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Monday, April 30, 2012

Migration shaken Europe

The world is changing and that remains the same: the Greeks are going back to Australia, the Irish in the United States, Argentina, in Spanish, the Portuguese in Angola ...

Tens of thousands of Portuguese, Greeks and Irishmen emigrated from their countries because of the impossibility of finding a job. Once a migrant European Union was the top destination for seeking jobs and better life, but now more and more Europeans left the Old Continent.

For the year to about 2,500 Greeks migrated to Australia, while at least 10,000 have left the Portuguese in Angola in search of a better life, says the London "Guardian".

Ireland's official statistics are even self-defeating. It is expected that by the end of the year as many as 50,000 people to leave the country, mainly in Australia and the USA. While the change in migration trends, unusual relocation are becoming more popular - from Lisbon to Luanda, from Barcelona to Buenos Aires ...

rom the Portuguese government announced that as many as 98 000 people registered in the consulates of some countries in Africa. That's nearly double the number of registered 2005th year.

Greece is for one year lost 9.4 percent of doctors, while they come from poorer countries, unskilled labor.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cityville Cheat Codes

To feel the satisfaction on playing what we need are challenges and that is the real essence of the game not only to enjoy but also to learn how you can surpass challenges. These 13 tips will help you to play game CityVille, as I shared my personal tricks in playing this game. I believe that we don’t need to use CityVille cheat in order for us to enjoy every game. Thanks for this site in letting me to shared my guide and for you who have the interest in reading this one.

1. The fact is that the more players can play and be part of your neighborhood, the easier for you to play this game, dominate and cheats If you need some batteries, you can ask your friend to send it to you since, by sending this as a gift this will not affect your energy and batteries.

2. That is why if you can notice there are lots of gamers in Cityville used to spam and invite as many friends as they can to play with them Almost in all Facebook games, you can do this trick. By adding more neighbors to your city, you can send and receive gifts, free energy, coins, and reputation.

3. Business and crops are always be together so make a good balance of it.

4. Plant carrots when you need to go for something and let your account offline So you should plant your crops according on number of hours you can play Cityville. Of course just like your experience in playing Farmville you should aware the duration of every crop to harvest. If you are just starting the game, you have only 2 choices on what kind of crops you can plant, from strawberries and carrots. In this case, strawberry takes 8 minutes while carrots take 8 hours.

5. Each house or store you build in CityVille will give you experience and coins you’ll also receive payments every hour. And also by harvesting crops you will receive food, experience, and coins.

6. Balance is the best combination on this game, when you build stores and business, you need to supply by crops, and so do it with harmony and balance. You should build a great system with plan and right flow for your city.

7. You should also build trains stations for your neighbor cities so you can receive gifts and bonus stuff.

8. Build Community buildings so you can keep on building houses in City Ville, Community buildings make the population limit higher.

9. Decorations can greatly increase the money or products, so you need to be creative in doing this one.

10. You can recollect and help you neighbor by visiting them, sending tourist buses and other task that you can offer. Upon applying this you can receive good experience and reputation from them.

11. To unlock new stuff, you should build stores and buildings and make flourish the entire city.

12. You can build ships by unlocking your harbor, while there are some players to get it first so they can produce more money but and maximize their profit using it. However you should aware on the capacity of your harbor on its limits to hold ships.

13. In playing simulator game, and of course in Cityville, you should go first for resources or houses that can make a good number of populations on your city. By doing you can obtain more profit and resources for your city.

Monday, April 16, 2012

How to get rid bed bugs

You know what they look like, how to find them, how they got in, and now it is time to get them out of there! Once they are in, you have to take action or they will multiply. Do like I did and kill them once and for all. How do you do that?

What I did….

Natural products have been in my home for years and I truly feel they are effective at keeping my family healthy and safe from the harmful effects of harsh chemicals found in many personal care items and cleaning products I have to admit, I strongly believe in the power of nature.

Therefore, while I will give you some tips that may include chemicals, I would not recommend trying the chemical route first. While they are very good at what they do and probably worth every penny, I simply could not afford to hire one and was not ready to subject my family to harsh chemicals Of course, hiring an exterminator was something I looked into.

Through my research, I was shocked to find that bed bugs are becoming immune to many of the chemicals available on the market today for killing bed bugs. However, if this was the only route to take, I would do it in a heartbeat because obviously bed bugs are not healthy for my family either. That is a scary realization.

Treatment Options

Before you can treat them, you have to find them. Follow the tips in my first post on how to tell if you have bed bugs (Check for Bites, Check for Dark Spots, Check for Red Spots, Hunt them before they Hunt you, Watch for them at Hunting Time, Lay out Double-Sided Carpet Tape, Check Areas around the Bed). Once you discover their hiding places, you can then begin treatment.

Here are some natural, organic, and chemical methods you can try:

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs using dry ice

fabric-lined, upside-down pet dish with a cooler of dry ice on top (system to get rid of bed bugs). The dry ice releases CO2, which attracts the insects, who climb the fabrics to get at what they think is a live human, and become trapped in the grooves surrounding the inverted bowls. (It helps if you put talcum powder in the grooves.

In the professor's test, it attracted about a third of ambient bugs. Not good enough! So how about a bedbug sauna?

Bedbugger reproduces the specs for a "designated heat treatment room to exterminate bed bugs" used by a British Columbia housing development. They've reported on the use of bedbug saunas before, and it seems to help ("I know it works," says a housing administrator, "I've seen them die"), but such a unit can cost thousands of dollars.

Launder Bedding and Garments

This is very important. Put everything in sealed bags directly after laundering to protect them from being infested again gather everything you can and wash them in extremely hot water. Bed bugs cannot survive in extreme heat (120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher). The absolute minimum should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


Vacuuming is extremely important, as well. It will help to remove bugs and eggs from your mattress, the carpet, the walls, and any other surface. Make sure you vacuum the seams, tufts, and edges of the mattress and box springs, as well as the perimeter edge of walls. Throw away the contents in a sealed trash bag.

Steam/Extreme Heat

Things that cannot be washed must be steamed or heated in some other way. Steam your carpet to ensure you haven’t missed any when you vacuumed Steaming your mattress and box spring is another way to kill bed bugs. Use a steamer to get into the cracks and crevices of the bed and any surrounding furniture.  

It works by heating up the items to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in a sealed unit It is a little bit steep in price; however, if you travel a lot, you might want to consider this as an investment. The Packtite is something to consider for smaller items, such as books.

Bed Bug Powder 

Diatomaceous Earth can sometimes come in the form of amorphous. However, it is important that you purchase the food grade form. According to many reviewers, the Diatomaceuous Earth Food Grade – Nature’s Wisdom works wonders. This form is toxic and can cause silicosis. The food grade form is considered safe and is used as a food additive. There is a natural/organic powder you can try. It is also fed to livestock to prevent digestive infestations.   

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade works by dehydrating the bug when it coats itself by walking through on its way to feast on your blood! Some people have tried flea and tick powder and have had good results, as well. However, they are not generally all natural. Once you make a decision, sprinkle the powder in a perimeter around your room.

Choosing a bed bug spray is where life can get confusing They will also begin to eliminate the breeding cycle. Bed bug sprays used in conjunction with powders will increase the death rate of bed bugs, as well as any other crawling insects you may have.  

Simply put, there are way too many products available to choose from and it can get overwhelming. I did some research on the “top five” all natural bed bug sprays. I will also introduce you to one that is not entirely all natural, but has been said to be less abrasive for those who would rather go the chemical route.

They are all 100% natural and non-toxic; however, it appears that BugPatrol is the only one that offers long-term protection. Through independent research, the following information was obtained on the above top five bed bug sprays. They all kill bugs on contact and kill the eggs. They are all safe for children and pets and none of them require vacuuming They are all ready to use and have a pleasant odor.

It is also very popular because it is the only bed bug control product that is a disinfectant, insecticide, fungicide, germicide, sanitizer, deodorant, mildew, and bactericide that is registered with the EPA. Sterifab is one that is not completely all natural; however, it is considered less abrasive than chemical insecticides because it does not contain any perfume, dyes, or harsh solvents. Keep in mind that while it less abrasive, it is still not safe for humans or pets

Treat the windowsills, electrical sockets, and light fixtures. Make sure you treat every crevice in the room. Don’t forget to treat where your curtains hang When you apply the spray, start in the baseboard areas and under the carpets. Start at the end of the room that is opposite of your doorway, so you can end the treatment at the doorway.

The areas around your bed should be treated heavily. All other furniture should be treated. Don’t forget the closets and the bathroom It is important to spray along the wall where your headboard lies. Spray the box spring, including underneath.

Mattress Encasement

Once you have steamed and sprayed your mattress, you will want to enclose it with a mattress encasement. Choose a high quality and strong mattress cover and be careful not to rip when you are putting it on This will keep any bed bugs that “got away” inside and away from you to eventually die from not getting their food source.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta

Adobe provide a free download beta versions of its image editing software - Photoshop, labeled CS6 and can be downloaded from the official site. 

Adobe is not otherwise used to issue a free beta version, but this time it made an exception.

Photoshop CS6 Beta, approximately 1.4GB, can be downloaded for free from Adobe's official website.

As for the program, made a lot of changes, which in appearance, which in itself functionality and options.


The user interface is quite redesigned, including the remodeling of about 1600 icons, and cursor 250. Longtime Photoshop users have no reason to worry, because all changes are intuitive and easy to learn.

The default color of the main screen now are gray and dark gray. Darker colors in the window will make the image being edited to be more prominent. Of course, the color scheme can be changed, but is only available for a limited number of shades of gray or black.


When we talk about the new features of this powerful tool for image processing, there are some new options:

- Automatic recording at preset intervals - The program now automatically recorded in the given interval and in the background, so you need not waste time watching the line of progression during the shooting.

- Improved support for files in the RAV

- Editing functions, video clips

- Crop which is valid for standard operation, also improved - As soon as the tool selected, the edges of the crop is automatically placed along the frames, because the crop is performed by moving the edges inward, but in addition the whole picture and can move around the surface of the crop , which is a very subtle change. The image inside the area can be corrected so as to select the command "straighten" the draft of the lines along which to work.

- Content Aware Patching option - it is enough to select an object and drag it to another place, it will automatically fill the gap created, and remove the object from the image, and add the new blur filters that can be combined in the same picture, and adaptively adjust Wide shot, which allows the curved lines of the document, but so as not to lose the natural image distortion.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta free

Monday, April 2, 2012

The average world income

International Labour Office calculated that the world's average salary is 1480 dollars.

The rich are disillusioned, and poor data does not seem realistic. International Labour Organization (ILO) was first released publicly with the world's average salary calculation. It is, for someone everything, and the other incredible - 1480 dollars per month.  The study involved 72 countries worldwide

The explanation lies in the unique methodology which economists ILO served and, of course, the fact that the income always means the gross amount.

They are the first of the national statistical institute took data on average monthly income. These figures are multiply by the total number of employees, but without the self-employed, meaning entrepreneurs and artisans. And without the people who receive some form of social assistance. State averages are gathered and divided by the total number of employees in the world. So they came to the world average, which is less than $ 18,000 a year.

To make the data comparable,
ILO economists are taken into account the cost of living in each country and what is the average salary in that country can buy. State averages are calculated by the "consumer dollars," with a value equal to the dollar spent in America.

For calculation of the global plate had the most influence most populous country, one with the largest number of workers, because they are the most and contribute the total sum of wages in the world. It is above all China.

- If someone in China has received a salary of 1,500 yuan a month, he will get it in the bank $ 200 - explains the ILO economist Patrick Belser Would the BBC.

But that's not what we use to calculate the global average, because what is important here is what people can buy these from 1,500 yuan. When compared with purchasing power, we learned that actually is worth about $ 400.

In this study, the highest paid employee in Luxembourg. The average monthly salary 4089 dollars. Following Norway, with 3678 dollars the average wage, and the third is Austria - 3237 dollars.

At the opposite end of the world's income is Tajikistan, where the average salary is only 227 dollars.

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