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Monday, March 18, 2013

Gold rush in space

New race to win the priceless mineral resources shall be initiated in the universe. There is no doubt that the space mining threatening the earth.

Something more than a century and a half after the California gold rush swept, Silicon Valley in the same U.S. state became the epicenter of a new wave of feverish campaign to precious metals. Only, unlike the diggers of the 19th century, the aim earth gold, now it comes to engineers invading untapped mineral wealth - the moon.

Statement by American astronaut Neil Armstrong that when in 1969. Came to the moon, he made "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," gets a new meaning. Since the beginning of this year there were two large paper, in Canada and Australia, the space devoted to mining, especially on the moon, which is considered the first and most fertile places outside the country to win the valuable mineral resources.

Mineral maps American space agency NASA show that the geological composition of the moon is very rich and is the true source of deposits for the bravest space miners. Among these riches untouched a large number of rare minerals such as yttrium, lanthanum and samarikum for which there is great demand for his role in the high-tech industry.

President of the Canadian Space Society traffic Arnie Sokolov believes that the planet mining is becoming the driving force of cosmic research:

- I have no doubt that one day the space mining to overtake earth - he is convinced.

Sokolov added that for some brave souls, and profound space agencies started just this way. The main "nursery" in the U.S. Silicon Valley. Among the dozens of companies that deal in California this research develops competition, which received concrete expression in the competition for "Google's" "X-lunar" reward of 30 million dollars. It is intended for private companies that most successfully lowered a robot to the moon, they manage to run it longer and send your best shots, especially water, back to Earth.

Mars Society President Dr. Jonathan Clark of Geological Sciences in Australia, said that the Moon follows the limits of the mining industry. Predicts that the water target of the first conquest. Clark believes that the lunar water is of crucial importance for the future of space mining mission, not only for basic functions, for drinking and washing, but also as a fuel for robots and converted into oxygen for breathing:
- We know that there is water on the moon. Water is rocket fuel. It sustains life and agriculture. Thus, the lunar commercial exploitation is the first step to becoming a part of our Moon, humane world - confirms Bob Richards, Director of "Moon Express," one of dozens of companies in Silicon Valley, working in mining research space.
Richards from Canada moved to Silicon Valley, because he thinks it's "capital of capital with an appetite for risk." It is believed that the mining space that has become a reality within a decade. In the following years, the intensive will explore the moon and search for its ore "hot spots":
- We already know that the moon has a more noble metal than the overall reserves on Earth. The race is on! - He says.
The moon is expected crowd of robots and astronauts, but started racing very earthly, and the question that arises even ground. Can anyone lay claim to the moon?
This is exactly the most attractive part of the month is a gold rush. According to the agreement of the universe in 1967. The no nation can possess Month, which extends to most individuals and businesses. But:
- Pursuant to the agreement, the property is not allowed, but encouraged free access and exploitation. You can not have anything, but can go out there and exploit - says lawyer James Danstan space issues.
American Silicious Valley is the epicenter of research, but the race is global. China, however, plans to put a probe on the moon as early as this year, and to send astronauts to the 2020th year, so as things stand, the water in Beijing initiated a golden race conquering the moon.


Richards is confident that people will find a way to settle on the Moon: - We become beings capable of living in several worlds. The first man to enter into Mars in our lifetime, for the next 10 to 20 years. And our people will be transformed. Pads with its technology. What we call humanity redefinisaće to be taught how to reprogram our bodies to live longer, with machines capable to work in symbiosis with our bodies to treat the disease - young scientist predicts.

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to kiss tips

You've probably already seen / la how it works in the movies, or all around you when you go out on a Saturday night. They say that so-called "French Kiss", the best way to find a common language. In any case, he has always been passionate romance icing on the cake. These quick tips will help you to not get in an awkward position, to enjoy the best possible way.

1) Wet your lips. Just gently brush your tongue around the lips and that will be good enough. It does not hurt to use regular lip balm - you never know when you will encounter potential partners. 

2) Close your eyes. While closing in Partner, look him in the eye, but when you close your eyes, but quite close. Not everyone agree that the eyes are crossed during lovemaking. However, you do not always have to keep them closed. Someone loves you and keep your eyes open and looking at their partner while kissing.

3) Tilt the head. If you touch your lips while your head at the same angle you will not be able to love so nice and deep. To you this would not have happened cocked her head to one side (not too much, just a little). Do you happen to choose the same side of both of them, and if you happen to still be a little smile and lean the other way. Some studies have shown that most people are leaning to the right.

4) Start slowly with closed lips. Yes, love the open mouth, but that does not mean you have to immediately zines and start drumlin per partner lips as if you want to eat them. If you would learn French, you would first learned how to talk and grammar, not read French poetry. Well, just as "French kissing" Kissing is like poetry. Therefore, before you improve about the art of kissing open mouth, learn how to kiss closed. Even when you improve about it is better to start with a closed mouth.

5) Do not rush. Kissing should be a mutual pleasure. If the partner does not want to separate the lips the last thing you should do is to stop and ask, "Hey, can you open your mouth a little, so I put the language.". Slowly open your mouth until one is sandwiched between the other person. While your lips assembled and swung gently passes with your tongue over his / her lips. This should send the message that you want to go a step further (only as far as kissing). If the partner is still not responding in the same way, you'll have to save your skills for another time when you're both ready.

6) Refresh your breath. If you know you have bad breath do not even kiss, it was the kiss with tongue or a simple kiss on the cheek. Because your mouth will be open during the French kiss, fresh breath is especially important. Takes care of oral hygiene. Always carries with it some kind of air freshener, orbit is not expensive and it is quite sufficient. You shun the stinky food if you plan to kiss (onion, milk, corn ...).

7) Use hands. Although it should not rush hands everywhere, especially at the first kiss, it does not mean you have to let them go over to the side. You can start by going to cross fingers through her / his lips, then slowly proceed to the face and hair and the back. It is also desirable that the first kiss, fondle her / his shoulder. It will show that you comfortable with her ​​/ him. Gently hold your head partner, stroking his cheek and neck, and hugged him. Play with your partner's ears (do not overdo it) and ran his fingers through his hair. The most important thing is to respect the boundaries partners. Pay attention to body language and you will notice what your partner feels good and what does not. Another thing to note, is less important than the first, is that you do something with your hands. Do you hang from the side, you seem uninterested.   

8) Breathe. If the kiss that lasts a little longer, do not forget to breathe. Believe it or not but overwhelm and choke is not romantic. Take the air through the nose. Do not šmrčeš and blow like a maniac. If for some love and you have found a common wavelength could / would by to try to take your partner's breath through the mouth, it is sometimes very romantic. Although not everyone likes.

9) Train your style. Kissing, like any other skill, requires practice. Over time you will become better and better. The longer you loved with one person, all you will be comfortable with it and slowly you relax. Then you can already find way that will appreciate you and your partner. Do not hesitate to talk to your partner, ask him what he likes and what he does not answer.

10) Do not think so much. All this advice carries somewhere in my head, but an occasion of kiss does not think much about them. Only love! When you go slowly, and I'll figure out what to do. Nature is a miracle!   

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to demolish a building by reducing

Passers-by in the busy district of Akasaka in Tokyo began to notice something unusual about the 40-storey high hotel: reduced and "turned" in the double lower object.

Slowly but surely, without a single shred of explosions and dust - which is always accompanied by the demolition of skyscrapers - all hotel disappears.
"In the scheme of demolition, the building is reduced or disappears, and it almost does not notice," said the AFP manager of construction company "Taisel" performing this project, Hideki Ićihara.
"Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka" was built in the eighties and with a height of 140 meters is the symbol of the extravagance of the decade, when the Japanese had "money to throw away," Japan and the economic "ruled".
Now, the hotel is falling: ten days lost every 6.4 meters or two floors, says Ićihara.
The project of "Taisel" new ecological destruction process, designed to minimize noise and dirt, and recycled energy compressed into a high building.
Engineers have increased the top floor with steel beams and it is part of the hotel, which will remain as a "criss-roof" demolition by the end of the reduction, working your way down. Such as roof cover protects the lower floor in the process of dissolution. Is set to 15 hydraulic connector where the roof-cover is now "sitting", while workers removed
floor by floor hotel which was once a symbol of luxury.
"Retaining this 'cap' on top of the building, significantly suppress noise and dust," says Ićihara.
Material remaining demolition
sort in the group and, where possible, recycled. Scrap down through central drain, "well".
Thirty Hotel - which locals affectionately call "Aka Puri" - was once a symbol of Tokyo's flashy lifestyle. Customers are paying hundreds of dollars for a "sea bed" in luxury rooms and suites.
The style, however, disappeared at the beginning of the nineties, and many luxury hotels in Tokyo are - in parallel with changes in economic conditions - led the fight to keep their guests.
A spokesman for the hotel owner said that the hotel management is pleased quieter and cleaner version of the crash.
"People are like Aka Puri. Many people just gotten married at that hotel," says South Jasutake from "Seibu property" - the company which now plans to build on the same site a new hotel and business center.
"It's nice to see that the building disappears in such a clean way," he concludes.
Completion of the demolition of the hotel is expected in June.


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