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Monday, January 28, 2013

The myth of Eldorado gold live again

What is truth and what is myth in the story of the lost city of riches. Visits to the treasures that are not related to the end, but for a man to have confirmed recent research.

Times of crisis have again revived the myth of gold Eldorado. South American Indian legend, oral tradition that has assumed proportions of the myth of a lost, golden paradise, Eldorado, has led many conquistador in the rainforest and mountains of South America during the 15th and 16 century.

Their search ended in the discovery of the New World countries, but never Eldorado, and they eventually transformed a symbol of the dream of a desired but unattainable.

Recent archaeological studies, however, have cast a new light on the whole story. Confirmation that Eldorado means "golden man", not a "golden place" (sp. El indio dorado - Indian gold, sp. Dorado El Rey - The King of Gold), showed not only from the new angle of an ancient Indian beliefs, but and launched a new type of "gold rush".

The myth of Eldorado born around the 1530th in the Colombian Andes, where Gonzalo Jimenez de conquistador Quesada found Muisko Indians tribes. The story which I heard from Indian elders quickly spread and took on mythic dimensions. It was a story about the golden Eldorado man, not in gold, but its expansion and beautification transformed the myth of Eldorado, a rich kingdom, the king of gold.

The transformation of the myth the legend, the king of gold by the end of gold, had a great influence on European conquistador, especially Spaniards. Fascinated by the story, Francisco de Gonzalo Pizarro and Oreljana the 1541st led an expedition during which they did not find El Dorado, but they discovered Amazon.

Expedition 1541-1545. German Baron Philip von Hutena looking for Eldorado led him to Venezuela. In the 1569th Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada organized the expedition that started in Bogota. English nobleman Sir Walter Rowley continued pursuit 1595, and his book is placed Eldorado somewhere along the Orinoco (Venezuela today). This place was on the cards sailors and explorers, as long as its absence did not prove Alexander von Humboldt.

Although the Spanish never found Eldorado, yet they amassed great treasures seized by the Indians of South and Central America. Gold that were taken back to Spain was so significant that shook the country's economy.

Search for Eldorado Europeans did not, therefore, would be completely without merit. Historical documents and archaeological discoveries have agreed on the usual story Musika that begins after the death of the ruler of the enthronement ceremony of the new, usually his nephew, who in a special ritual, totally naked, but covered with gold dust and gold ornate decorations, items for worship of the precious metal and gems - throwing them into the lake.

One of these sacred objects, a device with a small gold figurines, found in 1969. in a cave south of Bogota. Similar items were found in the waters of the lakes in this part of the world, which the Indians considered sacred, they found not only the specific alloy of gold Tumbaga, "tailor-made" of gold, silver and copper, but also an extraordinary technique of making Europe what that time is not known.

The notion that this nation is almost half its total gold production was offering as a gift to the gods, believing that by contributing to the harmony of society Muiska, it became the "trigger" for the invasion of Europeans in Eldorado. For the gold that Muiske watched as the spiritual value of the Europeans who went in it recognized only material value.

Desperate hunt for gold, for which they have over the centuries many of them left their lives in the South American wilderness, revived again. Former clash of civilizations around the different views on the value of gold, now turned into a battle of archaeologists who want to preserve the legacy of the ancient nation of thieves and ready for anything to get their hands on that golden treasures.

The molten civilization

Seventies thieves they reached such quantities of gold, in northern Colombia that caused the earthquake of this metal in the market, as it sometimes happened in Spain. Most of these cases were melted, which was destroyed forever their significance valuable data about the ancient civilization. What is, however, preserved in the museums of Bogota and London, testifies not only to the beliefs of the ancients, differing views on gold, but it is also a valuable addition to the truth in the myth of Eldorado.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hiroshima of nature

All limits "extreme" weather events will be broken and relocated further, experts warn. Forecasters add new color to the map, snow snow in Middle East.

What is God sinned Australians, so that on its southern hemisphere, in the middle of January, as well as roasted on a spit? A country that considers itself lucky otherwise - and how could it not, when one of the richest, most recently with record unemployment of 5.4 percent - this summer (our winter) experienced the greatest heat in history. And, according to insider, yet to be seen ...

And in the northern hemisphere - snow, where his place is. White blanket and saw in Jerusalem. In Syria, the shooting stopped briefly due snowball fight. Everyone agrees that the climate is not quite the same as some time ago, and clearly they were to be changed, but there are still skeptics who doubt the theory of global warming.

Because of the temperature, the Australian forecasters have had to add new color to your folders - prune. In other words: Run for your lives who can. The whole scale weather has been moved. Temperature cataclysm occurred across Australia, the country (again) fires devastated.

- All the limits of what is now considered the extreme, this year will be shifted - said the head of the Australian office for monitoring climate change David Jones.

UN Panel on Climate Change recently announced, claiming 90-percent certainty that the heat waves coming years will be getting longer and more frequent, and the same goes for other extreme weather events, such as high tides, hurricanes, gale force winds, floods, landslides, drought ... The country will be thirsty especially in Europe and North and Central America, and South Africa.

- The future is already here, and the hot - he wrote in a commentary for the "Washington Post" James Hansen, director of NASA's space exploration. - When I was 1988th The testimony before the Senate in the future, what we bring to our planet and climate change, I painted a gray picture of the permanent consequences of temperature increase due to the use of fossil fuels. I was over optimistic.

According to this expert, extreme weather events will be more frequent. Hansen asked to lead a "green policy" to the new ecological enlightenment could reduce the serious consequences of climate effects, but also to lead the world forward, creating new jobs. It's difficult, however, goes in hand with extremism of any kind. And some argue that there is such a concern for the environment - extremism. Thus, the Czech President Vaclav Klaus spoke of a greater scourge of communism and fascism - "environmentalism".

The world began to search for the "successor" Kyoto Protocol, the document that created the obligation of industrialized countries to limit emissions of "deserving" to create a greenhouse effect. So far, 191 countries had signed and ratified the document, the U.S. has signed but not ratified, and Canada withdrew from the agreement 2011th These two "beacon of democracy" from the Anglo-Saxon world in the company of Afghanistan, Andorra and South Sudan independent only.

People with advanced environmental awareness in America mainly pointing at "The Usual Suspects" and "bad guys" when things of general interest in the issue, Republicans. Through the "Washington Post", a professor, Naomi Oreskas, University of California, San Diego, calls President Obama (Democrat) to respond - as did Franklin Roosevelt with the atomic bomb! She proposes that the head of state mobilizes scientists through the U.S. system of national laboratories. There's a good precedent: when scientists warned Roosevelt that the Germans were on their way to make nuclear weapons, the president has launched a "Manhattan Project" and his successor Truman could first try a new "toy" superpower in Hiroshima.

Professor Oreskas suggests that the president mobilize scientists to seek answers on how to reduce climate change or mitigate their consequences. This danger is not as immediate as the Hitler's atomic bomb, but the long term consequences could be equally devastating. The question is - Do people have almost divine power to rule the sun, currents, winds?


It seems that on 21 span a period of meteorological disasters opposite direction from those in the formula "Cold Kills old" ("Cold kills the old"), to which the world is accustomed to - the London "Guardian" recalls the heat wave of 2003. in Europe killed 40,000 people, and that in Russia due to the heat of the 2010th off 50,000 lives.


BRITISH Weather Service announced that the 2013th be one of the warmest years, perhaps even among the ten warmest since 1850. This does not mean that literally, in every region of the world will be warmer than the historical average. So far, otherwise, 2011. ranked as the warmest year, in 2012. is in ninth place.

Monday, January 14, 2013

IQ does not exist

Research conducted on 100,000 volunteers shows that the measurement of the level of intelligence and quite absurd that there is no IQ, and that concept is completely false.

New research shows that measuring the level of intelligence and quite absurd that there is no IQ and that the concept of "intelligence quotient" completely incorrectly, according to a survey whose results were reported by health portal Greatest.

The study included one hundred thousand volunteers who worked intelligence test, recording capacity of memory, reasoning, concentration, planning skills ... In addition, some of the respondents agreed that their brains were being scanned by MRI scanners.

The results showed that there is no precise scale with levels of IQ, which could equal rank all abilities. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that for each of the investigated "feature" activated different parts of the brain.

It was found that the concept of intelligence can be "broken" into three parts - short-term memory, verbal ability and reasoning abilities.

In addition, this research studied the effects of factors such as age, gender and health habits on cognitive abilities. That has been proven that people in their twenties better deal memory and reasoning tests than sixty years old.

Interestingly, the respondents who said they often play video games in these areas recorded better results. On the other hand, smokers are much worse when it comes to short-term memory and verbal skills.


Monday, January 7, 2013

How to get rid of dandruff?

How to get rid of dandruff is a question that many people ask. There is no man who will not agree that dandruff is aesthetically unacceptable, but because many say they have tried everything and still can not get rid of the ugly white flakes on their hair.

What is dandruff?

It is a chronic condition of the scalp where the skin of the head whitish flakes appear, followed by the appearance of itching. In severe dandruff problem is not limited to the scalp, but can occur redness and peeling of the skin. A severe form of dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis, which is characterized by inflammation of the skin, oily or dry flakes also appear on the nose, eyebrows and ears.


Dandruff is not contagious, but unfortunately it is not curable. The cause of dandruff is most likely associated with the fungus pitirosporum ovale. She, who naturally live on our skin throughout life and usually causes no problems. On the other hand, some dermatologists say that dandruff is actually a type of skin disease called clinical seborea kapitos or excessive production of sebum.

Here are some tips on how get rid of dandruff:

Types of shampoo

Dandruff can successfully be kept under control with regular use of resources for the prevention and treatment of dandruff. Therefore, we suggest some practical tips that can help you overcome this problem.

To begin, wash your hair frequently which will be easier to control dandruff. However, it can happen to you that your scalp gets used to this recipe no longer has any effect. Therefore, change the three anti-dandruff shampoos, because each has a slightly different composition. If you have a mild shampoo that is effective against the persistent attack, use it on a daily basis. If, to you this advice does not help, start with a stronger shampoo. Shampoos with selenium sulfide or zinc piritioneom act fast, because they interfere with the rate at which new cells scalp. Shampoos with salicylic acid and sulfur loosen dandruff, so it rinses easily. Shampoos with antibacterial substances destroy bacteria scalp and reduce the possibility of infection, while those based on tar slow down cell growth. For extremely problematic cases are recommended tar based shampoos. After shampooing, leave it on the head for five to 10 minutes to allow the tar had time to act. However, one should not exaggerate with this shampoo, but it needs to be used interchangeably with normal shampoo.

Council plus: People with blue hair should pay special attention because tar can darken hair to brown.

The method of use

I always shampoo twice. When you first shampooing, leave the shampoo foam to act for five to 10 minutes and the second time wash your hair immediately. To perfect execution action shampoos, after application put a shower cap, leave it on your hair for about an hour and all rinse.

 Natural Remedies

- Always rinse the sweat after sports activities or physical work harder, because the sweat irritates the scalp and encourages the production of dandruff

- Be careful while using hair products. You do not have to stop using the gel, foam or varnish dryer, but try to use it less often because of this substance binds fat

- Do not scratch his head while shampooing, massage your scalp already fingertips. This will help to remove accumulated dander

- Prepare product for dandruff. Four teaspoons dried thyme and cook for 10 decilitres water ten minutes, then drain and cool. On a clean, dry hair soak issues, massage and rinse liquid. Half to leave the next day, when you repeat the procedure

- Apply a brush olive oil on the threads, put a cap for swimming and hold for 30 minutes.

Rinse shampoo for dandruff

- Soak up the sun - a day is enough to just 30 minutes

- Relax - Stress can contribute to the creation of dandruff

- Onion is rich in sulfur, and he has a curative effect against the fungus that causes dandruff. No matter how strange it may sound, onion in half and rub it on the scalp

- Wash your hair once a week with soap based on sulfur and avoid hair products that contain alcohol or strong hairdryer to dry the threads

- Medicinal properties have dandruff, garlic and oregano. Both herbs and eat them, gently rub the scalp

These are some tips, how to get rid of dandruff, I hope this is helpful.

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