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Monday, December 31, 2012

How to get Twitter followers

How to get Twitter followers is the issue that most people are facing. See some people or sites that have thousands of followers, and they can not find even a few hundred. This is because these people or sites are brands, and you're not. Or they just buy thousands of followers, it's the worst thing you can do. Because these followers are not targeted and not have some great use out of them, plus most of them will unfollow for several days. I'll explain techniques that I use to find targeted Twitter followers.

1) Make up your profile

The first thing you need to do is to make some cosmetic changes to your profile

You have to use your name and not your website name or something, because your website is not a brand, but on the other hand people are much easier to decide to follow other people rather than websites. 

You have to use your image as profile picture and not a logo or other image no matter how interesting that picture is.

You need to change the background of your profile and your profile header. Find two interesting pictures related to your niche and set them as background of your profile, and a header of your profile.

2) Follow other people

This is the oldest Twitter technique, start to following others and others will follow you. I do not want to follow anyone, because most people are not active or do not share with their friends, or they are not interested. You need to find targeted followers that are active, interested and share interesting things with their followers. I explained this technique in the video at the beginning of the post.

3)  Post pictures

On Twitter apply the same rule as for Facebook, people just like to share an interesting picture with their friends. Find interesting images related to your niche, accompanied with some interesting text, and share it with your followers and they will share with their followers. I explained this technique in the video at the beginning of the post.

4) Replay to other people's tweets

Find people in your niche who have thousands of followers and who are very active, start to follow them and see when they make the most tweets. Be among the first to see the tweet and replay on him with some related interesting picture or video accompanied by interesting text. In this way, many people will retweet your replay to their followers. 

These are techniques that I use, I hope it will help. If you have any suggestions or your technique please leave a comment.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Chinese are the largest consumers of luxury goods

The Chinese are the largest consumers of goods in the world luxury front of Americans, accounting for 25 percent. The Chinese bought luxury goods worth 53 billion euros.

The Chinese are the largest consumers of goods in the world luxury front of Americans, accounting for 25 percent of total world consumption of luxury goods.

The Chinese in 2012 .
luxury bought goods worth 53 billion euros, while the market these goods in total revenues this year of 212 billion euros.

The Chinese
luxury two-thirds, or 63 percent of goods in 2012. continental bought out part of their homeland, and the other in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao, and the percentage continues to grow, according to a report by "Ben and company."

That percentage was in 2009. was 56 percent in 2010. the figure rose to 59 percent in 2011. to 60 percent.
At the same time, in the continental part of the People's Republic of China's consumption of luxury goods this year increased by only seven percent.
This trend is partly explained primarily growth in the number of tourists from the People's Republic of China throughout the world.
So the French 2009th visited by 600,000 citizens of the People's Republic of China, and the 2011th even 1.1 million.
"We should not forget that the reason for buying Chinese citizens abroad and additional taxation of luxury goods in China, where the price is 30 to 40 percent. Because Chinese people are waiting to go to Europe and buy the lower cost of luxury goods," the director said, "Ben and the company, "Joel de Montgolfije.
China market 2012th sold luxury goods worth 23 billion euros, well below the 59 billion euros earned in the territory of the United States.
Consumption of luxury goods in Japan this year amounted to 19.7 billion euros, 18.2 billion, Italy, France 15.1 billion.
"A taste of Chinese customers are becoming more refined, so that 65 luxury consumer goods from Beijing and Shanghai shows a tendency of buying products with less prominent markings brands," said Director of De Mongolfije.
Chinese women are increasingly seeking cosmetic products, while their compatriots shows highest affinity for clocks, carried the Canadian broadcasters.
The research firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently showed that in the People's Republic of China, 20 percent of the population by 2020. be wealthy enough to be able to be called "rich".
It is believed that up to 280 million people, then do the wealthy class in the People's Republic of China, and their purchasing power will amount to 3.1 billion dollars a year, or five percent of global consumption, said BCG.
BCG ranks as the rich people whose annual disposable income per household is 20,000 to one million dollars.
Initial figure of $ 20,000, adjusted to take into account differences in purchasing power, equal to the annual disposable income of $ 38,000 in the most developed markets.
By 2020, the consumption of the "rich" in the People's Republic of China will be almost equal to Japan's total consumption in a given year, 128 percent higher than in Germany and three times higher than in the South Korean consumer, said BCG.

Average total domestic product (GDP) per capita in the People's Republic of China in 2011. reached 5432 U.S. dollars, far more than 1135 U.S. dollars in 2002.

Monday, December 17, 2012

This is how airplanes will look like in future

The future of commercial air looks quite different in the eyes of innovative aero-engineers and designers who have introduced new types of aircraft, in an effort to make them faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Delta Force

Corporation "Northrop Grumman" created this "flying wing" on which engines will be built on the upper surface of the aircraft, in order to mitigate the more noise they produce.


One of the proposed models created in collaboration NASA and Boeing should look like, and its advantages are lower fuel consumption, reduced pollution and noise. 


N3-X, NASA's latest "child", is one of the hybrid aircraft, and the air is lifted over the surface, causing his wings less than the "fat" body. In this way, reduce fuel consumption, as well as the length of the runway for takeoff. 

Double Double 

Another model with wider fuselage MIT D8 has only one flaw that will appeal to travelers, and this has reduced the number of windows in relation to the number of seats, which can create a sense of claustrophobia.

Dual Boom  

NASA has developed a model of "Amelia" aircraft as a hybrid, which looks like the wings of the aircraft to "grow up" directly from the trunk, which should provide a more comfortable flying at higher altitudes.

In the box

Wing-shaped diamond boxes, such as the model of "Lockheed Martin" and NASA, are now feasible in practice due to the ultra light fibers that are reinforced composite materials.

Lift me up

Boeing Model "Sugar Volt" is characterized by its long wings, but he is the most radical feature that features a hybrid electric motor.

Shock test    

"Airbus Walter" brings a whole new dimension to electric motors, with their propellers are powered solely by batteries.  


Back supersonic flight can be accomplished by using the aero-dynamic shape craft.

In both directions

The supersonic jet in the form of suriken could be flying in both directions, and the rotation of 90 degrees exceeds the supersonic in supersonic flight mode. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Threatens us, the world's water shortage

The global crisis has affected water. Climate change, which many scientists blame the irresponsible behavior of the great powers, the world's highest transmitter exhaust gases that cause the greenhouse effect, caused by parallel - drought and massive floods.

Although, as seen from space, two-thirds of our planet is covered with water, the view from the ground reveals a completely different picture. Only two and a half percent of that water is usable for drinking.

- Photo of dead cows in the wilderness that evokes any reference to the global water crisis, for many people it is a reality. But in this crisis there are many more dimensions - said Professor Jeff Debelko, an expert in ecology from the University of Ohio.

Because high water flooding, or sea level increase due to devastating storm, it is equally deadly as the "classic" thirst for want of drinking water. Global population growth to a billion by 2025. The only will provide experts to complicate things.

Not only will it increase the population, but their habitats will be moved to the cities, and it is anticipated that by 2050. as much as two-thirds of humanity to live in them. This means that water needs, but critical in arid regions of the world, in addition to the increase. The consequences are numerous, from the food to the industry.
Some richer countries, such as China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, therefore, of interest already occupied land in developing countries. According to the forecasts of the Group for Water Resources, 2030. The water demand could exceed "bid" for as much as 40 percent.
Accelerated water consumption has been recorded in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. According to data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in less than 40 years, one in five developing countries will not have enough water.
Symptomatic example of India, where the satellite photos of the north, they found a worrying degree of soil drying due to large-scale irrigation. Ground water is reduced by as much as 30 centimeters a year, threatening crisis in the supply of the precious liquid for about 115 million people. According to UN data, the use of groundwater to total tripled in the last 50 years. In China and India, and the water is consumed faster than they can be renewed.
The result is that half of the global population lives in countries where there are serious problems with water supply. This trend is further accelerated due to the cutting of forests, land drainage, poor maintenance of water infrastructure in cities.
Climate change is a "trigger" for both water shortages, and floods. First they best illustrate the drought in some parts of the world, including Serbia. The heat in the U.S. and Europe, for which Panel on Climate Change, says it will only increase next year, but it caused a chain reaction of consequences, most notably a jump in food prices. The targets are the poorest who spend more than half of income on food. The same cause, on the other hand, products in other parts of the world the opposite effect - mass floods:

- We always knew that the hurricane as a "send" can come to New York. But it is happening now with the elevated level of the sea, which continues to rise - notes drought specialist at Columbia University in New York Richard Seager.

By mid-century, annual runoff of water in some tropical regions will be increased to 20 to 40 percent, and will reduce by 10 to 30 percent in some areas, but dry, predicts Panel on Climate Change. That could hit many waterless areas of the Mediterranean, through parts of the United States, southern Africa, northeastern Brazil, to Australia.

More than a sixth of the world's population relies on water from melting glaciers. But because of climate change, predicts the U.S. National Intelligence Council, this immigration will be reduced and does cause problems with water supply.

Overall, the OECD predicts that by 2030. Almost half the world's population to live under stress due to water, each of thirst, another flood. The risks of drought and excessive water overflow to the end of the century will be increased.

Greatly affected the urban areas of the developing world, but the weather woes could be developed to such an extent that harm the well-controlled structure as now, generally, does the United States. National Intelligence Council, moreover, predicts that the whole country could find themselves in trouble because of the water, when people are dissatisfied with the government's wrath poured out.

If problems are not solved in time, it is anticipated that the supply of water to be complicated, and the risks of disease, energy woes, will open conflict inevitable.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Future Economy: China before America

Futuristic analyzes indicate that the economic situation in the coming decades will be very different, with much higher consumption of food and energy and the increase in population by 30 percent.

All consequences of drought, climate change, irrational exploitation of natural resources - Perpendicular to the ground in less than half a century, according to the predictions of the experts. A study by the London "Šroder investment" states that in the next forty years the population increased by 30 percent, and food and energy will become a benefit.

Another study banking company "Citigroup" predicts economic turbulence in the pedestal. China will surpass the U.S. gross domestic product, a higher GDP than Russia will - India.

The country's population, according to estimates, "Shroder Investment", in 2050. increase by one-third, and consumption will be much higher. Those who daily consume 10 to $ 100 will be three billion more.

- Therefore, the scope of the global economy will be tripled, while increasing demand for food, housing, cars - this according to a U.S. study. - To meet the needs will require 35 percent more food and 37 percent more energy.

Both analyzes show the futuristic new economic power - China. "Shroder investment" says that this country the 2060th have a share in the world economy by 28 percent and become the leading economy in the world. Banking firm "Citigroup" China earlier releases in the foreground.

- China will 2025th by the nominal gross domestic product of U.S. threatened - say experts in this business. - In the third place will be ahead of Russia, across India. Brazil, which currently occupies the seventh position, but next year will overtake France and Britain, and India will succeed 2015th year.

According to analyzes of U.S. bank economists, India will have a higher GDP than Germany 2020th when Russia will already exceed France, Canada and the UK.


Governments of developed countries should, according to the "Citigroup" to adopt fiscal policies that will encourage the construction of residential areas, using public transportation, and moderate consumption of food.

- A new economic model requires a more responsible environmental policy based on the controlled use of limited resources - researchers say. - Reforms in the area of ​​energy can increase the living standards of the country's population by 16 percent over the next 50 years.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Comfort made us dumber, even the primitive man was smarter?

If among us today, miraculously appeared most average Athenian who lived there some 1,000 years before Christ, he or she would be classified as brilliant minds.

- If today any chance there came a copy most average Athens resident who lived there at the time, about 1,000 years before Christ, he or she would be classified as brilliant minds, and considered that the smartest among us - a conclusion recently completed studies at Stanford University , led by a team of researchers led by Gerald Crabtree.

This study attempts to refute the new findings widely accepted view that, in our age of the human intellect gone as far managing to create some of the most important things in human history. But if lies the trap, is tucked in the ease of living a modern life has made the collective intelligence of the human race still on a downward trend?

According to the conclusions of this study, the functions of the human brain are between 50,000 and 500,000 years ago, evolved rapidly. During this period, our distant ancestor was available only his brains and armed him he had to hunt for food, build homes and protect themselves and their offspring. 

Crabtree believes that people are its intellectual peak reached before 2,000 to 6,000 years, which means that they had "a good memory, a wide range of new ideas and a very clear idea of ​​what are the most important issues of his time."

The Stanford researchers found that the advances in technology and medicine masquerading "downward trend of our intellect" and that he will continue in the future.

In other words, natural selection was the one who dictated that only the smartest can survive. Because the people who are in that period of extension were smart enough to kill their prey or escape to become hunted themselves, they just died.
Crabtree theory provoked many reactions. Critics argue that the modern human brain power "split" into many different types of intelligence and that is the reason why modern man can write poetry and to destroy atoms, with equal success. 


Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist at the University
Oxford, research refutes the allegations, arguing that the theory of decreasing collective intellect made ​​the wrong attitude. Because our intellect is not only designed to enable us to build a house or a bow and arrow bargain hunting wild boar. This leads humanity forward and causes the development of the intellect is the complexity of our social world that have always existed and will exist until the end of civilization. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Amazing National Geographic Photos

What do double rainbows, baby penguins and “ninja” kangaroos have in common? They’re the focus of some of the best images submitted for the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest. Judges will look at creativity, photographic quality and authenticity of the content across three broad categories: people, places and nature. The magazine will feature the best photographs from each category as well as the $10,000 grand-prize winning shot.
 You can see more great photos on: National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

How to get pregnant

Those who have for some time fail to "make" a baby into the world, they become frustrated and depressed because no matter how hard you try and listen to whatever advice at the end, stork does not knock on the door.

For those who want to rock the fruit of their love, "Hello!" Was prepared some tips and natural things that can enhance the process of conception, which convey here.

Quit smoking

Firstly, you and your partner have to stop smoking. Studies show that men who smoke are 17 percent fewer sperm than nonsmokers. Smoking not only reduces the number of sperm, but also their quality. And for women smoking is harmful to prolong the time of conception, but it increases the chances of complete infertility. It has been shown that smokers during fertility treatment have to take higher doses of drugs than non-smokers. And secondhand smoke is harmful to women trying to conceive. If you or your partner for years you smoke, do not worry, all is not lost. Studies have shown that men who quit smoking increase sperm volume eight times. Stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke and you'll get pregnant.

Relieve stress

Yet another important factor that negatively affects fertility is stress. Many studies have shown that the methods for solving the stress increase fertility. Much easier to pregnant women because they are taught how to properly relax. Although infertility is very stressful, try to time when trying to conceive experience as a joyful experience that takes time. Learn to cope with everyday stress because it may be your path to pregnancy.

Nutrition is very important

Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant because they are not eating properly. Studies have shown that as many as 79 percent of infertile couples do not get enough antioxidants. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables because it could lead to the luckiest moment in your life. Men should increase their intake of vitamins C and E as they help to increase sperm count and motility. It has been shown that mercury has a detrimental effect on the quality of sperm, so it would be good for your partner reduce the intake of seafood. It was found that increasing the intake of zinc and folic acid can increase the quality and mobility of sperm. For many men the sperm count may increase by up to 74 percent if you increase the intake of folic acid and zinc. L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine also helps sperm quality.

Be aware of menstrual cycle

Easiest way you calculate your fertile days. Get a calendar where you record your basal body temperature. When you slowly raise the temperature, then ovulate. Temperature is best measured each morning before you get up.

More sleep can increase fertility

Many women who suffer from a lack of sleep holding fewer hormones leptin, which plays an important role in fertility. Try to get some sleep, as this will partially solve other problems - the body will be more rested, and shall deduct and stress levels. Stop using the lubricant because most kills sperm.

How else can influence fertility

- Visit the doctor and gynecologist before you decide to become pregnant. Hidden venereal diseases and infections can make it difficult to conceive.
- Engage in sex at least three times a week. Not every woman menstrual cycle is 28 days, and difficult to predict ovulation. Therefore, sexual intercourse should be at least three times a week that you do not accidentally skip a perfect time for conception.
- Give up caffeine - consuming more than one cup of coffee a day may delay pregnancy.
- A man should wear comfortable underwear - boxers and wide comfortable pants do not heat the testicles and pressed them to the body, which helps the sperm to be better.
- Check that you drink medications - some medications cause infertility in women. In most cases, you will increase your fertility if you stop taking the medication, or replace them with other medicines.

Monday, October 29, 2012

How to get page rank 10 dofollow backlink

A PageRank 10 site has the top most importance according to Google's system and every webmaster struggle to get the traffic related with this ranking. Google gives these sites a high authority, and links from these sites will increase Authority and Trust of your site!

We all know that Twitter is one of the few sites that have a page rank 10, also all we know that a link from a Twitter profile is nofallow.

What many people do not know is that the link from Twitter tweet is dofollow. Every time you post a link to your tweet you get a dofollow link from page rank 10 root domain.

In order to maintain the link as long as possible on Twitter, and given the increasing importance that is page rank to that tweet, it is necessary more people retweet or favourites this tweet.

If you do not have enough followers or your followers simply do not have the habit of retweets or favourites your tweets, you can simply hire people with microworkers or minuteworkers to retweet or favorite your tweets. I prefer microworkers, because the price is lower, I pay 9 cents for the retweet and favorite per person.

Important note: Do not use shortened links or URL shortener. Because that way your link is not going to get dofollow attribute, but URL shortener than you used. Use your real link no matter that it takes a lot of character.

To increase the likelihood that someone retweets or favorites your tweet, post the most interesting picture that can be found which is associated with your tweet. In this way you get 140 characters plus images. The fact is that people prefer to retweet or favorite interesting image than regular tweet.

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