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Friday, July 31, 2009

Check your page rank

Many Webmasters have a problem with the exchange of links. They say that the exchange of the hundreds and even thousands of links, but Google has registered only a few, not even registered links from related sites. Why?

This happens because many of these sites with which they are exchanged links are very poor or are not ranked at all. So when you exchange links, first check their page rank, and then exchange the links.

If the site that you exchanging links is ranked well, it is not so important to be close related with your site.
For example: I have a site with amazing videos and funny pictures, and Google has registered a link to my site, from the site that sells early pregnancy tests, which is not related to my site at all, but the site has a page rank 4th.

Your page rank can be from 1 to 10, with 10 as the best, but the rank 10 have only to Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and a few other big sites. Other sites have average rank 3 and 4, and with them you need to exchange links.

Recently, I stumbled across a blog that has a great page rank checking tool, which shows you page rank, Alexa rank, number of back links, MSN search results and Yahoo search results.

Click here to check your page rank.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twitter Tools You Must Use

Recently, I stumbled across this video clip on YouTube, and I liked, because it briefly and clearly describes the most primary twitter tools. Best of all is that these sites are all free and easy to use. Just join to all these sites and tweeting will be much easier and more efficient.

Tweet Later

Friday, July 24, 2009

The best place for leaving comments

The main problem is where to leave comments. Many people say that leaving piles comments, but Google does not register those comments, why?
Because most of these blogs, squidoo or huba page is not ranked or have a poor ranking, and Google does not see them.
Comments should leave on well ranked blogs, squidoo huba pages.

My recommendations:

1. You Tube's blog (yes You Tube has a blog)
2. Twitter blog
3. Official Google blog
4. Stumble Upon officially blog
On official social networks blogs, and your freiands profiles, pictures, groups.

All these blogs are very well ranked on Google, but do not leave no sense comments, leave comments that are related to the post.

On You Tube, leave comments on the post with similar topic as you last video, it will increase the range of your video on You Tube and Google.

Google officially on the blog can not leave a comment. On the right side find 'Newest Google blogs, on some you will be able to leave comment, and on some not.
On the right side find "What We're Reading'', you'll find a ton of blogs, they are all blogs that are very well ranked on Google, and Google will value that more links.

Answer to Adi's comment:

If you look on the official Google blog in the category ''What We're Reading'', there are many WordPress blogs, and all are very well ranked.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to create backlnks by leaving comments

The most efficient way to return a link to your site or blog is leaving comments.

However, the problem is when you leave comments on other blogs is that you actually create a feedback link to your profile, and if you have a WordPress blog, the link is connect with your name, Google does not value much, and often not at all.

So the correct way to leave comments, is to leave a longer comment, a few sentences. Leave at the end of the comment URL of your site or blog, it is as a kind of signature.

Often that will not be live links, and you will not be able to click on them, but Google will register them. And then, and it is not so important to be related blogs, because the link you post will be surrounded by content, and Google will register that as a kind of the articles and value your link more.

If you make such a back links to your blog or site, it's best to leave comments on various blogs, squidoo and huba pages, because Google just love them.

The best in this way of making back links to your site or blog is, those links are one-way links to your site or blog, and more value Google your site or blog, because many more links than you go to leave you.

Please note, if you have somewhere left a comment with a link, and author deleted that comment, do not leave that kind of comments any more on that blog. Some people do not like that, but I allow such comments, because I do the same.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How I use twitter to get more visitors

Many people ask me how I get lots of clicks with twitter. On one of my profile I have only 40 followers, and getting from 8 to 10 clicks per post, how?
First and most importantly, as I said in the previous post, you follow people that interest you, and they will fallow you back. You need to create an interesting post, which is different from the others.
The most effective way is if you ask a question. On one of my sites have a video about the battle between the tiger and crocodile. This post has appeared: in the battle between the tiger and crocodile, what do you think who will win: view the video, and of course leave the link.
People do not like to read but love to watch. Offer them a video and a lot more people will click on your link.
Another example: in one of the early posts I wrote about the exchange of banners, and my post on twitter looked like this' it is banner exchange die, 'I got twenty clicks on this post.
You must gain the trust of people, that you do not post ads all the time, but to send them to your site or a blog, where can see something interesting. When you gain their trust, you will receive regular visitors, not only from twitter, but they will seek you and Google, Yahoo, MSN ...
If you use one of the sites that help twitter, use hootsuit, because they place links that your followers can click, as opposed, tweetlater set of links that can not be clicked.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance for Young driver

Car insurance for young driver can be expensive. Parents may find shopping for car insurance for the young driver a nightmare. According to statistics, teenaged drivers are more prone to car accidents, particularly for first-time young drivers. Because of this, car insurance premiums tend to increase by 50% more than that of an average driver. This is true but parents can still do something to secure cheap car insurance for young drivers. Parents can help in preparing for this goal even before their young drivers turn 16 years old.
Parents can teach their teenagers how to driver but a formal driving course, particularly from a reputable driving school, which can be an added value. Car insurance company may reward you for it. You may also include your teenager in your current car insurance policy instead of insuring your teenager separately. In this way, your teenager can also share your goodwill and other car insurance premium discounts. You can also teach your teenagers driving by showing good examples when you ride with them. If you are a good driver, teenage drivers will learn safe driving by observing you. Lastly, you can start off with a car that is inexpensive. If you want to save money on insurance premium, it will not make any sense if you buy a high profile car.
Securing ch
eap car insurance for young driver can happen. This can be achieved if parents and their teens work together to make it possible.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance For Student

Cheap car insurance for students is possible if you make sure you take advantage of all the discounts available and by using an online resource to get all the cheapest quotes there is online. There are various car insurance companies out there and it would be best if you take time to compare each of them and check out which offers the most discounts, the cheapest price, and the coverage that best suits your needs.
If you are a student with a grade point average of B or higher, you can take advantage of the good student discount offered by some insurance companies. You can take advantage of this discounts as long as you are in school, below 25 years of age and has a GPA of B or higher.
You may also take defensive driving course to get deductions from your car insurance rate. This driving courses are usually offered to new drivers with little experience when it comes to driving. This is a good way to take lower your insurance premium.
Cheap car insurance for students may also be possible if you install safety features and anti theft devices on your vehicle.
But the best way to get cheap car insurance is to maintain a good driving record and avoiding car insurance claims. You will get more benefits in the long run if you do all these.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Effective tweeting

Many people ask me how I get good results with Twitter, and they are very bad.
This is happening from two main reasons and they are: The first reason is that their tweets are not interesting. This is because their fallowerse are not interested for that, because they follow everyone, and everyone follows them, and to work just to have as much fallowersa.
For example: if you promote, the 'ways how to lose weight, and your fallowerse make people interested in ecology, fun, jokes, online earnings, and so on. Of course, that no one care about your weight loss products. But if most of your fallowersa make people interested in weight loss ways, then you will have good results.
The second reason is that people post bad tweets. You should be different from other people, to interest people, to give them a reason to click your link. For the bunch of other tweets why would they clicked on your link.Write something different from others, and do not always advertise something.
For example: I have one site that I have a lot of fun things, and I have very many visits from twitter, as funny pictures, wallpapers, amazing videos and so on. And while other people as time posts: Best Joke ever, funniest pictures, amazing videos and so on. I do something a little different. On my site has a video clip, where the tiger fighting against crocodile, I wrote a post that reads like this' in the battle between the tiger and crocodile, what do you think who will win ', and left a link to the video. And I got hundreds of clicks.
How to find these people?
Simply go to find people the option, type in there what you are interested, for example, 'funny'. See who has a lot of fallowersa, go to their profile, see if that is what you are looking for, if so, see their fallowerse, and simply begin to fallowing these people, and they will start to follow you. It is important to look at when they made the last post, do not follow the inactive people.
And that is it, people start fallowing!

You can fallow me on twitter, just click on twitter icon at the top of side bar.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Banner Exchange

Many sites and blogs using the exchange of links, and that is good, because that Google use to rank your site or blog. But when it comes to driving visitors, they are not effective. In the best case, you bring a few visitors a month.
Unlike the links Google does not value banners a lot, but the banners will bring more visitors than the links, which will take more action, which is the main goal. According to my experience most efficient active banners 125x125 dimensions. It is best to place them in the said bar or on the bottom of the home page. I was surprised when I saw 2-3 thousand visits a month on a site where my banner is located at the bottom of the home page. When you exchange banners watch to be well-ranked sites, or blogs, which have a solid number of visits.
Active banners are much more efficient, because they combine text and images, and people who click on the banner are highly targeted visitors. Banner Exchange is not the same as the exchange of links, so do not exchange loads of banners, after Avila you do not have space to put them anymore, and your blog or site would be very funny in addition to many of banners and too many colors, plus they would take away the attention of the content on your blog or website. It is best to share up to ten banners and set them on the home page or side bar, and ask for that banner-partner do the same. It is best to combine the exchange of links to your Google ranked high, with the exchange of banners in order to receive a large number of visits.

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