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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Paleo Chocolate Cranberry Pie Recipe

Are you a chocolate lover? I am. While I adore eating locally and in season, I’ve always known that one non-local food I would never give up (barring a zombie apocalypse) is chocolate.

Yet being a chocolate lover is hard for Real Foodies like us. That’s because too many yummy chocolate desserts are full of nasties we strive to avoid.

That sugar? Likely from genetically-modified sugar beets! That soy-lecithin? From genetically-modified soybeans. That flour used in the crust or batter? Full of the allergenic gluten (which so many of us are trying to avoid).

I’m going to take this opportunity to share with you the dessert I’ve decide to prepare, a dark chocolate cranberry pie. I’ve already made it multiple times before and it’s simply amazing. It’s almost a guarantee that chocolate and cranberries will go over well with anyone. The bitter taste of the dark chocolate goes perfectly with the sour taste of the cranberries. Both tastes can be quite strong on their own, but together they become a perfect combination that tastes great. Overall, the recipe is quite simple to prepare, but it does require quite a bit of cooling time in the fridge. I can only recommend that you make it in advance if you plan on serving it to guests. I found this recipe in book "Paleo Recipe Book".

Chocolate cranberry pie recipe:

Crust ingredients:

    2 cups almond flour;
    ½ tsp salt;
    2 tbsp coconut oil;
    1 egg;

Filling and topping ingredients:

    ½ cup coconut milk (or cream if you allow it in your diet);
    8 oz chocolate (70% cocoa);
    18 oz frozen cranberries;


    Preheat your oven to 375 F.

    Like most pies, you’ll start by preparing the crust first. This one is nice and easy, all you have to do is throw all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix them well in either a blender, or by using a hand-mixer. A crumbly dough will form.

    Transfer the dough into a lightly greased 9” pie baking dish. Using your fingers, press the dough firmly into the dish and make an inner shell with it so that the dish is evenly covered. I made a simple trim on my crust, just a little detail, but this is not necessary.

    Place the crust in the oven and cook for about 15 minutes, just until it begins to turn golden brown around the edges and is flaky to the touch.

    While your crust is baking, begin working on preparing the filling. In a small sauce pan over a medium-high heat, bring the coconut milk to a simmer. Once it has started to simmer, immediately remove it from the heat and begin stirring in the chocolate. Continue stirring until the chocolate is completely melted.

    Once the crust has finished baking, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool completely.
    Pour the chocolatey filling into the pie shell and then place the whole pie dish into the fridge for anywhere from 2 hours to 1 day. Essentially, you want the filling to become more solid to the touch.

    With the oven at 375 F again, take out the frozen cranberries, spread them out on a baking sheet and bake them for about 8 to 10 minutes, tossing them around once or twice to avoid them from sticking. Once they have blistered and are soft, remove them from the oven and transfer them to the fridge.

They will need at least an hour in the refrigerator, this will keep them from getting mushy. After the pie and the cranberries have been in the fridge long enough, spoon the berries on top of the pie and its ready to be served.

P.S. Have a look at the Paleo Recipe Book. It's a cookbook I've found that help you cook the best Paleo food. It contains more than 350 recipes and covers everything you'll need.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Guilt

Do you have a sweet tooth that you just can't shake? Do you continually feel like poo in the wake of enjoying some of your most favorite treats? All things considered, pastries have such an awful notoriety, we have come to accept that sweets ruin our weight control plans, our figures and even our lives. Then again, this is basically not correct, the pastries themselves aren't at fault, its the low quality, intensely transformed fixings that they are made of, for example dairy items and wheat flour.

Paleo's Chocolate Cranberry Pie Ingredients

Lets take a look at the Paleo Chocolate Cranberry Pie. It has the following ingredients:

-Almond Flour
-Coconut Oil
-Coconut Milk
-Cocoa and

Paleo's Chocolate Cranberry Pie Health Benefits

  Not to awful right? Actually, each of these parts has various health profits, I will just name a couple.

Almond Flour: is an extraordinary non-gluten elective and might be utilized to make a mixture of solid deserts and sustenances. Almond flour serves to decrease cholesterol which thusly brings down the possibilities of having coronary illness or strokes. It is likewise high in magnesium and cell reinforcements.

Coconut Oil: serves to bring down the danger of high cholesterol and coronary illness. It incorporates fattening acids that helps the form discharge abundance weight. Coconut Oil likewise assists with processing and counteracts stomach and digestive framework identified diseases. It additionally accelerates the recuperating process for harmed tissue.

Coconut Milk: has extraordinary hostile to viral, against microbial and hostile to contagious lands. It is additionally handy for sore throats and ulcers. It is known for boosting the insusceptible framework.

Eggs: are handy for vision. They are high in animo acids and protein. They are additionally useful for the cerebrum, anxious framework, and cardiovascular framework. In conclusion, in opposition to mainstream thinking, eggs don't lead the high cholesterol, actually, they can enhance your heart health.

Cocoa: is full of cancer prevention agents. It's additionally full of magnesium and copper which are useful for the circulatory strain and heart. Cocoa can additionally be utilized treat looseness of the bowels and intestinal issues too.

Cranberries: are generally used to avert and treat urinary contaminations and stomach ulcers. They are likewise an exceptional wellspring of cancer prevention agents and serves to counteract the creation of plaque on the teeth.

So I trust you get the picture. The Paleo Recipe Book gives astounding choices for getting the same extraordinary tastes of your top choice sweets, without the harmfulness and blame. Assuming that your gonna consume a cranberry pie, why not consume one that is sound.

Hey, My name is Zoran and I am heartfelt about health and fitness. I delight in offering my examination and experience to the individuals who are intrigued by administering a solid lifestyle. I am a dance lover for an organization that energizes all encompassing health and well-being and I am additionally an ensured aggregation health specialist. Click the link to see more about how Paleo Recipe Book can help you get in shape characteristically while reveling in the sustenance you cherish.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Future fast computers

Computer experts have announced that they will soon make quantum computers, which are able to count hundredfold and thousandfold faster than ordinary computers.

This computer provides an opportunity to meteorological forecasts during several months in advance and up to 100 percent correct! A quantum bit or Kubit called not only the smallest unit of information storage in a quantum computer, but the "heart" of the device of the future. Kubit a narrow loop of metal, which at low temperature becomes a superconductor, and its size is 10-20 microns, and the two cleft of the gaps.

To Kubit become a true mathematical genius, should be introduced in the working quantum state. This is achieved by cooling the temperature close to absolute zero, about minus 273 degrees Celsius, and then followed by the placement of a weak magnetic field.

Cubits exist in a quantum state in the one-millionth of a second, but in that moment arrived to process hundreds of operations. Russian scientists have made ​​a breakthrough in the information technology. In the laboratory MISiS University (former Moscow Institute of Steel and brass), they try and measure superconducting quantum bit or Kubit - as it is called by experts - keeping the basic unit of quantum information.

The project, headed by Alexei Ustinov, received a grant of five million dollars during the competition, which was announced by the Ministry of Education and Science, according to the Voice of Russia. As part of the project at the National Research University of Technology MISiS new laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment, which enabled the organization unique experiments.

Russian scientists plan to experiment with manipulating the quantum state of one, then a few cubits. This makes them one step closer to creating the future of computers.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Diet for a flat stomach

Diet for a flat stomach
This diet is designed for women who want to lose weight around the waist and upper body. In a week can lose two to four pounds.

Accentuated waist was advantage of many beauties of the silver screen, such as Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, but today few women who can boast that, regardless of whether it is thin or overweight. The deposits of fat in the belly area is caused by improper diet and several hours sitting, which weakens the abdominal muscles. To "sculpted" waist and preserve good health, you should walk more and exercise, and to avoid foods that deposited on the stomach, such as meat products, fatty cheeses, sweets, salty snacks, pastries ...

This diet is designed for women who want to lose weight around the waist and upper body. Daily menu contains about 1,300 calories, for a week can lose two to four pounds. It is important to eat a unrefined vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, grape seed, soybean, palm ...) as well as herbs such as fresh parsley, dill, basil, oregano ... In addition to the main meal, every day should have brunch twice - the morning snack is best to be a fruit of your choice or a glass of freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables. Afternoon have a cup of yogurt or eat a handful of nuts or olives.


Breakfast: a cup of coffee and a bowl of whole grains with fresh fruit
Lunch: 100 g of spaghetti in tomato sauce, 200 g salad of mixed vegetables (grated celery, green Send, tomato).

Dinner: 100 g of white chicken meat, 250 g of cooked vegetables (zucchini, spinach, chard), a slice of whole grain bread.


Breakfast: a cup of green tea, 150 g of freshly squeezed carrot juice, a cup of low-fat yogurt, a slice of whole grain bread.

Lunch: 200 g cabbage salad, 70 g of pasta with vegetables.

Dinner: vegetable soup servings, 80 g of boiled beef,
2 boiled potatoes.


Diet for a flat stomachBreakfast: a cup of coffee, 1 boiled egg and toast.

Lunch: 100 g boiled rice, grilled vegetables 100 g, 150 g boiled spinach, a slice of whole grain bread.

Dinner: 100 g roast veal seasoned with lemon juice, 200 g of cooked spinach and toast.


Breakfast: a cup of green tea, cereal servings of fresh fruit and yogurt.
Lunch: 100 g of pasta mixed with 50 g zucchini sautéed in a pan with the onion, 200 g of salad made of boiled carrots and potatoes.

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled, boiled spinach, 100 g and 200 g of boiled vegetables of your choice, a slice of whole grain bread.


Breakfast: a cup of coffee, 3 slices of whole grain bread buttered butter and honey or jam.
Lunch: 100 g spaghetti with seafood, 250 g salad with tomato and cucumber seasoned with oregano.

Dinner: 200g grilled fish, 200 g of cooked vegetables (corn, carrots, potatoes), a slice of whole grain bread.


Breakfast: a cup of green tea, serving cereal with fresh fruit. 

Lunch: 200 g of pasta in tomato sauce and 200 g of salad made ​​of fresh vegetables of your choice. 

Dinner: vegetable soup, tuna 150 g, 150 g of cooked spinach, a slice of whole grain bread.


Breakfast: a cup of green tea and toast with honey 3.
Lunch: 100 g spaghetti with grilled zucchini and onions, 200 g of fresh vegetables.

Dinner: 150 g veal seasoned with rosemary grilled, 200 g of mashed potatoes.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Devices that are disappearing due to smartphones

Only slightly larger than the palm, and are responsible for as many items that we have years of good and faithful service in an emergency procedure retired. Some have completely forgotten. Others are still dimly remember. Who is next on the hit list?

Smart phones with their development and winning the hearts of customers caused 'mass slaughter' of other devices that are up to their arrival were an integral part of our lives.

Suffice it to recall the earlier time ten years ago, when cell phones still have small screens and were used only for making phone calls and sending text messages.

Today these basic functions in the background, and each new generation smart phone is equipped with new features and capabilities that threaten another player from our home.

But let's start from the beginning.


The younger ones probably only know from movies of the term 'little black book'. The older ones will recall leather booklet in which they enroll addresses and phone numbers of friends and business associates.

The advent of cell phones, and then the smart phone, the address book is moved from paper to digital form and completely disappeared from their desks and out of the bag.

Today, only a few remember phone numbers, physical and electronic addresses, and if they happen to lose your mobile device, created panic.

Alarm Clock

alarm clock
Rare are those who still have an alarm clock on his bedside table. And its role was taken over smart phone.

Instead of piercing sounds that woke half the neighborhood, now users can wake up to any song or sound you choose.

In addition, thanks to the application, the smart phone can remind them of important events or meetings at any time of day.

No more
excuse for forgetting or delays.  


Although some still in their cars have GPS navigation devices that guide them through unfamiliar areas, the fact is that more and more people rely on the navigation application in your smartphone.

Google Maps, and now Apple Maps have enabled users to at all times have a personal navigator in his pocket and found their final destination.

Additional plus smart phone is easier to update maps and navigation for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as updating traffic conditions and road works.


For years, high-quality watch was a status symbol. Today, it has become almost unnecessary.

Even those who wear it often reach for a smartphone to check the date or time, and the clock serves as a fashion accessory.

Wristwatch in the game to be able to return to a 'smart' release if all companies recently announced the production of smart watches benefit from their work.

Smart sat in this case was a hybrid between a smartphone and watch.

Fixed phone

Fixed phone
Data show that the growth of the number of people who do not have a fixed telephone line.

The reason for this is the lack of infrastructure, but the fact that in almost every household there is at least one mobile phone, and often more.

If each household has its own mobile phone, fixed phone becomes redundant, except as a decorative item and a reminder of the time when the tense waiting for it to ring.

In this category we can include and telephones that are coming from mobile phones have become redundant.

After all, do you know where your nearest telephone?

Radio, walkman, CD player and MP3 player

No matter if you listen to the radio or album of your favorite singer in the current era for this you need only your mobile phone and headset.

So one unit replaced radio, popular walkman, portable CD player and MP3 player.
Today, it is enough to connect the mobile phone to the Internet in a few finger strokes to reach hundreds of songs, movies, series or radio.
On your smartphone, you can watch TV while you wait in the bank or when everyone is looking for something else.

Camcorders and Cameras

Until a few years ago at the annual holiday are carrying a digital camera and a digital camera so you can capture fun moments.

Today is enough to bring a smart phone and provide enough space on the memory card.
Most smartphones have a lens that is better than the average digital camera, and thanks to additional applications photography can be processed immediately on the phone and are within a few minutes to send anyone.
The same is true for video recording. Just press a button, or just drag your finger across the screen a few times and already have a video camera in his hands.


Well, the smart phone may not be so soon replace the entire wallet, but it is well on its way to replace cash and credit cards.

Payment by NFC and applications for m-banking is slowly but surely physically ejected from the use of money.
You might not be able to throw your credit and bank cards, but the market is more and more applications that enable the digitization of these cards and payments through a smartphone.
In addition, the wallet you may have forgotten at home that way, but the mobile phone is probably not to drop out of hand.


A new generation of smart phones are all faster and stronger, and by their ability to measure and with computers.

Smart phones have all the stronger graphics card, all larger screens, and with a little practice and a few extra applications on them, you can do almost everything on the computer.
Experts predict that smartphones and tablets in the not too distant future to completely replace computers.
So do the smart phone with quad-core processor does not sound more like a computer than a phone?
As the smart phones continue to be developed, there will be some devices off the dustbin of history. Pension smiles consoles for gaming, but also keys for cars. Only a matter of time.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mens dilemma: Cars or girls

It has long been known that the good cars and beautiful women produce almost exactly the same reaction in men. Psychologists and psychiatrists explain as irritation and activating the same brain centers, but without the annoying and cumbersome explanations.

I personally have never experienced an erection looking at a car or thinking about it, but more than once I felt butterflies in my stomach because of the piece of metal on four wheels, but for females.

This then causes various comparisons between car-woman. We can debate on this subject for a long time, but they definitely SUVs are chubby girls, Roadsters - a topless girl, little GTI models - cute kid, a large executive sedans are always reminded me of MILF ladies. Somehow, whenever I see a Mercedes S class I think of
Kim Basinger.

Just like that are the top beauties. Smart, handsome, erotic and beautiful they are GT models of the human form and the two legs. It is equally difficult to obtain, just as expensive and tricky to maintain and equally striking, they are the dream of every man. Even the design of the car similar to the female body. The long hood as long legs, tall and short tail female background as a high waist and forms a hip ... Just look at the Jaguar XKR, Aston DBS and Maserati GranTurismo, and you will be all clear. Each of these cars has its counterpart in human form and I'd like Aston DBS hooked up with Charlize Theron and Maserati with Monica Belluci, but the taste is nothing to discuss, and I'm sure everyone has their favorites.

However, here we are on the threshold of great questions, and that is - if the car is surpassed man, whether he became superior creation, and whether in relation man-machine, in fact, weakest link?  

In fact, when you are relationship with top beautie this is not magically as you envision. She is often nervous, pain the ass, all her mind, not in the mood and not for sex. She got a bunch trips from adolescence, in which some are smaller complex or paranoiac. I do not agree best with your family, do not submit your simple and primitive friends, I've got nothing to wear and able to spend your fortune just for one night. There is no way that she will watch football or car race on TV with you. You're never quite sure that it does not fly with someone else, and that will not leave you for a richer guy. Maybe not as pretty without makeup, maybe not so good in bed, you may have a nasty tone of voice and ugly toes. The latter is, in the words of one of my friends foot fetishist, a very serious thing. If you go to her banging "counter" defend your male human rights and try to explain to her that the kitchen is the natural habitat of a woman (no matter how nice), you can be sure that she will go faster than it came. 

None of these problems you have with a car. Top GT model will never refuse a call for rush or hard core soft porn boulevard pampering. He will never leave you for another, he will never tell coddle stories of other cars, never look into shop windows and ask you for money, a couple of tires will wear only once. Leather interior will always be met with heated seats to suit you and your music will always be to your liking. Grand Turismo coupe will look just as good in the morning and in the evening or after a nasty hangover. It will not nag you and will not mind if it nervous to drive away in the "homeland" in the conversation. 

The point is that the cars that category become truly perfect vehicles. No more talk of poor quality and delicate finish, the owners of these cars used to suffer for the sake of exclusivity and prestige. Modern GT models are uptight and reliable. Perfectly balanced with tons of horses under the hood that are perfectly suited to gallop autobahn or lagging in the column on the traffic light. With a bunch of electronics that keeps you from yourself, and sufficient usable space to meet most everyday tasks. As long as they pour petrol, oil and water, they will blindly listen and be a perfect companion.

Because of this, the question is what is the ultimate male accessory? Beauty or GT car? What's better, what's more beautiful, what is more consistent in its appearance and impression, which is cheaper, with which it enjoys more and thus making it easier to live? If something have to wear a dress, what would it be? The car or the girl?

Monday, May 27, 2013

10 tips how to look younger naturally

how to look younger naturallyyour skin look and feel younger for longer. Many will spend their hard earned money(and life savings) on cosmetic surgery involving needles and expensive procedures to get younger looking skin, if only they knew you can take years off of your appearance without having to go under the knife and by just making a few simple changes! These tips and tricks will help you maintain smooth, toned skin year after year.
This article talks about 5 quick fixes you can make to your day to day life to help
1. Avoid refined sugar snacks and foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates
By consuming lots of refined sugars, this triggers a process called glycation which causes sugar molecules to attach themselves to proteins. Although this may not seem like a problem, this results in harmful new proteins forming called "AGEs" (advanced glycation end-products) that cause harm to all cells in our bodies.
Refined sugars also make our collagen proteins more rigid. By having rigid collagen cells in our skin this reduces elasticity that our skin cells need to stay supple and younger looking. By lacking collagen, wrinkles and creases will begin to form on your outer skin. 
2. Sleep on your back
Although this might sound strange, sleeping on your back actually helps you to avoid wrinkles. Those of us that sleep on our sides put unnecessary pressure on our facial skin and can cause it to crease and wrinkle. Back sleepers wake up, are able to look in the mirror and see a crease and line free face. This is because there is no pillow pushing up against their skin all night. Sleeping on your back can also prevent "cleavage wrinkles" in women.
3. A good nights sleep
Whilst we are away with the fairies counting sheep, this is the time our bodies produce human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is responsible for the majority of our youthful characteristics. It helps keep skin smooth and supple, our hair soft, and our energy levels high. We produce this important hormone more whilst we are asleep and even more during the deeper stages of our sleep cycle. This unfortunately means, if our sleep is interrupted, we won't produce as much of this important hormone as it should. A good night's sleep also gives the appearance of vitality and improves our skin's colour and tone.

4. Sleep 6-to-8 hours every night
When you don't get enough sleep you are more likely to become fatigued and stressed out and when you get fatigued and stressed out…

Your body will release a hormone called cortisol that damages your skin and Not getting enough sleep leads to red & puffy eyes and you can easily look many years younger by getting into the habit of getting 6-to-8 hours of sleep each night or at the very least…

Take a vacation where you can relax more, sleep more and reduce stress to look many years younger.

"When I drink too much alcohol, go on a few hours of sleep, don't eat well, and don't sweat, I look five to ten years older" - Brooke Shields

5. Exfoliate 1-to-3 times a week
When you exfoliate your skin you are basically removing all the old ugly dead skin cells (along with all the nasty oil, dirt & germs) to instantly reveal your younger looking face plus…

    Exfoliation boost collagen production and since you've removed all the dead skin cells exfoliating…
    Exfoliation makes it easier for your skin to absorb any moisturizer or any other skin treatments you use for better results and you can start to look much younger if you use exfoliation products that contain antioxidants & retinoids but when you exfoliate…
    Make sure the particles in your exfoliating scrub are smooth and tiny and not too big and rough since they may actually damage your skin so…
    St. Ives Elements Microdermabrasion or SkinEffects Cell2Cell Anti-Aging Exfoliating Cleansing Scrub are some examples of good exfoliators and if exfoliating scrubs end up being too rough for your skin…
    You can still chemically exfoliate your skin using products containing glycolic or salicylic acid that also get rid of acne.

6. Get monthly chemical peels or microdermabrasion
A Chemical peel or microdermabrasion is an advanced form of exfoliation done by your dermatologist where the upper layer of skin is removed to stimulate more collagen production and also like regular exfoliation…

You'll look younger instantly after a Chemical peel or microdermabrasion but if you can't afford the monthly doctor visit then use an over-the-counter chemical peel like DermaNew

7. Get more moisture
You need to get more water or moisture into your skin to make your skin look more smooth and radiant and…

You simply need to use a moisturizer daily like Dove Deep Moisture Facial Lotion to keep water in your skin and to also prevent water from getting out of your skin and Moisturizing daily will immediately make you look much younger.

8. Get whiter teeth
People with yellow, stained or grayish teeth tend to look older so see how to make your teeth whiter to look younger.

9. Slather your skin with supplements
Retinol, a type of vitamin A (and a nonprescription, weaker-strength relative of Retin-A), is considered the most effective over-the-counter treatment to smooth the skin and prevent wrinkles, says David Colbert, MD, founder of the New York Dermatology Group and a member of the FITNESS advisory board, who practices in New York City. Retinols cause the skin to gently peel, revealing a silkier, rosier, and more supple layer. Dr. Perricone touts the benefits of alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body. "Alpha lipoic acid is a wonderful anti-aging mechanism," he says. It has been shown to reduce fine lines, improve skin texture, tighten pores, and give skin a general radiance.

Another powerful age-defying ingredient is madecassol, or madecassoside (found in La Roche-Posay's Redermic, available at select CVS locations), an Asian plant extract that helps plump the skin, minimize fine lines, and restore a youthful glow, says Dr. Colbert. Madecassol has been used in France for decades to help heal scars and wounds. European studies have also found that it helps diminish wrinkles, restores firmness to skin, and hydrates skin cells.

Try it! Look for skin creams containing retinols, such as La Roche-Posay's Biomedic Retinol Cream (available at dermatologists' offices) or RoC's Retinol Actif Pur Night (at drugstores). Use it only at night, since it doesn't include an SPF. Or try products containing alpha lipoic acid.

Another good way to ensure cell turnover, protect your skin against free radicals, and stimulate collagen growth is to apply vitamin C serum under your moisturizer and makeup, says Dr. Colbert. Some expert-approved choices: IS Clinical C & E Serum (available at dermatologists' and other specialists' offices), SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic (at dermatologists' offices), Noah's Naturals Honest to Goodness Anti-Oxidant Serum Gel (at select Wal-Mart locations), and Pond's Age defEYE Anti-Circle Anti-Puff Eye Therapy (at drugstores). Finally, be sure to use a broad-spectrum sunblock every day to protect against UVA and UVB rays, which cause aging and skin cancer. One we like: Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizing Cream with Mexoryl SX (available at select CVS locations).

10.Do mental aerobics

A study published in last December's Journal of the American Medical Association shows that brain exercises can prevent cognitive decline, and the benefits can last for as many as five years. In his own research, Dr. Small has found that a two-week program of mental training can actually rewire the brain. "We've seen evidence on brain scans that memory improves," he says.

Try it! Strengthen your mind every day by doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or Brain Games, a handheld electronic game developed by Dr. Small that uses numbers, sequences, and word play to condition the left and right spheres of the brain.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Canon EOS 550D review

Canon EOS Rebel T2i is also known as Canon EOS 550d in Europe. 

 I simply got this camera nowadays (finally associate degree accessible body solely since I even have no use for the kit lens) and that i am awed. I had done lots of analysis on this before shopping for it thus I knew what to expect in terms of each the massive upgrade problems furthermore because the very little tweaks they need done, a number of that prove to be very terrific. If you\'re coming back from another Canon the menus and interface are going to be habit. supported another terribly positive review simply denote, coming back from Nikon it is also a simple step. Here area unit some early observations

Canon EOS 550DThe Best:
A huge bump in ISO. This was one in all the 2 main reasons I upgraded from my creditworthy (and still good) XSI. I even have created some take a look at shots associate degreed despite increasing to an eighteen MP device the noise isn\'t abundant of a problem and that i shot many pics at ISO 3200 that look quite smart. I then shot some in 6400 that did begin to indicate some noise within the low light-weight however still created for serviceable photos. i\'m wanting forward to seeing what it\'ll do around a fire at associate degree coming habitation trip with my daughter! My XSI despite a F/2.8 lens couldn\'t do abundant thereupon within the past.

The other main draw on behalf of me was video. I dream of having the ability to bring only one camera to, say, film maker and have it do double duty and that i suppose this one might eff. So far, I even have solely shot a handful scenes in fairly low light-weight and focus could be a little bit of a challenge however by zooming in and permitting the camera to come back to focus before the shot it\'s manageable. I expect this to not be the maximum amount of a problem in brighter light-weight. take care to modify car focus throughout video within the menu - i believe it\'s disabled by default owing to the noise several lenses build with focusing as that might be recorded furthermore. I even have 2 USM / \"L\" lenses so shouldn\'t be a tangle on behalf of me however your mileage might vary. I additionally commit to attempt some manual focusing. confine mind that video clips for full 1080P thirty independent agency area unit restricted to regarding twelve minutes - I distressed regarding this slightly till i spotted that after I edit my videos shots area unit seldom longer than four minutes (and of that I typically keep simply two or less). That said, this camera isn\'t the one to settle on to record, say, a stage production. For that a frenzied video camera ready to record associate degree hour or a lot of at a time could be a should.

The Good:
Better Live read - Live read mode is currently way more accessible and in additional modes.

Sensor Size - eighteen MP device is good for cropping and taking full advantage of \"L\" glass if you have got it. aside from that, this is often not a significant draw from my perspective. i might even have most popular this be a twelve MP camera permitting low-noise nice pics to, say, over 20000 ISO.

Memory kind - This camera uses American state kind cards as well as the new ultrahigh capability cards. i do know it\'s alittle matter however i prefer having the ability to use the cards I even have instead of having to however some pricey CF cards (such as utilized by the 7D). confine mind that they advocate category half-dozen or higher cards for video (I got a handful sixteen GB category ten cards for regarding $40 every that ought to match the bill). i am going to use my older cards only for stills.

Stereo Mic Input - this enables the choice of employing a higher mic than the in-built mic. i\'ll ne\'er profit of that however i believe i will be able to, actually. Of course, inclusion of a stereo mic would are even better!

Misc - lots of very little things regarding this camera already impress ME. for instance, they enraptured the \"no flash\" setting on the most dial to right next to full car and my most used setting \"portrait\" mode and faraway from the way finish since they realised lots of individuals use it (that\'s in line with a video I saw on-line with a Canon employee). There area unit lots of very little touches like that that I even have already noticed .

The Bad: (really not thus unhealthy in several ways)
The build quality isn\'t 7D (which I even have simply handled at a store). The metallic element body thereon unhealthy boy simply makes it feel terribly solid and by comparison the T2i will feel not low cost however will feel light-weight. On the opposite hand less weight is nice (especially at places like Disney) and this camera is fittingly being tagged a \"baby 7D\" in terms of device chip, etc. Of course, having an additional $1000 in your pocket (or not on your charge card) is another large advantage over the 7D.

It is not a full frame camera. this implies there\'s a \"crop factor\" owing to the chip size that effectively multiplies by one.6 the focal distance of lens you\'re victimisation (as compared to thirty five metric linear unit film cameras or full-frame cameras just like the 5D Mk II. Since i used to be coming back from associate degree XSI that after all is additionally a smaller device on behalf of me there\'s no transition to create here.

In summary, i\'m more than happy with this purchase and expect this to be my camera body till my final camera is free (full frame, stereo mic, uses American state cards, useable ISO to >100,000 all for underneath $1000 - i do know, i do know this is often be} a phantasy currently however associate degree (old) child can dream, can\'t he?)

UPDATE: I even have had this camera for a handful weeks currently and have had the chance to shoot many photos and quite an few videos. i\'m still terribly affected. Stills area unit nice and therefore the focusing is markedly improved over the XSI. the sole foggy shots i purchase area unit once panning to follow my dogs running among trees - to the device the trees appear to be moving and area unit deemed the topic - stopping down the lens to extend DOF (or simply taking an entire bunch of pictures) is that the simple fix.

Now, concerning video. it\'s more difficult than i assumed to use a DSLR camera for video. this is often a lot of associate degree engineering science issue with the shape issue for the camera than any issue with the T2i itself. Video is after all composed by gazing the LCD screen so the camera should be control out a little degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} - and with the load of an honest lens it gets pretty serious in distinction to typical small camcorders of nowadays. puzzling over it, trendy video cameras have gotten to the current stage of evolution when over twenty years (anyone keep in mind the previous VHS camcorders?), thus i suppose it\'s to be expected there would be a distinction. Focus isn\'t fast am passionate about it is with an honest video camera however appears best achieved to ME anyway with manual focus. The large, bright LCD screen helps during this regard. the standard of the ensuing video is great. though i do not see this as exchange my Sony HD video camera for day-after-day associate degreed vacation recording I do suppose that it\'ll be useable to require the role of each still and video camera throughout an coming trip to film maker. I additionally suspect as i purchase a lot of wont to it that the convenience of use can increase more and maybe in some unspecified time in the future it\'ll be my solely video camera. Overall, this is often a good product and that i stay more than happy.

Thanks to all for the regeneration on this review! i\'m change when several months with this nice camera. I even have taken thousands of images and still be astonished at the standard. The T3i is currently setting out and to ME seems to be an equivalent camera with a handful upgrades. One feature which can be of interest is that the ability to trigger external flash units from the camera itself (the T2i cannot do this); however i believe the majority shooting within the studio can have that coated in another method already. i believe the foremost exciting feature of the T3i is associate degree articulating LCD screen on the rear. If you intend to use this camera for lots of video this might be definitely worth the further price. Please note that almost all of the constraints in my review on top of for T2i still apply, however. i\'m hoping for a few technique of speedy optical device on a future model. If like ME you shoot principally stills and use the video \"in a pinch\" or once you need terribly top quality video - then my recommendation would be to urge the T2i and place the cash saved into a pleasant prime lens or maybe place it away for a few \"L\" glass zooms. This camera works nice with the 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8 zooms, by the way, the mix on behalf of me is unbeatable.

As a aspect note, if you happen to possess any sixteen GB category ten American state cards from AData (as I did) please investigate reviews before trusting them with the recording of any necessary photos / video.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Sensor DIGIC 4 Image Processor Full-HD Movie Mode Digital SLR Camera with a 3.0-Inch LCD and Dedicated Movie Button (Body Only)

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