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Monday, July 15, 2013

Future fast computers

Computer experts have announced that they will soon make quantum computers, which are able to count hundredfold and thousandfold faster than ordinary computers.

This computer provides an opportunity to meteorological forecasts during several months in advance and up to 100 percent correct! A quantum bit or Kubit called not only the smallest unit of information storage in a quantum computer, but the "heart" of the device of the future. Kubit a narrow loop of metal, which at low temperature becomes a superconductor, and its size is 10-20 microns, and the two cleft of the gaps.

To Kubit become a true mathematical genius, should be introduced in the working quantum state. This is achieved by cooling the temperature close to absolute zero, about minus 273 degrees Celsius, and then followed by the placement of a weak magnetic field.

Cubits exist in a quantum state in the one-millionth of a second, but in that moment arrived to process hundreds of operations. Russian scientists have made ​​a breakthrough in the information technology. In the laboratory MISiS University (former Moscow Institute of Steel and brass), they try and measure superconducting quantum bit or Kubit - as it is called by experts - keeping the basic unit of quantum information.

The project, headed by Alexei Ustinov, received a grant of five million dollars during the competition, which was announced by the Ministry of Education and Science, according to the Voice of Russia. As part of the project at the National Research University of Technology MISiS new laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment, which enabled the organization unique experiments.

Russian scientists plan to experiment with manipulating the quantum state of one, then a few cubits. This makes them one step closer to creating the future of computers.

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