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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quality and cheaper car insurance

Many people think that specialist insurers are infinitely mor expensive, than the main providers that majority of drivers decide to go for, which is why they are often neglected or are immediately rejected as a potential solution. However, what if I told you that you can just as easily get cheap car insurance through specialist providers today as you could through mainstream providers?

This is the truth because specialists have had to become more competitive in order to survive. A high number specialist can now even be found on car insurance comparison sites. It has been necessary for specialists to lower their prices due to growing competition, but you may be surprised when you find out that they have not lowered the quality of their products. Far from it in fact. The quality specialist insurers that offer is just as high as ever before but is now more affordable so you can really start to enjoy the benefits of high quality but cheaper car insurance?

So do not forget to check specialist, you might find a better quality solution, because as I said before the competition forced them to reduce costs and maintain quality.

Friday, September 25, 2009

How to set the picture in the middle of text

People often have a problem with the blogger to put the picture in the middle of text,
because Blogger only provides four options: to set the picture above the text, in the upper
left corner, upper right corner and in the center.

I've recently encountered this problem but I solved it pretty easily, but some people can not solve it, often ask me how to solve this problem?

Simply upload the picture that you want, no matter which option you choose, and simply drag and drop where you want to be that picture in your text.

You can even specify the size of the image, only you have to do is to catch with mouse for edge and pull up to the size you want.

Blogger is easy to use, feel free to play and experiment a little, do not be afraid you will not break anything

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chack what pages from your site or blog Google has indexed

People ask me how to check if Google has indexed the page with their site or blog.
It is very important that Google indexes all the pages, because if they are not indexed, is not worth what you use the right keywords and you will not receive a visits from Google.

To Google crawled your site, you first have to attract attention of GoogleBot to visiting each of your page to check and index.

The simplest way to attract Googlebot attention is to create a back-link to the page you want Google to index. These links should be from sites with high PageRank, such as: Stumbleupon, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Ezine articles, and others. Give Google some time and it will index your page.

How to check which pages from your site or blog is indexed by Google?

Just in the Google search box, type "site: name of your site or," as you can see in the picture below I did it for my blog for example. Click on picture to see enlarge:

And Google will show you a list of your pages that is indexed by name, beginning with the page that has the highest PageRank. As you can see Google has indexed 24 of 31 posts as I had at the time, which is not bad. Click on picture to see enlarge:

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to write a post

Many people have problems to create a blog, because they are not writers, they say they do not know how to write, they are bad or just the fact that they were bored. So if you want to have a blog, and you do not have the money you need to write.

I am not an expert on writing, especially not for the mushrooms or saxophone, these are the topics of blogs on which I currently earn money.

This is how I do: Go to ezine articles and find posts that are similar to what I'm looking for, choose the post that most times viewed, and who has the most back-links links, this means that the post is popular and that people read it, and it is a good post.

Then copy the post in Word and save. Then read this post again. Then open notepad and wrote this post from memory. You will see that it is essentially the same post but at the same time very different from the original.

Your post will usually be shorter than the originals, but it is not a problem, I personally prefer the posts that have from 250 to 400 words.

Many people simply copy the text of someone else, it is against the law, and if by chance the author of the text to discover you can sue you, and even Google prefers original articles, which are unique and are only in your blog.

That is it, simply find the article that you like, then wrote this post from memory, and you have a good post, and easy to do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get better results on Google with Web 2.0 templates

Many people do not know that the position on Google really depends on the type template that you usin. I decided to test it, and I confirmed it. This is probably happen because of their form, and for search engines is much easier to find these blogs, but blogs that using old templates.

I made two blog, for first I was using a classic Blogger template, and second Web 2.0 template, which you can find completely free on the Internet.

Blog for which I was using a classic Blogger template, had 40 posts, 36 back links, 31 comments and PageRank 4th.

For second blog that I used the Web 2.0 template, had 15 posts, 9 back links, 8 comments, and had no PageRank.

For each blog I wrote a review for one of my sites and set up a link to that site.
When I enter the name of my site to Google, on the first page it was always with the Web 2.0 blog template, and a blog with a classic Blogger template then on the third page.

I concluded that the reason is probably template, because the content was the same on both the blogs, but blog web 2.0 template better rank on Google.

My advice is if you create a WordPress or Blogger blog, using Web 2.0 template. These template you can find for free, just type "free web 2.0 templates", download template that you want and install it to your blog, and Google will be much easier to find your blog.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do not use traffic exchange sites for AdSense

Not many people know that if you use AdSense on your site or blog may not use traffic exchange sites to bring more visitors. Google is so serious about it, that they can even terminate your account.

I personally do not see any problem with it, but I suppose that someone in the past found a pattern to get more clicks by using the traffic exchange sites. For one of my sites I use only the traffic exchange sites to bring visitors, now the site has 30.000 unique visits, and I'm use AdSense, but I got not even one click.

And if you plan to make money on AdSense, do not use traffic exchange sites, because that will never make you money. This is because these people are there because they must, for getting credits that they can exchange for visits to their website or blog. They are there only while the timer is out the specified time, and immediately moving on to another site, so that visitors are not targeted and they are not make action, so it is unlikely to click on an ad.

It is better to use other ways to bring visitors to your site, such as social sites, but it is best if the visitor came from Google, because they make more action, and they will most likely click on an ad and Google support that and highly recommend.

So it is best if you have AdSense on your site that do not use traffic exchange sites, to avoid liquidation of your Google account.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Choose skin for your Laptop

I recently stumble across on very interesting site, where you can make skins for your laptop, iPod, Xbox or gadgets.
What is about, on this site you can create skin (skins are pictures or wrappers that you can paste it on your laptop for example) for some of your favorite devices such as Laptop or iPod. Skin for your Laptop or iPod, can be whatever you want, just choose an picture that you like, it can be your pictures, pictures of your children, your favorite band, or you can choose one of their pictures if you prefer. Simply insert a picture that you like and their program will automatically create a skin and show you, and you can tell whether you like it or not, if you like, they will send you.
This site is easy to use, consists of three easy steps: first select the device that you want to create skin, then the image that you want and complete offer and that's it.
Click here to make your own skin!

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