fact that U.S. citizens, who make up less than five percent of the world population, have between 35 and even 50 percent of the global small arms.
According to a study conducted in Switzerland a few years ago, the U.S. country number one by number of rifles and handguns per capita. America holds another dubious among developed countries - the largest number of firearm homicide per capita. From fire guns every day in the United States suffer 270 people.
Federal law contains minimum standards of regulation regarding personal weapons. Although the U.S. Supreme Court 2008th Supported the right of states to regulate the rules regarding personal weapons, in practice, are "killed" the laws of the Washington District prohibiting the wearing of arms, and the requirement that the home be locked or disassembled.
Arms Control Act in 1968. The sale of firearms is prohibited certain categories of people - people under 18, people with criminal records, mentally challenged, illegal immigrant, "apostates" Army ... The law was in 1993. he received an amendment which required checks before a person without a license buy guns from federally licensed dealers.
But the so-called "hole with arms fairs," legalized by the Act on the Protection of gun owners in 1986. year, allows, practical everyone, including even condemned, to buy weapons without testing. Federal ban on assault weapon, the force between in 1994. and 2004th years, Congress has quietly let it expire, so at the time of the massacre in Newtown there was no law against offensive semi-automatic weapons.
A decade later, the President attempted to take a step in tightening mode weapons sales, has proved to be impossible even in the Senate, which Democrats control Obama. Several have opposed Obama in voting proposal as "flooded" the president's measure, once šokazujući how high political price of weapons in the United States.
Even when you understand the dire consequences of firearms in the hands of mentally disturbed persons, Americans are vulnerable when they are in the right touches to arms. Democrats, while gun control measures likely than Republicans do not want them on this sensitive issue conservatives scrambling voters, especially before elections. In addition, strong lobbying and the National Association for Arms NRA does not regret the time or dollars on Capitol Hill to defend the rights of firearms enthusiasts and successfully direct opposition to any restrictions in the possession of weapons.
The debate about one of the most controversial issues in American politics so again stuck in limbo between the right to bear arms and requests restraint of crime.

Monday, April 15, 2013

10 greatest muscle cars of all time

Perhaps one of the most exciting periods in automotive history was during the production years of the classic American muscle car.  Muscle cars were big, loud and ultra-powerful rubber burning machines.  During the 1960′s and 70′s the American automakers progressively became more competitive with their muscle car offerings. Each year it seemed Ford, Chevy, Chrysler or even AMC would out-do the competition in terms of brute power and aggressive exterior styling.  Since we love muscle cars we thought it would be fun to create a list of the all-time top 10 best muscle cars made on US soil.  Obviously this is merely our opinion so we don’t anticipate all readers to agree with the inclusion of all of the muscle cars on this list.  Since muscle cars are widely considered to have more than 2 seats; the Chevy Corvette, Shelby Cobra and other very powerful, fast cars from the era were omitted from this best muscle cars list.  Make sure to cast your vote on which of these you think is the greatest muscle car.

10)  1970 Buick GSX

Many Buick performance fans consider 1970 as the greatest year for Buicks 455 engine as it was the most powerful engine Buick built. General Motors lifted it's corporate ban of engines larger than 400 cubic inches in an intermediate body, and Buick quickly responded by adding the brand new 455 cubic inch engine into its restyled GS. The 455 boosted more displacement, bigger valves, and a hotter cam and included standard cold air induction through functional hood scoops. The 455's was rated at 350hp and a pavement pounding 510lb-ft of torque. The Stage 1 package, was even more with a hotter cam, bigger valves, and a revised carburetor. Buick rated it at 360hp, but most testers believed it was more than 400hp.

9) 1968 Pontiac Firebird Coupe

The Pontiac Firebird was a creation of the Pontiac division of General Motors. The Firebird shared a platform and body panels with the Chevrolet Camero. It featured a coke bottle styling, that is, an automotive body styling that has a contour bottle design. This style was initially introduced with the Studebaker Avanti in 1962. From there on, the trend of Coke-bottle began to grow. An example of a clean coke bottle design is the 1963 Buick Riviera.
When the Pontiac Firebird was introduced, it was offered in a convertible and hardtop couple with five engines, including a standard Firebird OHC 230 cubic inch six-cylinder one barrel with 175 horsepower and a Firebird Sptring 230 cubic inch six cylinder four barrel overhead with 215 horsepower. Another engine, at the high performance end, was the Firebird 400 V-8 four barrel with 325 horsepower.
The 1968 Pontiac Firebird saw its standard engine increased from 230 to 250 cubic inches, delivering 175 horsepower. The price for the base model started at $2666 for a couple and $2903  for a convertible. In 1968, more than 107,000 Pontiac Firebirds were produced, most of them with the 2-dour couple version (over 90,000).

8) 1969 Dodge Charger

A Dodge Charger 1969 is a really fast car.  ‘Till this day the Charger is still one of the fastest classic cars.  The Charger is known for its super charger and great suspension.  The classic Charger is really hard to find, including the parts!  It’s also meant for racing.  Many Charger owners fix up the engine to make it sound very loud and make it pack a lot of horsepower!  When you accelerate quickly the front of the car may come up, so they designed a bar in the back so the car won’t flip.  When I saw ‘The Fast and The Furious’ I liked it a lot because it features a classic Charger.  The 1969 Dodge Charger is the car I want to get when I’m older.

7) 1970 Boss 302 Mustang

The little V6 makes more power, and scoots the 2011 down the road substantially faster. Now those test results from the Boss look a little slow compared to the commonly published figures of the times (0-60 in 6.9; 1/4 mile in 14.6 @98mph). But then the buff books didn’t buy their Bosses anonymously, like CR did. Anyway, the V6 still equals those numbers.  And gets more than twice the mileage. The prices: similar too, adjusted for inflation, comparing a base 2011 to the Boss. And the 2011 gives you a the comforts that either weren’t available or extra in 1970: AC, power steering, music and a host of other creature comforts. Progress; although maybe not as much as some of us might have imagined in 1970. Predictions then would have had us all in electric cars long ago.

6) 1965 Pontiac GTO

Again for 1965 the GTO was an option available on the Tempest LeMans models of Pontiac. The GTO popularity had been growing and Pontiac Immediately started to add unique identifiers to GTO equipped cars. Front grills, rear fender sides and trunk were now marked with bold GTO letters. In addition to more noticeable markings the hood of the GTO equipped cars featured a very distinctive hood scoop, a feature that would follow GTO throughout its production years.

Horsepower actually increased over last year’s availability. A new LeMans GTO could be ordered with an optional 389, 360 Horsepower engine. Standard engine was 389 cubic inch rated at 335 horsepower. Additionally one could order a tri-power equipped 389 cubic inch motor that featured 3 - 2-barrel carbs.

5) 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda

This car was epic on so many levels, and it was great to chat with the owner Russell about it’s rebuild and some of the kit that went into it. I wont detail it all here, but there is a link below for those that want to know more.
This was a ‘driveway’ shot, when meant that whilst there arent many people crowding round the car, there were plenty of ‘house’ reflections off the immaculate black paint. The low angle shot helped with that – so I applied a little desaturation around the car as well as a bit of fade to white.

4) 1970 Chevelle 454 SS

No matter how you cut it, 454 cubic inches — roughly 7.4 liters — is a whole lot of engine, and it made for outrageous power in the 1970 Chevelle 454 SS. While its base power was already impressive at 360 horses, the LS6 upgrade made for an easy leap to a totally bonkers 450 ponies. This car, and the engine it held, basically represented the limit of the muscle-car power wars, and it is still the highest-output production car to date.

3) 1969 Z28 Chevy Camaro

The classic 1969 Camaro is one of the most iconic American cars of it's era, but the engineers here at LDP wanted to bring the old legend forward to the 21st century in a cloud of tyre smoke, V8 rumble and burning rubber. A true hotrod was born, boasting large power and torque figures granted acceleration which would put modern supercars to shame thanks to a fully restored and tweaked motor now supercharged to produce 565bhp the X28 means business. But we didn't just want to create a drag racer so as usual the full chassis and suspension treatment was given in order to make this car handle as well, but the beast can never truly be tamed with such power this still retains it's muscle car character which will keep the tyre companies happy for years to come.

2) 1966 Shelby Cobra 427
Of all the Cobra variants the 427 Semi/Competition or S/C is the most desirable series. Built from Shelby’s competition production line, these were purposeful race-cars that were prepared at the last minute for the road.

The story of the Cobra begins as early as 1959 when Carol Shelby raced for Aston Martin, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Along the way he probably took notice of a well performing AC Ace that would become a foundation for his next venture.

After quitting racing, he return to America to build his own sportscar, turning to Charles Hurlock of AC Cars to supply a chassis and body that was suitable for the new 260 cubic inch Ford V8. After considerable racing success, Ford provided the even larger 427 FE engine. By 1965, chief engineer Ken Miles wanted to fit thengine to win SCCA’s A Production Class and stay ahead of the Corvette Grand Sport.

1) 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

The GT500 was basically a factory-authorized tuner Mustang created by Carroll Shelby. Introduced in 1967, the GT500 joined the GT350 on showroom floors and offered a 428-cubic-inch Police Interceptor engine with a conservatively rated 355 horsepower. Despite the larger engine, it was actually designed to be a more usable road-going vehicle than the lighter, race-ready GT350. Because of this, and its negligible premium over the GT350, the GT500 was an instant hit, just as it remains to this day.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 review

In the world of mobile communications, these days are obviously all about fresh represented iPhone 5, which enjoys cannon praise from fans of Apple, as well as much criticism of those who turn to Samsung or more specifically the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the main competitor to the iPhone. However, secretly from the shadows, the model of Nokia that is yet to emerge as the Lumia 920 is a high-performance model, and is waiting for its 5 minutes to "thwart" as Apple, Samsung and "camp".

Lumia 920 is a high-performance model, and they make a pretty interesting innovations, and perhaps most striking is the possibility of wireless charging. This option opens a whole new door to mobile phone users, and this is one trend that will almost inevitably come to life (sooner or later). With this option, you simply place your phone on a pedestal and they can say on your desk, and your battery starts charging automatically, without any connections. This fantastic opportunity is not only the only option Wireless interaction model Lumia 920, because Nokia predicted and numerous auxiliary equipment such as portable speakers that also just replace the phone and play your favorite music, again via wireless connection. As far as charging your wireless Lumia 920, it is available only at home, because Nokia has reportedly signed a deal with several leading franchise in America that we should set the appropriate charging stations at their facilities, and the model users with the option to be able to charge their devices and "on the fly" .. This concept has yet to take hold, but given the benefits it provides and definitive support for any mobile phone users do not doubt its success.

When it comes to design, there has never been any doubt in the Nokia quality. Lumia 920 is a neat device, whose concept we can say it's kind of futuristic and rounded lines give this model a refined and exclusive look. Since the implemented hardware buttons, on this model you can find the button to turn-off your phone, activation key for the camera, placed laterally adjusting power levels, and in the bottom of the display senalaze option to run Windows, go back, and search button to search. The dimensions of this model are as specified by the manufacturer of 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 with a weight of 185 grams, and this model is one of the phones 'major' dimensions. Lumia 920 will be released in 5 colors in yellow, red, white, gray and black.

The display of the model is harmoniously blended into a whole body itself, which is again a detail that is responsible for Nokia's design team. Display size is 4.5inch-which provides outstanding visibility, and this IPS TFT touchscreen display have Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Nokia's traditionally good and high-quality displays are not new, and so this display boasts an HD + Pure Motion technology that promises exceptional performance and high customer satisfaction. Pixel of 1280 × 768 display with 332 ppi pixel saturation, which is good "compaction" and guaranteeing high pixel sharpness.

Lumia 920 hardware and software meets high standards

Windows 8 OS, the software, which is expected very much!

Lumia 920 will work with Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and 1.5GB of memory. This processing power guarantees high efficiency whether it comes to playing games, taking pictures, or business productivity. As further evidence of this high-end model, Nokia Lumia 920 4G LTE support. On the software side, this model will work with the new Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system which will be presented for the first time in this model and we look forward to see what makes us the newspaper after Nokia (for now) a bit mysterious when it comes to the OS. Broad application support is definitely present users with this model will be "covered" absolutely in all fields and to extract some like HD Audio Quality, Office suite of programs, deep integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, support for Java, Direct X, etc..


The same image was made "with the camera leading competitors"

Lumia Nokia 920 is equipped with Pure View 8.7MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, and these are the characteristics that speak enough about Nokia's commitment to impeccable quality pictures and videos .. The camera is equipped with dual LED flash, autofocus and image stabilization .. Nokia its users guarantees with this camera so far not seen a picture clearing point and image quality are made under conditions of reduced lightning. Working demonstration of the quality of night shooting, Nokia at its official website set pictures taken with that stated, "painted with a camera leading competitors", and if you are really made of photographs of the prototype model Lumia 920, then we can conclude that this model camera really brings something special and the picture quality is not seen on mobile phones.

In the light of currently available information, we perceive that this model will be a worthy competitor to any high-end device. We eagerly await today's release of this model and its release for sale because the pictures and the manufacturer's specifications this model really looks impressive. New Windows 8 will surely bring interesting papers and software solutions which must meet the appetites of technology "addicts" and worthy piece of hardware devices Nokia as a competition among companies and devices.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Review

That’s by far the most prominent question for our Bioshock Boundless review because as you move the game is without a doubt brilliant, it’s not original. Probably not.

Sure, the earth is brand new and inventive, the heroes are well-rounded along with believable and a lot of what Bioshock has become known for is just as entertaining as it was within the original.

But that’s the challenge: the authentic. Bioshock established a precedent dozens of years before and though it might seem unfounded to evaluate Bioshock Infinite to it's predecessor – specifically because which is rather the point – the main reason so lots of you usually are excited is entirely considering that the original prevails.

All it is taking emphasis clear of what matters, though: Bioshock Infinite is a fantastic game, of course, if the authentic remains one of your much-loved games in this generation then you definitely owe the item to yourself to play that.

The planet of Columbia will be – in a great deal of ways – reminiscent of Rapture, and though the sea has been swapped for the sky, a lot of the ideology symbolized in Bioshock exists and accurate here.

Though graphically Bioshock Infinite is just not the best looking activity yet – let’s not forget that Crysis 3 may exist – it can be still the most visually fascinating games still.

It’s the particular art fashion that manages to do it, with bright – practically blinding – colorings filtering throughout your adventure. There’s an awareness of caricature about Columbia, anything whimsical still sinister.

And that’s basically the level. It’s clear early on that there’s anything dark ingrained straight into Columbia, and half of Bioshock Endless is since unravel.

There’s a substandard quality and confidence around the game all together, in simple fact. It’s clear a great deal of thought along with effort moved into not merely the planet of Columbia, but in the story it's to say to too.

You’ll enjoy as Booker DeWitt: the mercenary, the killer, the war leading man. Your goal is the retrieval associated with Elizabeth. The girl with the Lamb and also you are the particular False Shepard, make use of the game’s own terminology.

You may realise easily that there’s anything strange taking place, and not just within Columbia per se. We’re not going to spoil it to suit your needs since it does not take lynchpin of which Bioshock Infinite depends on, but throughout your time and effort with the action the pose is constantly teased.

Fans in the original Bioshock may well lament that you’re pressured into picking on the list of weapons at hand rather than combining your own favourite tactics, but and also mean you should be more flexible when with battle.

The inclusion in the Handyman truly highlights this time: these people are lumbering round sponges and you should, invariably, need to utilize everything environmental surroundings provides.

Though you’ll merely encounter some throughout the action they do lead to intense fights. They’re not a replacement for the Big Daddy – not just slightly – nonetheless they do help facilitate the model of combat that Bioshock Infinite is about.

The merely problem is the respawn method. The Vita Chambers were such an issue having Bioshock that the option to turn them down was patched with, and the idea just seems like Bioshock Infinite should have included the identical.

Dying with battle could have Elizabeth create for you back from your brink in the abyss with some health and a little more ammo. Though your own enemies regain a few of their wellness, it’s certainly not nearly enough of your punishment and it works towards the detriment of combat.

There’s not any real fee for perishing, to such an extent it makes people care much less in fight. If people die, precisely what? In fact, since you’ll respawn with increased Salts (mana) as well as ammo, in lots of ways dying will be preferable. In addition to that’s certainly not right.

Mercifully, Elizabeth never truly proves the nuisance in battle, though this is largely due to the point that enemies purely don’t target her.

Sometimes she’ll locate cover right during the fray, even racing over the bullets as well as the blood to identify a different barrel to cover behind.

She could possibly help, however, flinging recovery items or perhaps ammo on your path whenever a person run lower. Outside associated with combat she’ll even throw dollars at a person, like a goody for being this type of good tiny guard canine.

So don’t fret, she’s definitely not the desperate little NPC you were afraid your lover was.

The truth is, it’s the partnership that generates between Booker and also Elizabeth which is the crowning accomplishment of Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite is in its best when the story originates, and though it really is one which is intentionally more advanced than the original Bioshock it really is an intriguing one yet.

Everything else between is just more with the same, and in certain ways definitely not nearly seeing that great. The war concerning Columbians as well as the Vox Populi discusses interesting styles that videogames seldom touch, as foes they’re just gun-toting marines in various skins.

Therefore again, it precipitates to the question associated with originality. Bioshock Infinite is by no means a negative game, and offers enough brand-new that fans with the series will quickly realize it hard never to be immersed in the offerings.

But it’s tough to deny that this original Bioshock was praised thus highly because it was thus unique. Bioshock Infinite retreads a lot of the same ground, at least mechanically, yet with pieces that aren’t almost as diverse or diverse as the predecessor.

Its foes are uninspired and its particular world definitely not nearly seeing that rich, but of which still doesn’t end Bioshock Infinite obtaining the tools to provide you with a fun time yet.

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