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Monday, May 28, 2012

Waste threatens us from space

The search for ways to "clean up" the universe of the lurking danger - dead satellites, rocket parts ... Around the Earth "fly" 22 000 pieces of waste are often larger than 10 inches.

Waste is a growing problem not only on Earth but in space, which has accumulated "forest" litter of dead satellites and rocket parts and debris caused by the collision of larger pieces. Approximately 22,000 pieces of debris, most of which are larger than 10 inches, moving at high speed, posing a danger for all with which they come into contact.

- The space station would be completely wiped out if they hit any of these pieces - said Donald Kessler, a former scientist, NASA, and one of the foremost international experts specifically for this question.

Kesler was first started thinking about space junk back as 1970. when dealing with parts asteorid and comets, and the risk that represented the spaceship "Apollo". While investigating the "crash" the asteroid, the scientist from North Carolina noted that, sooner or later, and satellites from Earth orbit to begin to collide and create a new waste, and NASA, realizing the danger, set up a special office to monitor motion of cosmic garbage.

Calculation Kessler 1978th , in one of the most important works on this subject, showed that only since 1966. to 1976. The amount of debris increased by 13 percent a year, to begin the new millennium has brought "waste zone" as a new threat to satellites. Accidents, however, that each space as a result of a collision is to create thousands of new pieces, which is a threat of future crash increases exponentially. As long as low Earth orbit becomes a "no-fly zone" for the spacecraft.

Today is Earth's orbit, notes British Bi-Bi-Si, turned into a sort of dump flying parts that move as "zombies" without an adequate way to be removed. Three years ago, the Pentagon has indeed formed a team that is considering various proposals for the removal of space junk. On the table were included spacecraft equipped with magnets to attract waste, "vacuum" in the form of umbrellas, as well as space "trucks" that could drag waste into Earth orbit, where it was burned.

The idea is missing, as is the case with money. Unresolved is the question of who is generally responsible for the removal of space garbage - a country that launches satellites, or applied for a cosmic "utility" services. Meanwhile, landfills are expanding and threatening.


When China's 2007th The test performed by the destruction of the old weather satellites, it has turned into wastes 150 000 particles the size of a centimeter. Two years later the Russian communications satellite "Kosmos" collided with another satellite, creating thousands of pieces of which one has caused shock in the general average Mređunarodnu space station.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Americans make projects for the control of the world

DARPA in the United States has for decades engaged in the wildest things as they are the future. Operate outside the law, with a large budget, and devise how to "surprise the enemy".

In one of the many American TV series devoted to science fiction, the U.S. government provides a small group of researchers to the task, using the craziest technology, invent "unimaginable" things of which their country has benefited.

DARPA, an acronym which hides behind the U.S. Agency for advanced research projects for the defense, it is this. Along with a real, not in the television world, which has an annual budget of $ 3.2 billion and more than a hundred "weird" researchers who work for her.

The whole project was launched 1958th the last century in response to the Soviet program "Sputnik" and as "prevention strategic surprises that might jeopardize national security." From then until today, DARPA has evolved, and the description of the reasons why there is added the definition of "creating technology that will surprise our enemies." For this to 240 employees, of which 140 technicians who "live" in the world of the future, imagining, working and experimenting with what is unthinkable for ordinary people.

Either way, this is where they discovered numerous revolutionary technologies. For example, without which it is impossible to imagine life today - the network of computers connected through the communication channels that allow data exchange - was designed precisely in this agency. Just like "hypertext", which allows you to set "Link", and the mouse click is enough to walk from one to another term. A project "Arpanet" in 1969. was the forerunner of today's Internet.

One reason for successful business lies in the fact that DARPA is "outside the law." This acts as a joke, but it is certainly true that the Agency is exempt from the strict adherence to administrative restrictions complained of many other government organizations. Thus, unlike the others, it may enter into transactions with companies specialized civilian and gets what they want from the best. I was responsible only and directly to the top of the Ministry of Defence.

Quickly, clearly ... Another peculiarity of the agency's effectiveness. Projects can not stretch on forever, the idea of ​​eventual realization passes between two and four years.

Since a few years ago DARPA is located in Arlington, Virginia. Only a few kilometers away from the Pentagon.

Currently, DARPA is working on several projects that look like science fiction, and many more before them was unthinkable at the beginning, and now ...

1. SYNTHETIC BLOOD - The idea was to help American soldiers who were wounded on battlefields far from home, but the need for liquid flowing vein is large and without war.

2. FLYING SUBMARINE - So far this was conceivable only in the comics, but the "weirdos" in Arlington believe that such a thing is impossible. And not only military but also for civilian purposes.

 3. INSECTS ON REMOTE - Remember that Bin Laden was hiding in caves to which even she could not fly. E, DARPA is working on the flying-insect robots that no one can escape. They are not just being from a famous film that Tom Cruise, but not far from it.

4. MATERIAL TO FORM - In the movie "Terminator 2" the bad guy is made of metal which is shaped according to his humanoid form. DARPA working on a project to create material that will mold to the shape of an item. For example, an antenna that would automatically search for the best most effective form of broadcasting, depending on the location of the.

5. CAR FOR THE BLIND - It seems impossible but ... if you connect the non-visual sensors (like laser) with indicators of contact (such as gloves that vibrate when a blind driver reminded of the need to draw), that those who can not see behind the wheel.

6. SENSORS FOR UNDERGROUND - Who's been hid, hid it, because if this project comes to life either land or rocks will not be able to hide anyone. Special sensors penetrate everywhere, no more secrets.

 7. SMART DEVICES - Artificial arms are the only chance for those who lose that part of the body, but now DARPA wants to link the artificial body parts directly to the brain, which would also have to control it just like a real one.

8. ROBOTS THAT WALK - The Agency has failed to produce robots that move and balance as well as animals. Although most are like dogs without heads, these robots are in terms continuing walking up the techniques so far managed to achieve.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 is a small and light USB-powered document scanner that manages to keep many—but not all—of the features found in its popular desktop siblings.

It also lacks an automatic document feeder, so you must load each sheet of a multi-page document individually. Unlike the rest of the ScanSnap lineup, the S1100 is a simplex scanner, meaning it scans only one side of a sheet of paper at a time. To lessen the pain, the S1100 will append multiple pages into the same document until you tell it to complete the scan job.

The S1100 offers 600 dots-per-inch optical resolution and scans in color, grayscale, and monochrome; the scanner switches modes as it automatically detects the type of page its scanning. You can save files as JPEG, PDF and searchable PDF. The S1100 is not TWAIN compliant.

The S1100 comes with Abbyy FineReader OCR software that allows you to scan documents directly to Mircrosoft Word and Excel (scan to PowerPoint is only available on Windows). Additionally, the S1100 can send scans directly to Evernote and Google Docs.

When you insert a sheet, the ScanSnap S1100 grabs and aligns it. For heavier stock and photos, close the flap and the documents exit straight out the back—keep in mind that if you’re scanning multiple documents, you’ll need enough space in front and back of the S1100 to accommodate two lengths of paper To save desk space, you can flip down a small flap and have your documents exit upwards and back towards you. To scan a document, pages or photos are fed one at a time through a front slot. Then you simply push the large, illuminated blue button and the S1100 moves the sheet through the device.

In my tests with the S1100, it took about 7 seconds for an 8-by-10 photo scan at 150 dpi, 200 dpi, and 300 dpi. A text-searchable PDF took around 10 seconds using default settings Choosing the highest (600 dpi) setting increased the scan time to 22 seconds.

Our grayscale resolution test target scan showed four-point text to be legible, diagonal lines were clean, but moire patterns showed up relatively early in the converging lines tests Scan quality was good enough for its main purpose (digitizing paper documents) but its photo and grayscale line art scans can’t compete with flatbed scanners that are designed to handle a wider variety of documents, photos, and sometimes transparencies. S1100 photo scans were dark and overly saturated, but not bad.

My buying advice
It offers easy-to-use presets for scanning to Microsoft Office applications as well as cloud services like Evernote and Google Docs, but its single-sheet, single-sided scanning could turn digitizing mulit-page documents into a tedious task For anyone looking for a light-duty, portable document scanner, the ScanSnap S1100 is worth a look.

Amazon Price for Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100 is $194.99 with FREE Super Saver Shipping.

Monday, May 7, 2012

When should you change job?

Although this topic is nowadays extremely inappropriate, because they are happy with any job, let alone to think about changing jobs because you are not satisfied with it, sometimes to know where and why draw the line.

Wages and poor long-term position with the unchanged situation in the scale of progress are the main reasons why you should change jobs. However, in these times when you're not sure you even have a job tomorrow, it would be pretty irresponsible of us to advise you - Banish and looking for something else. However, if you are determined to work on that you can not stay longer then the second option you choose - you are looking for something else, and only leave when you find it. Do not risk it.

Besides, you need a job change and a few others, not so radical reasons caused situations.

Who you're such a

Poor poor environment affects you. It is a fact. If you're surrounded by incompetent and negative people, people with no creativity, hope and perspective make sure that you will become such. Drowning is always pulling each other on the bottom. Save yourselves from this shipwreck.


Do you remember your first day on the job? Do you remember your ideals, goals and plans? Your decisions? What is with them today? Bad company, firm tone pulls you along. The bottom is getting closer, all the stars on. Breaking the Chains, and try to re-attain its star. We know very well that 90% of these targets unrealistic and unattainable, but a man who goes through life not aspiring to any goal, live in vain.

They cost you money and time

And time is money, and if you throw throwing time and money. Can you afford such a luxury. According to one theory, the ideal time for retention in the workplace, where some time is not advancing two years. If after those two or maximum three years of your site, or status, it does not materially change - modify. Also, it is always good to change two jobs. Only after a second job to understand what it is, how it works and how much work and sacrifice required.

Cash in of his work

The most important lesson you must learn is to learn, rewarding their work. This, unfortunately, goes with age, but do not worry, eventually you will know exactly what your price and your confidence is growing more, you will need less time to distinguish. You just never wait too long. Not ashamed to say how much you're worth, even in local currency.


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