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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A floating city for 40,000 people

It looks like a scene from a science-fiction film, but the floating city is potentially a solution for places that natural disasters and extreme weather conditions devastated. The imposing structure would be 366 meters tall and stretched to the 279 acres, and at that point could be 40,000 people. Inside the floating city, there would be all that exists in normal capital-from the hotel, across stores and to casinos and schools. This metropolis is also equipped with gardens, a special super-fast elevators and moving walks for pedestrians.

The project was inspired by the disastrous consequences of Hurricane Katrina from 2005. which hit New Orleans. The damage was so great that the city is still in the process of rebuilding. Now a group of designers, whose base is in Boston, made ​​a new proposal for a floating city that will be located on the Mississippi River levee. The project named "New Orleans Arcology Habitat" is an acronym NOAH.

Structurally he can submit a strong storm shock without any consequences for residents. Kevin Schopfer, chief designer of the project, explains that the team had three main starting points in creating an amazing city.

The first challenge is to overcome the psychological and physical vulnerability caused by natural disasters. The need to ensure stable and secure environment is paramount for long-term recovery and prosperity of New Orleans. Another challenge was that New Orleans has too much water. The city is built on the sea and below sea level, making the water level is still high, even at risk of flooding and stormy. Third, the city is built in wet conditions, soil contains layers of mud, silt and clay. Such conditions bring a broad range of difficulties. Our solution to overcome these challenges is to take advantage of the first presentation of controversial issues of urban floating platforms - Schopfer said.

Although the initial idea to be built in New Orleans, the designers believe that similar projects could be practiced in any other urban area on the coast.
In addition to apartment blocks, this city would also have schools, commercial buildings, hotels, casinos, parking. This project is an incredible resource that improves the current expectations of New Orleans. This is the gate of a new era of development of urban areas - said Schopfer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beijing: Science Capital

Developing economies from Brazil to India recorded an accelerated growth in scientific activities. 2013 will China surpassed the U.S. in number of scientific research. China will probably for two years surpass the United States and become the world's leading "producer" of scientific research.

Prediction of the Royal Society of London for the promotion of scientific knowledge followed by the notion that emerging economies such as China, Brazil and India are giant steps forward and when it comes to science. A recent report dealing with the global trends in science, the Royal Society sees big challenges in this area of ​​traditional scientific powers come from countries with a growing number of talents, such as Iran, Tunisia and Turkey.

The greatest challenge the United States, however, is China, currently the second most published scientific research in the English language. United Kingdom "pushed" at the third place, followed by Germany, Japan, France and Canada.

The increase in scientific research and cooperation, which can help us find solutions to global challenges, are very welcome. However, none of the historically dominant nation can not afford to rest on laurels if it wants to retain the prestigious economic advantage brought by the place of scientific leaders - said Kris Levlin Smith, director of energy research Oxford.

A report by London-based company says that the worldwide growth of funds and the number of people in research activities. Among the 2002nd and 2007. year, global spending soared from 790 billion to 1145 billion, a number of scholars increased from 5.7 to 7.1 million. In developed countries, spending on science has increased by 100 percent, while the number of publications has increased by a quarter.

The United States continues to dominate the field of science, but the share of the U.S. in the number of research papers has dropped from 26 to 21 percent. At the same time China's share grew more than double, from 4.4 percent to 10.2. Britain has decreased from 7.1 to 6.5 percent.
The Company anticipates that the scientific picture of the world has dramatically changed, with China before the 2020th that occurring in the first place:
- It could happen, but the 2013th year - stands out.

China could be a leading force in the scientific field of nanotechnology, because Beijing is making precisely this kind of research the most money and attract scientists from around the world developt laboratory.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adventure paid dearly

Litigious divorces usually know to grow into digging out the dirt between spouses. Therefore, the judges are trying to forget the party as soon as possible. However, one case for a long time will tell the story in the courts.

 Belgrader I. P. was an exemplary businessman, a good husband, father of two students. Never had a problem in the marriage and he loved his wife. However, one evening, returning from a celebration to home, on the open road he noticed a young hitchhiker. Word by word, and a few miles further along the road, shared the tenderness.

 Adventure has passed. Adulterer I. P. returned to his everyday life, and his wife, forgetting young hitchhiker. However, the devil does not sleep. After a while, on the door of their apartment knocked the young woman with a baby in her arms. Amazed wife she explained what happened and came to seek support for a child. Scandal broke!

 What else could do I. P. has apologized for infidelity, but the child did not want to admit, while it is not a medical certificate. His life turned into hell. Friends, children and relatives have condemned it. In the courtroom, the "litter" the two requirements. One of paternity, the other for divorce. And then the shock! The medical results were "black and white. " Hitchhiker gave birth to a child who knows whos. However, his marriage,  fell apart. According to the analysis of doctors, curing childhood mumps had left the lasting impact - he could never become a father! Pinched against  against the wall, the wife admitted adultery. And children, just as students have learned who their biological father is.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The wealthiest live in the east

The capital of Russia is the world capital of billionaires. The world has 1,210 billionaires, with wealth of 4.5 trillion dollars. China has nearly twice as many billionaires than 2010th.

Moscow is the world capital of billionaires. China has in 2011 received the largest number of new billionaires, and now there are a total of 115, and the Asia-Pacific region for the first time in the last ten years, pass Europe in number of ultra-rich. America still has the most, 34 percent of billionaires, but it is far from 50 percent, how many there were at the beginning of the 21st century. Second decade of this millennium, obviously, marks the migration of billions from west to east and establish a new balance of wealth.

Symbolically marking the trend, Moscow, judging from the latest "list" of American business magazine Forbes, the first time with 79 billionaires has overtaken New York, where live 58th of them. Russia is primarily due to work in metal and energy, home-thirds of 300 European billionaires, or 15 of the 100 wealthiest in the world, more than the other three so-called BRIC group of countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) combined.

Leading Russian billionaire is "steel baron” Vladimir Lisin (54). With a personal fortune of 24 billion dollars he is on the 14th place of "Forbes" list of the rich. Followed by the 29th place Alexei Morasov, the head of Russia's largest steel producers "Severstal", push down to third place "Goldsmith" Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of the U.S. basketball team New Jersey Nets, with a fortune of 18 billion dollars.

Charity richest Americans are founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett celebrated not only determination that the bulk of their fortune to charity, but most prosperous and call around the world to follow them in this. In China, they visited on this occasion, some rich people are already deep into philanthropy. Most generous50 most wealthy Chinese gave to charity $ 1.2 billion.

A person of Chinese billionaires this year is "young, beautiful and rich, " Robin Li, the man behind the famous Chinese Internet search engine "Baidu", which is with its $ 9.4 billion at the head of the richest people of the world's most populous country. Almost twice as many billionaires as compared to last year China can thank the growing economy that is currently the second largest after the U.S..

The number of billionaires in Hong Kong rose from 25 to 36, in India from 49 to 55, and throughout Asia, with 234 to 332, easily surpassing 300 European rich. In Taiwan, is also marked increase in the number of billionaires from 18 to 25, largely thanks to the political approximation of Beijing in recent years. Among the 10 richest Indians have two of them Laksimi Mittal (60), leader of the world's largest steel producer "Alserolmitala" applies to most wealthy Asians.

In the world, otherwise, there is 1210 billionaires, with a total wealth of 4.5 trillion dollars - of which 34 per cent in the U.S. and 27 in the Asia-Pacific region. U.S. continues to have the most billionaires, but no region has by far the world's leadership.

Most generous rich women’s

20 richest women in the world hold a total of 232 billion dollars. For the most part, it is the inherited wealth - is only one among the top 20 alone earned wealth. What is, however, the most characteristic is that possessions do not complain to share with those in dire need of money. Many are involved in philanthropic activities.

Widow of John Walton, from 26.5 billion dollars, Christie Walton (56) is the tenth in the list of richest people on the planet and the richest women in the world. The largest part of the wealth comes from stakes in "Wal-Mart, the chain of department stores with cheap products, founded by her father-in-law Sam Walton and his brother James 1962nd The main impetus to its billions arrived, however, thanks to the flair of her late husband to invest in shares, "First Solar" that since 2006. year soared 500 per cent. And Walton's daughter Alice Walton (61) with 21.2 billion dollars is highly ranked by wealth - is third on the list of the richest women in the world.

France's richest Batenkur Lillian (88), with 23.5 billion dollars can thank her father, the founder of the popular cosmetics line, "L'Oreal". Widow of the Chilean Luksic Andronicus mine owner from 19.2 billion dollars, Iris Fontbona fourth on the list. Followed with 14.6 billion German woman Susan Klaten, quantum successor Herbert, who had a substantial share with the manufacturer Be-Em-Ve, since it was saved from bankruptcy in the sixties.

At the top of the world's richest women, one of the few that made ​​its fortune "difficult" 5.5 billion without inheritance but through real estate business is China's Wu Jadzun (47). Also one of the youngest and most affluent, rich-started her career as a journalist, but a good "sense" for the business in a country where the economy is "boom" took a right on Forbes' list of ultra-rich.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Top 10 people with supernatural abilities

1 Rathakrishnan  Velu,
Toothed King

In August of 2007. eve of the 50th Malaysia's independence day, Rathakrishnan which is called the Raja Gigi, topped his own record for the train traction with teeths. He pulled the six carriages that have had a 297.1 tons. Dragged them 2.8 meters on the old railway station in Kuala Lumpur. Raja learn this technique from Indian guru who taught him when he was 14 to focus on different parts of the body.  

2 Ben Underwood
Boy with radar vision

Ben Underwood have both eyes removed because of cancer when he was three years. However, he plays basketball, rides a bike and live a normal life. This young man while walking down the street crackling with his tongue, the sound is rejected on the walls and asphalt and returned to him, giving him a very clear mental picture of the world around him. As a result he can avoid parked cars while driving rollers or running down the hallway without fear that someone crashes. This remarkable ability is called ECHOLOCATION. The more sounds, his perception of the environment increased. Over the years, has developed such a hearing with the assistance of those sounds that are declined, can distinguish whether it is in front of him wooden, metal or glass object, but that, depending on the volume, determines the distance between these objects. This ability have a radars and dolphins.

3 Biba Struja
The electric man

Current that would kill any 'normal' man, Bibi flows can not do anything, he proved that on many live demonstrations. 51-year-old Biba is a double 'Guinness'. 1983rd through his body was carried 20 000 volts, and in 2003. warmed the water in which he held two submerged metal rod. Biba is not only a current phenomenon, but also a showman and the doctor he says. His ability heals incurable, he said

4 Daniel Tammet,

Daniel Paul Tammet one of the few autistic savant, able to show with words special math and language skills. He sees numbers as colors or sensations. I was told that any number above 10,000 has a unique shape and feel, and that the results of operations seen as landscapes. He described the picture of the number 289 as a very ugly, 333, attractive, and pi as beautiful. Holds the European record for reciting "from head "of 22,514 digits of pi - for five hours and nine minutes. He is known as able to calculate the day of the week for each date that his task, and that the current "throw" the result of multiplying seventh digit numbers. Daniel speaks 11 languages and teaches them at an incredible rate. To show his skills, learned Icelandic in just one week

5 Michael Lotito
He eats everything he can get  

Michael is a French comedian, and is also known as Mionsieur Mangetout (Mr. eats everything). When performing, he eat metal, glass, rubber, and items such as televisions, bicycles, "Cessna 150". For the plane took him two years to eat it. Strange things started to consume when he was a child, performing since 1966. No common problems due to their eating habits, even in the case of toxic materials. While performing eat about one kilogram of material daily, and all bays large quantities of water and mineral oil.

6 Daniel Browning Smith,
Rubber boy

Five-time Guinness record holder, a boy of rubber is most pliable man in the world. He appeared in many professional basketball and baseball games, in show program Jay Leno, was the guest of Oprah Winfrey, has it in Ripley "Believe it or not, " he performed with the "Circulo du Soleil", in "Men in Black II" , the series "CSI" and reality "America has talent. " When enough fold hands, can be fitted through a tennis racket without strings. Excerpts unique acrobatics

7 Ngok Tai
The man who does not sleep

Tai is 64 years and says that the first insomnia, he got from temperature he had 1973. Since then it has counted more than 11,700 sheeps, sleepless hours. "I do not know whether the insomnia would destroy my health. However, I'm still healthy and working normally as other, "said Tai. He visited the doctor who told him that is in excellent condition and has only minor liver dysfunction. He lives at the foot of the mountains and the has farm. Has six children. After not sleeping at night, often working extra, as security at other people's farms.

8 Liu Tau Lin
Man Magnet

Liu is 70 years old and lives in Malaysia. Recently, the he dragged car about 20 meters by the chain on the one side, was hooked on hip car, on the other, the iron plate "glued" to his chest.
Having discovered that has an incredible ability to stick to subjects his body, he used to show the world that can pull cars. He learned to have supernatural powers by accident when, after reading in the newspaper about a family from Taiwan, which has the same capacity, close to some metal objects on the stomach and is shocked when he realized that do not fall.
It is interesting that his three sons and grandchildren inherit magnetic ability

9 Claudio Pinto
The man with the twisted eyes

Brazilian Claudio may throw the eyes of the cavity for about four centimeters, after which about 95 percent of the eye to remain outside. After some time on them without any problems and any pain in the back cavity. Holds the world record. The doctors tested him several times and analyze it and say it has not recorded such a case. "This is a pretty easy way not to make money," said Claudio, which shows his ability to perform. 

10 Tim Cridland
King of Torture

The Tim does not feel pain like normal people. Amazing environment when sticking needles in his hands without a twitch, and he have frightening and morbid appearance running across America. Scientific research has shown that he has a much higher pain threshold than ordinary people. The Tim claims to have overcome the mind matters. To butcher him selves before the eyes of the audience, not to endanger his life, he had learn anatomy very good.

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