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Monday, December 28, 2009

Siberian tiger

This blog is devoted to the largest, strongest and most perfect the world's tigers, Siberian tigers. On this blog you will find everything you ever interested in the Siberian tigers: origin, habitat, hunting skills, reproduction and much more.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twitter tips

The best way to find the twitter followers is to under find people option type the keywords that interest you, and begin to follow the people who do not have many followers and who are relatively active. It is more likely that these people will follow you than people who have a lot of followers.

Another important thing is to follow when people make Tweets. Follow only those people who make Tweets about the same time as you, because it does not mean anything to you if bunch of people following you, who tweet in another time. On the other hand, if most people who follow you tweet at about the same time as you, the greater the chance that some of them click on your link.

The fact is that most people prefer to watch than to read. Offer them a video, and write in a tweet that this is video. You will see that more people will click on your link. Also people like to know what they visit, tell them if it is a blog post, video or images or something else.

Another thing, do not always advertise them something, people do not like that, because they have a sense for somebody to exploit them. Offer them something interesting or funny and you will appreciate that, you will get their confidence, and they will click on the links that you advertise.

Monday, November 30, 2009

How to find edu or gov sites

We all know that Google is highly value links that com from websites that have .edu or .gov domains. Today we have a bunch of programs, or sites that use these programs, to find sites that have .edu or .gov domains. There is an easier, better and above all free ancin to find these sites, and all with Google.
Simply, in Google search box, type : site: .edu and keywords that interest you.
And that's it, Google will provide a list of sites .edu sites that have links with your keywords. In this way you can even search blogs, just after the key word type blog : site: .gov your keyword blog.
Type in search box: site: .edu human heart blog
And that's it, Google will give you a list of all .edu blogs that have links with the human heart.
This is the best and most simple, but above all a free way to find these sites and blogs. No need to pay someone for a program, to join some sites or leave email to someone. Google allows you all this free and you can be sure of the results.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best way to increase website visitors

I noticed that many people advise others to use ezine articles as a source of back-back links.
So, many people write some stupid irrelevant text only to get another back-link, or often they just copy someone else text, from someone’s blog or site, and be banned from ezine articles.
Ezine articles is a good source of strong back-links, who have a high Page-rank, and Google value these links.

It is much better and more efficient use ezine articles as a source to increase website visitors, which is the purpose of ezine articles, to help you fight with the competition. Your article, which is located on ezine articles will be much easier to find on the first or second page of Google for some stronger keywords, than post on your site or blog. This will increase your website visitors, and the best thing is that these visitors are free.

The problem with ezine articles is that you can publish an article every fifteen days, and what you must be the author of the text, and the text must not be find anywhere else on the internet, not even on your site or blog, must be the only ezine articles.

But if you make a little effort, your effort will pay off, and bring you a certain number of visits each month.

I have ten articles on ezine articles, which have a total of 8000 visits per month. Approximately every tenth person who read my article, visit my blog. So from 8000 people who read my articles each month, 820-830 of them visit my blog every month, which is not so bad. I know people who receive 15-20 thousand visits a month from ezine articles.

And for the end, I will give you a little advice, I always anchor my link. I do that because the whole article seems much better and therefore more efficient.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quality and cheaper car insurance

Many people think that specialist insurers are infinitely mor expensive, than the main providers that majority of drivers decide to go for, which is why they are often neglected or are immediately rejected as a potential solution. However, what if I told you that you can just as easily get cheap car insurance through specialist providers today as you could through mainstream providers?

This is the truth because specialists have had to become more competitive in order to survive. A high number specialist can now even be found on car insurance comparison sites. It has been necessary for specialists to lower their prices due to growing competition, but you may be surprised when you find out that they have not lowered the quality of their products. Far from it in fact. The quality specialist insurers that offer is just as high as ever before but is now more affordable so you can really start to enjoy the benefits of high quality but cheaper car insurance?

So do not forget to check specialist, you might find a better quality solution, because as I said before the competition forced them to reduce costs and maintain quality.

Friday, September 25, 2009

How to set the picture in the middle of text

People often have a problem with the blogger to put the picture in the middle of text,
because Blogger only provides four options: to set the picture above the text, in the upper
left corner, upper right corner and in the center.

I've recently encountered this problem but I solved it pretty easily, but some people can not solve it, often ask me how to solve this problem?

Simply upload the picture that you want, no matter which option you choose, and simply drag and drop where you want to be that picture in your text.

You can even specify the size of the image, only you have to do is to catch with mouse for edge and pull up to the size you want.

Blogger is easy to use, feel free to play and experiment a little, do not be afraid you will not break anything

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chack what pages from your site or blog Google has indexed

People ask me how to check if Google has indexed the page with their site or blog.
It is very important that Google indexes all the pages, because if they are not indexed, is not worth what you use the right keywords and you will not receive a visits from Google.

To Google crawled your site, you first have to attract attention of GoogleBot to visiting each of your page to check and index.

The simplest way to attract Googlebot attention is to create a back-link to the page you want Google to index. These links should be from sites with high PageRank, such as: Stumbleupon, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Ezine articles, and others. Give Google some time and it will index your page.

How to check which pages from your site or blog is indexed by Google?

Just in the Google search box, type "site: name of your site or," as you can see in the picture below I did it for my blog for example. Click on picture to see enlarge:

And Google will show you a list of your pages that is indexed by name, beginning with the page that has the highest PageRank. As you can see Google has indexed 24 of 31 posts as I had at the time, which is not bad. Click on picture to see enlarge:

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to write a post

Many people have problems to create a blog, because they are not writers, they say they do not know how to write, they are bad or just the fact that they were bored. So if you want to have a blog, and you do not have the money you need to write.

I am not an expert on writing, especially not for the mushrooms or saxophone, these are the topics of blogs on which I currently earn money.

This is how I do: Go to ezine articles and find posts that are similar to what I'm looking for, choose the post that most times viewed, and who has the most back-links links, this means that the post is popular and that people read it, and it is a good post.

Then copy the post in Word and save. Then read this post again. Then open notepad and wrote this post from memory. You will see that it is essentially the same post but at the same time very different from the original.

Your post will usually be shorter than the originals, but it is not a problem, I personally prefer the posts that have from 250 to 400 words.

Many people simply copy the text of someone else, it is against the law, and if by chance the author of the text to discover you can sue you, and even Google prefers original articles, which are unique and are only in your blog.

That is it, simply find the article that you like, then wrote this post from memory, and you have a good post, and easy to do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get better results on Google with Web 2.0 templates

Many people do not know that the position on Google really depends on the type template that you usin. I decided to test it, and I confirmed it. This is probably happen because of their form, and for search engines is much easier to find these blogs, but blogs that using old templates.

I made two blog, for first I was using a classic Blogger template, and second Web 2.0 template, which you can find completely free on the Internet.

Blog for which I was using a classic Blogger template, had 40 posts, 36 back links, 31 comments and PageRank 4th.

For second blog that I used the Web 2.0 template, had 15 posts, 9 back links, 8 comments, and had no PageRank.

For each blog I wrote a review for one of my sites and set up a link to that site.
When I enter the name of my site to Google, on the first page it was always with the Web 2.0 blog template, and a blog with a classic Blogger template then on the third page.

I concluded that the reason is probably template, because the content was the same on both the blogs, but blog web 2.0 template better rank on Google.

My advice is if you create a WordPress or Blogger blog, using Web 2.0 template. These template you can find for free, just type "free web 2.0 templates", download template that you want and install it to your blog, and Google will be much easier to find your blog.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do not use traffic exchange sites for AdSense

Not many people know that if you use AdSense on your site or blog may not use traffic exchange sites to bring more visitors. Google is so serious about it, that they can even terminate your account.

I personally do not see any problem with it, but I suppose that someone in the past found a pattern to get more clicks by using the traffic exchange sites. For one of my sites I use only the traffic exchange sites to bring visitors, now the site has 30.000 unique visits, and I'm use AdSense, but I got not even one click.

And if you plan to make money on AdSense, do not use traffic exchange sites, because that will never make you money. This is because these people are there because they must, for getting credits that they can exchange for visits to their website or blog. They are there only while the timer is out the specified time, and immediately moving on to another site, so that visitors are not targeted and they are not make action, so it is unlikely to click on an ad.

It is better to use other ways to bring visitors to your site, such as social sites, but it is best if the visitor came from Google, because they make more action, and they will most likely click on an ad and Google support that and highly recommend.

So it is best if you have AdSense on your site that do not use traffic exchange sites, to avoid liquidation of your Google account.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Choose skin for your Laptop

I recently stumble across on very interesting site, where you can make skins for your laptop, iPod, Xbox or gadgets.
What is about, on this site you can create skin (skins are pictures or wrappers that you can paste it on your laptop for example) for some of your favorite devices such as Laptop or iPod. Skin for your Laptop or iPod, can be whatever you want, just choose an picture that you like, it can be your pictures, pictures of your children, your favorite band, or you can choose one of their pictures if you prefer. Simply insert a picture that you like and their program will automatically create a skin and show you, and you can tell whether you like it or not, if you like, they will send you.
This site is easy to use, consists of three easy steps: first select the device that you want to create skin, then the image that you want and complete offer and that's it.
Click here to make your own skin!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Calculate The Number of Words In Your Post

I noticed that many people use Free Traffic System, to get as many as they can one way links to there site or blog. I use this site, and gives more or less good results to me.
The point is to correctly choose the blogs that you want your text to be posted, many people choose the wrong blogs, and they grant them only five or six blogs, so they get only five or six links.
The point is that you must write the text that has 300 or more than 450 words, and you must be the author of this text, if you steal text and they detect, they will delete your account and they will report it to Google.
When we write the text, we do not know how many words have the text, we can assume, or go to a site that has automated word counter. Recently I found an excellent counter, which is often used by me simply for curiosity, to see how many words have my posts, but for business to, when I write various reviews, Ezine articles, posts for Free Traffic System and so on.
This Counter is doing very well and is easy to use, simply copy the text you want in the box that says 'Welcome to JavaScript Kit, the JavaScript technology center' and click 'Calculate Words'.
If you copy my post, you will see that there are 150 words in this post.

This free script provided by

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to find more Twitter follower

Many people ask me how to find more Twitter followers.

Until a month ago the most easy way to find a bunch of Twitter followers is that you just start to follow hundreds of people, give them a week and see who of them started to follow you. After a week go to Your Twitter Karma site (in one of my previous posts you will find a link), see who does not follow you from these people that you follow and simply highlight and click unfolow bulk. Today it is no longer possible, Twitter is limited to a hundred people, then it will consider that you spamin people, that can lead to terminate your account.

So the best way to find hundreds of followers, is simply to promote your Twitter link. Log into your twitter account, and on profile page of your twitter account, you'll find in browser twitter URL (, it is a link that you should be promoted.

If you do not have a website or blog that is very popular, the simplest way to find followers is to leave your link in different forums, start a discussion or join if already have this issue, and start to follow these people and they in turn will follow you.

Another way is microworkers, you pay where you pay people 6.7 or 8 cents to start followin you on twitter, this is a good way because they will follow you and you do not follow them, and when other people see that you have more followers than you Follow they will think that you provide useful information and they will start to follow you, and your Twitter profile will always be placed on the first page and you'll get more followers, and links that comes with your twitter prifila will be evaluated on Google .

The third way is to join the social sites for bloggers and webmasters, like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, StumbleUpon etc. .. When you join one of these sites, join in a group and start a new topic or find the topic where people follow each other on twitter. Start to follow on Twitter person who started the topic, but also people who have left their twitter link. Join the several groups and find as many related topics twitter and start to follow these people and they will follow you. He StumbleUpon find as many friends and send them your twitter profile, and send them messages where you ask them nice to start to follow you on Twitter, about half of them will follow you on twitter.

The fourth way are the traffic exchange sites such as EasyHits4U, TrafficNowFire and others. Start to promote your Twitter profile with a message if they are followed you, you'll follow them, and people will start to follow you, and do not forgotten that you must follow them.

That's it, start to apply this method and you will start to receive hundreds of followers every day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Free Squeeze Page Hosting

Many people ask me how to make splash pages, or squeeze pages, where to host, how much it cost?

I personally use EasyHits4U, it is a traffic exchange site and are really great, maybe even the best traffic exchange site currently with a lot of futures. As a free member you receive many benefits, such as 1:1 surf ratio, 20 second timer for your site, and you can set to be 30 or even 40 seconds, geo-targeting, where you want your site to be seen.

As a free member you get a very easy to use, but all well-known editor to make your splash pages, and if you need help, ask them and they will respond in the shortest possible time. If you already have a splash page then you can host it on EasyHitd4U. As a standard member you can only have three splash pages, and as a premium member you can have an unlimited number of splash pages.

The best thing of all is that this is all completely free of charge. Surf for credits, accumulate credits and then spend the credits to advertise your splash pages on EasyHits4U and build your list.

They have 166 thousand members, it means that your splash page will see many people, but those splash page you can advertise on other sites, regardless of which hosted EasyHits4U

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interesting facts

We Scour the web daily for the most interesting facts on the internet. Each interesting fact is handpicked by our staff for quality and we filter out the junk with the facts you do not have to worry about them here. We are a family-oriented website and will stay that way.
Here you will find the most interesting facts about: humans, animals, cars, geography, movies and many other areas.
We have largest list of interesting facts about the human heart in the whole Internet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How good blog post should look like

First of all you should have a good theme, that will force people to leave comments, either to agree or not with you.

Second, the post should not be overly long, because people do not like to read. Post should be short and clear. You do not need to write too much about the details, you should tell only the essence, because that is what people are interested. Write only the most important things: what, how and where. Give people basic information, and they will leave a comment, and you'll get more comments, more Google will value your blog.

I noticed that people prefer posts written bold letters, probably because these posts are easier to read, because less tauten eyes. On the other hand people do not like italic letters, and avoid using them, unless emphasize some keywords, and make sure to change the color of the word.

Do not write all in one section, create posts so that the space between the paragraphs to be one row. One of the reasons is that it looks nice and steady, and the other because it gives people the feeling that the text is not so long, this means to have less to read, and the third reason is that transcends the lines because people often lose in such texts, so the best is to text divided into smaller units that are extracted from the text.

To all this, and you will have a post that people will love to read and leave comments.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to increase blog page rank

Many people say that a few days they had a page rank of three or four, and now do not have the rank at all. Why?

Now they do not have rank because they create a new post, and still no one leaves a comment on this post. Google works by counting links, as much back-links and comments you have, it means that people like your blog, and it have more value to Google. So, many people share comments or even pay for them.

The best way to find commentators is to join a social site for Bloggers, such as Mybloglog, BlogCatalog and other. When you join to this sites, find more friends and join in the various groups. Start to share comments with other people, the more comments you leave, you will get more comments.

When you leave comments, leave shorter comments, and always leave open the URL to your blog, or link to your blog in the signature. This also create a back-links to your blog.

When Google calculate, the number of back-links to your blog, and the number of comments on your blog, you'll have far more page rank, and Google will evaluate your blog more.

So, the more comments you leave, better for.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Best free targeted traffic to your website

The best way to bring thousands of visitors to your site or blog each month is StumbleUpon.
StumbleUpon is a social network for webmasters, so that when you create a new post on your site or blog you can share with your friends. The point is to have as much friends as you can, but with similar interests, sites or blogs. These people will leave comments on your blog, make a link to your blog or site, download pictures, video clips and more, from you.

People often make a mistake and send loads of messages every day, and even several times a day, and people often Canceling friendship. It is best to send messages only when you have something really good, not only from your site or blog to show your friends that not only advertise your site, but to send only the good stuff, and they will return to visit every site that you send them. It is best to send three to four messages a week.

It is best to find one or two friends, whose reviews you like, and to arrange them for you to send their messages to your friends, and they send your messages to their friends, so you and they get many more visits.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ladies Car Insurance

Over the years younger women have gained a reputation as being safer and more reliable drivers than their male counterparts, due to a larger percentage of road accidents and driving offences being caused by men. This allows many younger women the benefits of being safer drivers to translate into cheaper rates. There are plenty of things to look for when shopping for women's car insurance to make sure of the best deal possible.
Firstly, it's important to make sure the insurance policy includes breakdown cover, especially breakdown assistance. As a woman you do not want to be stuck with a faulty car next to the side of the road in a potentially vulnerable position. Having comprehensive breakdown cover included will offer the peace of mind no matter what the situation.
Another important feature for women's car insurance is incentives for low mileage. Women tend to drive fewer miles than men, and with policies that offer discounts for low mileage are always worth considering.
It's also important to take advantage of the fact that young women are in a lower-risk category for insurers. This means younger women can get the best prices around, but it should also mean increased cover included in the car insurance policy helping to provide the necessary safety and security.
With younger women likely to cause fewer accidents than their male counterparts, it's also important to take advantage of the fact that such females are less likely to claim. Insurance policies that offer substantial no claims discounts are preferable as they allow women to benefit from their safe driving. LV = offer up to 75% no claims discount.
When we give you more than one discount is taken off each separately. We always take off the online discount last.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Check your page rank

Many Webmasters have a problem with the exchange of links. They say that the exchange of the hundreds and even thousands of links, but Google has registered only a few, not even registered links from related sites. Why?

This happens because many of these sites with which they are exchanged links are very poor or are not ranked at all. So when you exchange links, first check their page rank, and then exchange the links.

If the site that you exchanging links is ranked well, it is not so important to be close related with your site.
For example: I have a site with amazing videos and funny pictures, and Google has registered a link to my site, from the site that sells early pregnancy tests, which is not related to my site at all, but the site has a page rank 4th.

Your page rank can be from 1 to 10, with 10 as the best, but the rank 10 have only to Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and a few other big sites. Other sites have average rank 3 and 4, and with them you need to exchange links.

Recently, I stumbled across a blog that has a great page rank checking tool, which shows you page rank, Alexa rank, number of back links, MSN search results and Yahoo search results.

Click here to check your page rank.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twitter Tools You Must Use

Recently, I stumbled across this video clip on YouTube, and I liked, because it briefly and clearly describes the most primary twitter tools. Best of all is that these sites are all free and easy to use. Just join to all these sites and tweeting will be much easier and more efficient.

Tweet Later

Friday, July 24, 2009

The best place for leaving comments

The main problem is where to leave comments. Many people say that leaving piles comments, but Google does not register those comments, why?
Because most of these blogs, squidoo or huba page is not ranked or have a poor ranking, and Google does not see them.
Comments should leave on well ranked blogs, squidoo huba pages.

My recommendations:

1. You Tube's blog (yes You Tube has a blog)
2. Twitter blog
3. Official Google blog
4. Stumble Upon officially blog
On official social networks blogs, and your freiands profiles, pictures, groups.

All these blogs are very well ranked on Google, but do not leave no sense comments, leave comments that are related to the post.

On You Tube, leave comments on the post with similar topic as you last video, it will increase the range of your video on You Tube and Google.

Google officially on the blog can not leave a comment. On the right side find 'Newest Google blogs, on some you will be able to leave comment, and on some not.
On the right side find "What We're Reading'', you'll find a ton of blogs, they are all blogs that are very well ranked on Google, and Google will value that more links.

Answer to Adi's comment:

If you look on the official Google blog in the category ''What We're Reading'', there are many WordPress blogs, and all are very well ranked.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to create backlnks by leaving comments

The most efficient way to return a link to your site or blog is leaving comments.

However, the problem is when you leave comments on other blogs is that you actually create a feedback link to your profile, and if you have a WordPress blog, the link is connect with your name, Google does not value much, and often not at all.

So the correct way to leave comments, is to leave a longer comment, a few sentences. Leave at the end of the comment URL of your site or blog, it is as a kind of signature.

Often that will not be live links, and you will not be able to click on them, but Google will register them. And then, and it is not so important to be related blogs, because the link you post will be surrounded by content, and Google will register that as a kind of the articles and value your link more.

If you make such a back links to your blog or site, it's best to leave comments on various blogs, squidoo and huba pages, because Google just love them.

The best in this way of making back links to your site or blog is, those links are one-way links to your site or blog, and more value Google your site or blog, because many more links than you go to leave you.

Please note, if you have somewhere left a comment with a link, and author deleted that comment, do not leave that kind of comments any more on that blog. Some people do not like that, but I allow such comments, because I do the same.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How I use twitter to get more visitors

Many people ask me how I get lots of clicks with twitter. On one of my profile I have only 40 followers, and getting from 8 to 10 clicks per post, how?
First and most importantly, as I said in the previous post, you follow people that interest you, and they will fallow you back. You need to create an interesting post, which is different from the others.
The most effective way is if you ask a question. On one of my sites have a video about the battle between the tiger and crocodile. This post has appeared: in the battle between the tiger and crocodile, what do you think who will win: view the video, and of course leave the link.
People do not like to read but love to watch. Offer them a video and a lot more people will click on your link.
Another example: in one of the early posts I wrote about the exchange of banners, and my post on twitter looked like this' it is banner exchange die, 'I got twenty clicks on this post.
You must gain the trust of people, that you do not post ads all the time, but to send them to your site or a blog, where can see something interesting. When you gain their trust, you will receive regular visitors, not only from twitter, but they will seek you and Google, Yahoo, MSN ...
If you use one of the sites that help twitter, use hootsuit, because they place links that your followers can click, as opposed, tweetlater set of links that can not be clicked.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance for Young driver

Car insurance for young driver can be expensive. Parents may find shopping for car insurance for the young driver a nightmare. According to statistics, teenaged drivers are more prone to car accidents, particularly for first-time young drivers. Because of this, car insurance premiums tend to increase by 50% more than that of an average driver. This is true but parents can still do something to secure cheap car insurance for young drivers. Parents can help in preparing for this goal even before their young drivers turn 16 years old.
Parents can teach their teenagers how to driver but a formal driving course, particularly from a reputable driving school, which can be an added value. Car insurance company may reward you for it. You may also include your teenager in your current car insurance policy instead of insuring your teenager separately. In this way, your teenager can also share your goodwill and other car insurance premium discounts. You can also teach your teenagers driving by showing good examples when you ride with them. If you are a good driver, teenage drivers will learn safe driving by observing you. Lastly, you can start off with a car that is inexpensive. If you want to save money on insurance premium, it will not make any sense if you buy a high profile car.
Securing ch
eap car insurance for young driver can happen. This can be achieved if parents and their teens work together to make it possible.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance For Student

Cheap car insurance for students is possible if you make sure you take advantage of all the discounts available and by using an online resource to get all the cheapest quotes there is online. There are various car insurance companies out there and it would be best if you take time to compare each of them and check out which offers the most discounts, the cheapest price, and the coverage that best suits your needs.
If you are a student with a grade point average of B or higher, you can take advantage of the good student discount offered by some insurance companies. You can take advantage of this discounts as long as you are in school, below 25 years of age and has a GPA of B or higher.
You may also take defensive driving course to get deductions from your car insurance rate. This driving courses are usually offered to new drivers with little experience when it comes to driving. This is a good way to take lower your insurance premium.
Cheap car insurance for students may also be possible if you install safety features and anti theft devices on your vehicle.
But the best way to get cheap car insurance is to maintain a good driving record and avoiding car insurance claims. You will get more benefits in the long run if you do all these.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Effective tweeting

Many people ask me how I get good results with Twitter, and they are very bad.
This is happening from two main reasons and they are: The first reason is that their tweets are not interesting. This is because their fallowerse are not interested for that, because they follow everyone, and everyone follows them, and to work just to have as much fallowersa.
For example: if you promote, the 'ways how to lose weight, and your fallowerse make people interested in ecology, fun, jokes, online earnings, and so on. Of course, that no one care about your weight loss products. But if most of your fallowersa make people interested in weight loss ways, then you will have good results.
The second reason is that people post bad tweets. You should be different from other people, to interest people, to give them a reason to click your link. For the bunch of other tweets why would they clicked on your link.Write something different from others, and do not always advertise something.
For example: I have one site that I have a lot of fun things, and I have very many visits from twitter, as funny pictures, wallpapers, amazing videos and so on. And while other people as time posts: Best Joke ever, funniest pictures, amazing videos and so on. I do something a little different. On my site has a video clip, where the tiger fighting against crocodile, I wrote a post that reads like this' in the battle between the tiger and crocodile, what do you think who will win ', and left a link to the video. And I got hundreds of clicks.
How to find these people?
Simply go to find people the option, type in there what you are interested, for example, 'funny'. See who has a lot of fallowersa, go to their profile, see if that is what you are looking for, if so, see their fallowerse, and simply begin to fallowing these people, and they will start to follow you. It is important to look at when they made the last post, do not follow the inactive people.
And that is it, people start fallowing!

You can fallow me on twitter, just click on twitter icon at the top of side bar.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Banner Exchange

Many sites and blogs using the exchange of links, and that is good, because that Google use to rank your site or blog. But when it comes to driving visitors, they are not effective. In the best case, you bring a few visitors a month.
Unlike the links Google does not value banners a lot, but the banners will bring more visitors than the links, which will take more action, which is the main goal. According to my experience most efficient active banners 125x125 dimensions. It is best to place them in the said bar or on the bottom of the home page. I was surprised when I saw 2-3 thousand visits a month on a site where my banner is located at the bottom of the home page. When you exchange banners watch to be well-ranked sites, or blogs, which have a solid number of visits.
Active banners are much more efficient, because they combine text and images, and people who click on the banner are highly targeted visitors. Banner Exchange is not the same as the exchange of links, so do not exchange loads of banners, after Avila you do not have space to put them anymore, and your blog or site would be very funny in addition to many of banners and too many colors, plus they would take away the attention of the content on your blog or website. It is best to share up to ten banners and set them on the home page or side bar, and ask for that banner-partner do the same. It is best to combine the exchange of links to your Google ranked high, with the exchange of banners in order to receive a large number of visits.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to leave comments

The most effective way of leaving comments is to surround your link with content. When you leave comment, do not comment just to write "great post" or "just continue 'or something so similar. Write at least two or three sentences, the search engine will value more and the owner of the blog.

Another thing: I noticed that some blogs get me more visits than others. I research to see why this is so, to see what this blogs have that other do not. I found that these blogs have the 'top commentators' option, which you can now see on my blog to. The point is to leave as much comments, so that your link is in side bar, so that people can see it, regardless of which page on your blog can be found. If you feel that you will never catch person who is in the first place, there is no need to worry, because this option reset after a certain number of posts. I set my blog to reset when someone reaches 30 comments, then all start from the beginning.

Get as much blogs with this option, and regularly leave comments, after a while you'll see that the number of visits to your blog increasing.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Most effective link exchange

OK, we all know that the exchange links and leaving comments on other blogs or websites is very important, but many people do not know to do that.
Based on my years of experience I have come to the most effective way to exchange links and leave comments.

Here's how I do:

First I create a new label on the blog or a new page on the site,''which usually name my favorite web sites / blogs'', you can see on the right side. My advice to you is, do not call them''Links''or''Friends'', because everyone knows what that is pages and no one is interested to see this pages, call them so that fits with the names of other pages or label. Then find people who want to exchange links with me. Then make a recommendation or review why my visitors to visit that site or blog, and their set of the link. This is a very effective way in a very simple reason, because it is surrounded by the link content, and not so important to be a blog with similar content as your. To help some people, I even put some key words that they wanted. Come this, as you have your own eZine article, and Google just like theta.

If someone is interested to exchange links leave a comment with your link.

Of course, do not forget to ask that other people do the same for your site / blog.

In the next post I described the most effective method of leaving comments.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Squeeze page hosting

My other secret is, I use Google Docs a lot. Sometimes I use Google Docs for the same reason as I use Blogger to create a promotional website. I use Google Docs when I want to create all on my own, of course, this option is intended for people who knows something about web design.
All guru tell us we should have theta mailing list. So I use Google Docs to create a Squeeze Page. Google documents are easy to use, because they have familiar editor, so that everyone can make a basic website. The best thing is that hosting is free and no ads and Google pick you up fester. You can use Google Doc as autoresponder, to send your members a variety of documents and directly from your Google Account.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Secret revealed

Many people asked me how I earn money through internet. I will finally reveal my secret, so pay attention.
All affiliates tell you that you need to have your site, if you want to sell something. But it is not easy to create a website, but even when you create a website it needs time search engines to pick it up. Is there a easier way? Yes!
OK here's what I do. I find professional template, or if you are a webmaster you can create one. Then go to Blogger and create a blog, then upload your templateand fill out the blog with content that you want. Now go click on the settings option, then click on the publishing. You'll see a switch to custom domain option, move the blog to the dmain that you want, cost is ten dollars a year. Now promote your blog.
Now you have a blog that look like a website, with good promoting search engines will pick it for a week. And that's it, create your blog and start earning money. GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Google Document

With Google Document you can create basic documents from strach or you can use a template.
You can easily do all the basic things, including making bulleted lists, sorting by columns, adding tables, images, comments, changing fonts and more.
You can upload your existing files. Google documents accepts most popular file formats, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV etc.
It is very easy to use, it has familiar desktop, similar to Excel or gmail.
You just need to click the toolbar buttons to bold, underline, change font, background color etc.
Google Docs are similar to autoresponder, only it's free. You build email list
or subscribers, which you will send emails containing various documents, links, tables and other.
Many students use it to share homework, other people use like personal newspapers etc.
Try to see how ti works, and if you like you can continue, if you do not like simply forget.

Clik here to see Google Documents

Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Blog Search

Bloggers, this is what we all waited a long time, new Google search option only for blogs. No more wandering the Internet, seeking blogs where you can leave a comment or swap links, now it is much easier with this option.
With this option, the results you get will be blogs, no websites, forums, squidoo pages...
This option is still in beta phase.

Google's official notification:

Blog search is Google search technology focused on blogs.Google is strong believer in the self-publishing phenomenon represented by blogging, and we hope Blog Search will help our users to explore the blogging universe more effectively, and perhaps inspire many to join the revolution themselves. Whether you're looking for Harry Potter reviews, political commentary, summer salad recipes or anything else, Blog Search enables you to find out what people are saying on any subject of your choice.

Your results include all blogs, not just those published trough Blogger, our blog index is continually updated, so you'll always get the most accurate and up-to-date result, and you can search not just for blogs written in English, but in French,Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch and other languages as well.

How do I use Blog Search?

Just type the word(s) you want to search for in the text box and click 'Search'. That's all there is to it.

What are the section on the left side of Google Blog search?

The links on left allow you to browse Google Blog Search results by topics. For example, clicking Technology link will show you top stories in the tech world.

Can I find blogs in specific language?

Yes,you can restrict results to any of 35 specific languages by using the Advanced Search option. Just check the boxes next to the languages you want to include. By default, results include blogs written in all languages.

CLICK HERE to see Google Blog Search.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Google’s New Search Option

A few days ago I received an email from Bill Mcrea which contains video, in this video he described the new Google tool, that I honestly did not even noticed. But now I use it regularly, and really is a great tool.
Many of us do not know to use google, we use only one option ( search box ).
But Google has a lot of good tools, that helps us to find the desired results much faster, easier, more efficiently and more accurately.
This is another great tool that is designed to be competition to social networks.
We do not use these tools because we have not heard of them, or do not know how to use them or even do not notice them.
This is a video about one of these tools, see it, it will help you a lot to easily use google.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimization is very important to your website, to be better ranked on search engines.
SEO optimization means that each page on your site has a title tag. This means that you have to give the title to each of your page so that the most 3 words describing the content of this page.
Next , each page must have a mete description tag. This means that you have to write a short description of each site page in three to four sentences.
Next each site page must have keywords. Keywords are words that people type in goole, Yahoo, MSN or other browser when looking for something(weight los,amazing videos,funny pictures...).
It's important to do this for each page, because search engines search each page individually and not the whole website.
These are the basis of SEO optimization.
There is also a more convenient way to do SEO optimization, and that is using Web CEO program.More than 600,000 users have chosen Web CEO for their website marketing and SEO. This program can be used and beginners and experienced webmasters.It’s totally free, when you download the program log in to their site with user name and password that you received, read the tutorial about SEO optimization, I guarantee when you finish you will be SEO optimization expert.

Click here
to download Web CEO program

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to create a website fast and easily

Today everyone has a website and you wished that you have your website.
You start to search on Internet, you have heard of some HTML, Dreamweaver, FTP and think it is difficult, so you quit. There are easier way to make a website.
All you should do is to go to a free hosting website and use the their editor to create a site.
Of course, this site will not be anything special but you have your own site. I personally use freewebs. They are one of the largest hosting provider, and have very good support, for each question they answered within 24 hours.
You can even start your own on line business and they will help you.
As a standard member you get the editor that is very easy to use and very good statistics.You get 42 megabytes of memory and 500 megabytes to bandwidth(it is memory for your links to other website where you host your files).
You receive the co-domain:domain is and co-domain is
All you need to now do is to go to a free hosting site and make your website.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Family oriented website, with many interesting and funny pictures, slide shows, wallpapers and amazing video clips. On this site you can find wallpapers of cars, winter, sea and beach and cool wallpapers, funny and interesting slide shows and you can download all for free. Site already has more than eleven thousand visits, and can join and discuss with others in the forum.


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