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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pentagon defended Hitler's warriors

The legendary director of NASA's Wernher von Brawn, who was in the Third Reich held the rank of SS Major and guided missile program, but suspected of stealing the idea of ​​an artificial satellite of the armed Herman Potocnik, Slovenia's Noordung, which was first offered to Hitler, then the U.S. Army.

Although accused of grave war crimes, von Braun, the 1945th not completed at Nuremberg because it associates with agents protect the American OSS and military service took him to the United States, where he rapidly advanced to the head space program. Pentagon plan was immediately offered a "satellite of death" to attack enemy targets from space.

 Only when the Cold War ended, it was revealed that U.S. services are not only rescued von Braun and 700 of his closest associates, but also the thousands of Hitler's experts, the chemist who created the deadly gas "Zyklon-B", the Nazi secret agents and commandos the service. Decades of washing biography and infiltration of the Nazis in the institution was located within a planned "Staples", the most controversial U.S. intelligence operations.

It has long been speculated about how Hitler's warriors rescued the American secret service OSS, and then its successor the CIA. The public in the United States' imports of the Nazis "is the 1945th prominent scientists warned, above all, Albert Einstein, who was raging because of Hitler's rockets scientists involvement in research centers. However, the fact that von Braun was the 1945th ended their work on the rocket attack on the United States did not prevent its progression to frontal-man NASA. Cold War logic of "better to me than the Nazis, we Russians" has created a decades-long conspiracy of silence in Washington.

It was not until the early nineties began unmarked "top secret" documents on the "Staples", which took place at full capacity since 1945. by 1973, and some branches remained active later, she found Linda Hunt, after numerous research archives, which are cleverly hidden files on the operation.
 Her book "Secret Agenda" has become a guide to finding the Nazis in the institutions of the United States, in 1991. Si-En-En shows her a series of documentaries about this taboo subject. It is shown, among other things, that Hitler's scientists have the 1985th gained so much power that the abolition of units tried to hunt Nazis in the U.S. Department of Justice! It has been documented that in addition to von Braun in the American military and research institutions was introduced a few thousand of his associates, and "experts" murderous other specialties. The most terrible was the testimony of slaves from the concentration camp Dachau and Dora, which Hitler forced the experts to work to death in an underground missile factories. They found that OSS agents rescued and chemists Otto Ambrose, who was the director of the factory "IG Farben "in the Auschwitz death camp.

Most shocking discovery was that the U.S. Secret Service specialist imported for biological and chemical weapons, which are experiment from concentration camps continued on U.S. soldiers.

 - A frightening psycho-chemical experiments were performed on U.S. troops in Edžvud arsenal in Maryland, the center of the U.S. Army chemical warfare research - said Linda Hunt. - Scientists from "Staples" have been working since 1947. to 1966. Edžvudu in developing nerve gas and psychoactive substances as LSD. Horrifying is that it is not dealt with exclusively by the Germans, but also by an American doctor who had joined the Nazi experiments to 7,000 American soldiers.

Unfortunately, this topic is rapidly suppressed. However, from time to time come out to light a single evidence of history that officially did not exist. So the BBC 2005th scandal revealed in 1977. when the physician in honor of his name Hubertus Štrugholda named aviation Library of Medicine in Brooks based in Texas. However, the name was soon changed as it turned out that the Štrughold, who arrived in the United States under "Operation Paperclip", performed medical experiments on prisoners of the infamous Dachau concentration camp.


 The American archives reveal that even the 1945th found a solution for even the most notorious Nazi criminals whose appearance in America caused too much public attention. Then the CIOS (Combined Intelligence objectives sub-committee) established the program "Sjefheven" (meaning to fit our "safe house") that allowed Hitler's scientists to migrate and extend their research in countries that were sympathetic to Nazi Germany, such as Spain, Argentina and Egypt.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to get rid of hickeys

Tips for Removing and Hiding Hickeys

Even if you are one of those people who believe that no self-respecting person would ever let anyone give them a hickey, you do need to know how to get rid of them, or at least reduce their appearance. Every once in a while, your close “acquaintance” may become a little over zealous and leave an ugly red mark on your neck. You may not even realize that wearing a turtle neck is only one of many available options for dealing with hickeys. You can actually make them fade very quickly by taking a few basic steps.

Anatomy of a Hickey

Just in case you were wondering, a hickey is merely a collection of broken blood vessels, caused by suction against the skin. After a day or two, the area turns bluish or purple and looks like a bruise. It then takes about a week to fade away on its own. So when your lover kisses you just a little too passionately on the neck, the suction breaks blood vessels, pulling small droplets of blood toward the surface of your skin, leaving a red mark.

First Aid

A hickey is basically a “love” injury. Just as with any injury, the first thing to do is apply ice. This will reduce inflammation, shrink capillaries and keep more blood from rushing to the area. Do not put ice directly on your skin, but wrap a few cubes in a towel first and apply the compress to the hickey. After a few minutes, you can take the rounded side of a cold spoon and apply pressure to the hickey, forcing the blood back underneath the surface of the skin. Use a twisting motion and apply pressure at the same time. This may hurt a little bit, but not as much as the red face you will get when people see your hickey. Repeat the steps several times until the hickey is gone or at least much less visible.

Some swear that the hickey will be gone in five minutes this way, but personal experience (don’t ask!) says there will still be some redness in the hickey location. Still, a little redness is much less obvious or embarrassing that an actual hickey. You can always make up some reason for a raw spot on your neck, can’t you? Maybe the edge of the seat belt was rubbing against your neck and you need someone to show you how to adjust it? This serves as an excellent distraction from the question as well.

The Next Best Thing

If it was a late night, you over indulged and are just discovering your hickey this morning, it may be too late for ice. When a day or two has gone by after the little “love bite”, you can apply a warm compress to increase blood circulation, helping the purplish spot to dissipate. Massage the area gently with your fingers, applying steady pressure. Avoid pinching because it can make the hickey worse.

Some also recommend stretching the skin tight on either side of the hickey and rubbing hard with the edge of a coin to force the blood back under the skin. This will definitely be painful, but may save you some embarrassment. The method is said to be highly effective.

Another commonly recommended treatment for hickeys is to take a smooth round object, like a lip balm or lip stick. Roll the tube over the hickey, like you are rolling out dough. Apply firm, even pressure. This is said to be less painful than the coin method and just as effective. Some people will also use a tooth brush or comb for this purpose, rubbing in a circular motion.

Home Remedies?

There are a multitude of home remedies that deal with minimizing or eliminating hickeys. These methods are less tried and true than the methods noted above. However, some people like to try some different home remedies for whatever ails them.

Hickey home remedies include the application of vitamin K, aloe and a warm tea compresses. According to those who say they know, vitamin K actually breaks down the blood so that your body can more easily absorb it. This seems a little fishy, but you never know. It might work for you. Aloe makes sense because it is known to heal common skin ailments such as dry skin and sunburn. It is good for your skin either way, so you may want to try it. The warm tea bags probably work in the same way as any other warm compress. None of these things will hurt and they may actually help.

Still more “home remedies” include rubbing alcohol and witch hazel. It is said that the frequent application of these liquids are effective for preventing bruises of all kinds, including hickeys. Rubbing alcohol is known to dry your skin, though, so follow up with some aloe lotion. You can also try an arnica salve that is said to reduce swelling and minimize the appearance of the hickey.

You can also try eye drops as a logical remedy for hickeys. Eye drops shrink capillaries away from the surface of the eye and they are said do the same thing for your skin. However, they probably will not do much to help the blood that has already escaped the capillaries. It is worth a try if you already have this product at home.

Last Resort

Even with these remedies, you may still have a mark showing. Women have the advantage in having makeup at their disposal. As with covering any red marks on your face, you can use a concealer with a greenish tint to counteract the red in the hickey. If the mark is at the purple stage, use a yellow-based concealer. Apply a little foundation or powder that matches your skin tone over the concealer and you are good to go.

Men rarely feel comfortable wearing makeup, so they may want to try a collared shirt instead and hope for the best. You could always go 80’s heartthrob on the girls and wear a bandana. Tell people it’s a fashion statement!

How long do hickeys last?

Typically, hickeys last only a few hours, until over night. But on some people, they have been known to last several days. In most cases, hickeys go away on their own without treatment. It often takes patience. As soon as you forget about it, it will probably go away. This is the case unless the hickey is painful.

In this situation a cream or ointment can be applied to the area until it completely recovers. For those who work in a business setting, and cannot wait for the hickey to go away, clothing choice is important. Women can always get away with wearing makeup, but men don't have this option. Men have to rely on the right choice of clothing to cover up a hickey.

If for some reason, a hickey does not return to normal within a few days, you should consult a health care professional. This is especially the case if pain persists, as well. In most cases, hickeys will go away on their own, and are easily forgotten.

Hickeys are common occurrences. They are not serious in any way, and do not pose any reason for concern.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to get facebook fans for free

How to get facebook fans for free

Have you ever found an easy and superior way to do something, then watched in bafflement as people insist on doing it the hard way?

You will never make money on Facebook if you have the wrong fans. There are two ways to get targeted fans facebook, facebook ads is the first and second course free way.

Many people don’t have a budget for Facebook ads and most people don’t know how to create Facebook ads that are affordable.

I will show you two ways to find hundreds or even thousands of facebook fans for free and legally, even if you don't have a website that has thousands of visits.

1)  Make posts on other fan pages

How to get hundreds of facebook fans for free and legally. All you have to do is to login to your facebook fan page, and on right side click on the "uses Facebook as NAME OF YOUR PAGE". Now search for other Facebook pages that have similar themes, and start contributing to these pages. Do this four-five times a week and you will get two hundred to three hundred fans each month, guaranteed.


No matter what you do, do not spam fan pages. It is in your interest to get the trust of fans of other pages.

Here you can download list of 165 facebook fan pages that allow wall posting: 165 facebook fan pages

2)  Connect your mailing list with your fan page

You need to go to your facebook fan page, then go to edit page (top right corner), go to resources, then go to "tell your fans". Here you can upload your mailing list to facebook, it must be in txt format (notepad), becouse that is only format that facebook recognizes.

Split your mailing list up to 5000 emails, because otherwise facebook will considered you as spammer. I suggest to divide on 3000 - 4000 e-mails, and do it every three or four days.

If you don't have your own email list, you can buy one on fiverr or you can download here: 6 million facebook verified emails or 26 000 facebook emails.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

America gets competition

The United States remains the dominant global superpower, but no more "isolated". America the 2011th reminiscent of the Roman Empire from the 200th year, or the UK on the eve of World War I.

In 2003, when the world's elite club called the first time China, India, Nigeria and Brazil to join them at the summit of the seven most developed countries in Evian France, addressed the gathering new Brazilian leader:

 - Gentlemen, I would suggest you to meet next year in Brazil, to prepare for the time period, for about twenty years ago, when five of you will no longer be here. Because then the number one country in the world will be China, the U.S. number two, number three, India, Japan will be the fourth ... and I regret to say that others will not. And I'll be there ... So, get used to the developing world - said Lula da Silva.

 It was a joke that Lula is five years later recounted the former head of the World Bank James Wolfensohn. Even then, however, Wolfensohn noted that the joke wore an important message to the established group in power. At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, it has already mapped out the path from which it is hard to return.

 The United States continues to lead militarily and economically, but in recent years, the world's largest power indicators are increasingly encouraged to think about shaken "American empire". U.S. still hold about a quarter of world production, three times more than China and Japan, the current crisis the euro is somewhat stronger dollar as reference currency, the U.S. military budget is still untouchable. U.S. spending on the military are six times higher than China's, even 11 times of the French ...

 At the same time, housing prices in the U.S. fell by more than 30 percent, unemployment shot up to more than nine percent, and one in six Americans depend on the "dots" for food. The budget, even three decades ago in the black, is now reaching the proportions of the current debt of Greek tragedy. Washington political scene is paralyzed and the country's credit rating downgraded.

This, however, is not the first crisis, and is expected to be the world's largest economy, which has a global currency and brings together leading minds, to escape from the crisis - is strengthened. Do you?

Traditionally, the U.S. economic recovery followed a pattern of reducing unemployment as soon as the lower interest rates encourage consumers and the construction industry. This time was different. U.S. has more houses than it needs. Of America the black cloud looming recession.

Since World War II the United States intervened in volatile areas, defending their interests. From the "control" of China fifties, through addressing issues in Latin America over the next two decades, the Cold War and the subsequent "stabilization" of Eastern Europe and Africa, the United States on 21 century marked the struggle against terrorism and control the Middle East. Military spending, however, have grown enormously in Iraq and Afghanistan, increasing the dizzying, and inevitably, the external debt of the United States:

- America the 2011th Rome is the 200th Kingdom on or before the First World War - Empire at its zenith of power, but the cracks are observed. Experience taught that the decline of hard to stop when the first signs appear - military tension, the widening gap between rich and poor economies in outstanding debts, the people who use credit to live through the options, and sometimes an effective policy that does not work. High crime rates, the epidemic of obesity, pornography addiction and excessive use of energy might say something - the United States in the late stage of cultural decadence - finds the British "Guardian".

In other parts of the world - to reverse the trends.

Most populous country, China, and recorded the highest economic growth, has grown in other economic forces. Chinese rise as an economic, military and political power, is one of the biggest events of the first decade of the 21st century. The potential of India are practically unlimited with based economy. It is a challenge to American domination, is a significant counterweight to China, offering a unique culture.

From the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, the capital of the U.S. Cold War enemy, to modern energy giant, Russia as the largest country in the world has long been a powerful player in the global rankings. Brazil with vast natural resources, won the position of regional leader, and the growth and development of this country and make it a real player in the international arena. Finally, and post apartheid South Africa has become the economic leader of the Black Continent, and in spite of high unemployment and poverty, Brix rounded group of countries on the rise.

- The rise of China and India as new global players, like the ascent of Germany in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th U.S. century, will change the geopolitical environment, with consequences potentially equally dramatic as in the past two centuries. In the same way that spoke of the last century as the "American century", the beginning of this millennium is the age of the developing world, led by China and India - according to the report which is titled "Project 2020" a few years ago published a National Intelligence Council the U.S. government.

China, India, Brazil, Indonesia ... moreover, could be the leader of a new system of international order that puts an end to the institutions and practices established after World War II.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1001 horse under the hood

Bugatti Veyron - the most expensive and fastest serial car in the world. Although it cost over 1.5 million Euros, on each individual car "Volkswagen" lost at least three times as much.

Back in 1909 in Alsace in the village Molshajm (France), Italian designer and engineer, Ettore Bugatti decided to "show the world how to make a car". He founded the factory "Bugatti", which made most expensive and fastest vehicles of the time.

Among the many successes "Bugatti" stands out triumph in the first "Grand Prix of Monte Carlo" and few victory’s at the legendary "24 Hours of Le Mans."

Not that with "Bugatti" was milk and honey, the ups and downs are alternated, the company changed hands and passed from hand to hand, until 1998, when it takes over the German " Volkswagen".

Assembled a team of professionals, from designers to engineers and 2005 represented the "Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron". EB is the mark in honor to Ettore Bugatti, and has 1001 hp. Base price is about 1.5 million euros, but depending on the model and special requirements can reach 2.5 million euros.

In "Volkswagen", however, say that the production even in this cost is - unprofitable. Namely, making this car costs at least 5 million euros. This means that the loss of the four-something million each, " Volkswagen " knowingly entered. There is no better advertising than "Bugatti Vejron"!

The engine has a capacity of 8 liters, 16 cylinders and 64 valves and four turbochargers. To reach the 100 kmh, it needs only 2.3 seconds. Maximum speed, the model "Bugatti Veyron Supersport" with 1200 hp,  reach 26 June 2010 - 431.072 kmh.

Despite all that, this is not a car for the runway, but for everyday driving. The Germans have requested from engineers to "Veyrin" goes to the regular services, like any other car, that can easily get over "speed bump". It is designed as a way to cool the engine, find tires that will not burn up when the gas pedal is pressed. For all this, it has taken four years and 750 million euros.

Only replacement of transmission costs about 120,000 euros. On wheels are "Michelin pixels tires", and change all four costs 70,000 euros.

The brakes are made of carbon-fiver, reinforced with silicon-kerbed, there are titanium to, with the task of stopped car that chasing over 400 kmh in less than 500 meters.

"Bugatti Veyron" uses, in urban conditions, about 29 liters per 100 kilometers, in the open road about 18 liters. If you press gas to the floor, consumption increases to 78 liters on 100 kilometers.

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