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Monday, July 30, 2012

Cargo trols scurry autobahn

Germany novelty for a major crisis: the supply trucks, a solution for expensive fuel, pollution, noise. Siemens project "E-highway" will be offered simultaneously, and the United States.

They make probably the best car, but will soon drive them autobahns cargo trolleys! Schwab's is a Schwab, so it always looks so ušpara one euro cent. And when oil is expensive, solution is good old-wire ...

German giant "Siemens", a big name in the global rail technology, is now considering the idea that the above highways set contact network, which would-powered - trucks. Two "Mercedes" trucks are already equipped with a pantograph, as trains and trams. When the wires above the road, drive them to power, and when no wire, including the diesel-engine.

Federal Ministry for the Environment sees in this project no small environmental benefit, and paid the "Siemens" more than two million euros in aid. For that money is made on the test track outdated military airfield near Berlin.

"Siemens" announces a number of benefits from its "e-highway," as he called the new transport system: the elimination of pollution from the transportation of goods into local areas, significantly reducing noise level, then the savings due to the high cost of diesel, as well as cheaper maintenance , since the electric motors will last longer than those on the internal combustion engine.

Road vehicles are powered by electricity "overhead" have long proved useful in the form of trolleybuses. In Germany, however, this form of public transport there are only three small town. Strong networks are dismantled in another era, when for unknown reasons, people were convinced that oil will be forever, and at low prices.

Money is the trump card, and critics of the idea that the wires over-wire roads all over Germany. Government Council for the Environment made ​​the estimate: contact network of major national transportation arteries (highways A1 - A9) would cost about 15 billion euros. This is ten times more than the current largest infrastructure project in the country, rewriting the overpass above the highway.

Perhaps 15 billion and is the sum of that in rich countries so should freeze the hair of the July sun. California has just adopted a plan to fast track the construction of Los Angeles - San Francisco for $ 68 billion ... But the Germans like to save, and from every walk of life get the most profit, with minimal losses and friction. Germans do not have the "breadth" of imperial nations (including Serbs and often!), To throw resources and wealth, "because they can." And the frown, and when to invest a lot - that would convince them that, save.

Moreover, the journal "Der Spiegel", while an ordinary truck costs 90,000 euros, this hybrid, diesel-electric would be twice as expensive. That only half of the existing German trucks could move the power, you should invest eight billion euros ...

If not (re) calculate the Germans, Americans might want - the reason people in the "Siemens". They will therefore pilot project "e-highway" and run in two locations in California, in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grandiose stadiums defy crisis

The world is in crisis spending incredible amounts of money to build arena 21st century. Americans already are building a billion dollars, a stadium in Warsaw is worth half a billion euros.

When build all the roads, quick and regional railways and subways in cities that do not even have a tram, European politicians are turning a new round of borrowing, and a favorite toy they footbal stadiums. Americans, on the other hand, have worse roads and railways backward, but when we have the food and games, there shall not lack: build the most expensive sports arenas in the world.

In America, however, is not about the same as football in Europe: its more like rugby, is played with the oval ball, there are hardly any fouls, and the game lasts as long as the average transmission Serbian Assembly session.

Europeans, in turn, its a math counting it all worth it and the recipe on the west side of the Atlantic replicated in their countries, even if it were not rich. Hosts the European football championships in Poland and Ukraine have invested a total of 30.2 billion euros in the organization of the championship. Poland is an EU member, and one that the economic crisis in 2008. least affected, but not exactly a country with a reputation for roads. Ukrainians not only boast some abundance. Do not, perhaps, mixed priorities here? The issue is so familiar to us from some of the local debate, when we fought each other to the most important that we have the highest pole (which we started to call the "pylon").

Poles and Ukrainians, however, for the European championship and get better roads and airports. The Austrian "Erste Group" is, therefore, estimated that the extensive investment in infrastructure has given birth to a large increase in capital investment and mitigate the negative effects of financial crisis. Even before the ball went, predicted that the country hosts about one million tourists visit, each of which would remain three or four nights and spent about 800 euros. By far it is, though, spent thirty billion.
The Poles, as part of the investment storm, get a new National Stadium in Warsaw, worth half a billion euros, with a roof that folds as necessary as a convertible, and the arena in Gdansk (190 million) and Wroclaw (210 million), while Poznan stadium was reconstructed for about 150 million euros. Ukrainians have been building in Donetsk and Lviv, and spending by about 200 million euros, and thoroughly renovated in Kiev (half billion) and Kharkov (fifty million).
Is not that the Europeans are spenders, the Americans, enlightened "Reaganism" and the dogma of "no free lunch" keep an eye on every dollar of taxpayers - here is an example of Minnesota: Governor of that State has recently approved the construction of the stadium for their "ovoid" football for what you will pay 975 million dollars! City and members of the federation will earmark about half the money.
Falcons Atlanta, a professional American football team, for 20 years played their home matches at the biggest sports hall in the U.S., "Georgia home," the same to that of the Yugoslav basketball players in the finals of the Olympic Games 1996th fought a bitter battle against the American "dream team". Its construction cost was two decades ago 214 million dollars, and paid to the state of Georgia. There, under the roof, there are places for 71 000 spectators, but all the chairs are always full. They say that some people do not like American football indoors, so they need to meet. Falcons and power because they announced a new project: an arena with a fold-out roof, the more viewers is greater share of the most expensive places. Cautious estimates: 947.7 million, of which 300 million from the budget ...

In Minnesota, a justification for its mega project too expensive. Los Angeles has no team in professional football league NFL, and it does it. Angry because the owner could, if it does not provide adequate stadium, could easily raise the anchor from the cold Minnesota and embark to California. In the local language translated - taxpayers meet the tycoon ...
Of the 20 stadiums built in the U.S. after "Georgia Dom," only four are funded by private capital. For others, the public share is about 73 percent. The evidence that stadiums paid for with public funds provide substantial economic growth are "loose", especially on their existing team performance, rather than "attract" a new, says the London "Economist".
American football is very profitable, but are more comfortable with new stadiums and tickets more expensive, also, TV broadcasting is better and more realistic, and the visit fell matches.
Ukrainians and Poles will have little more trouble than Americans to maintain their new, precious toys. At stadiums in Kiev and Donetsk, however, play a major European clubs. Warsaw, on the other hand, is known as probably the most European city without a strong club with tradition. But why has one of the most modern stadium, which was played this year and the final Polish League of American Football ...
Ancient Rome in many ways the inspiration for modern Western society, and it appears that the ancient builders and financiers saw a sports arena crisis era 21st century. As Rome was sinking into decadence, built in the growing arena. The Roman Colosseum was receiving many spectators. "Circus Maximus", according to sources from the fourth century AD, had space for 385 000 people. Almost half the population of Rome could also be placed in its arenas and theaters, which, according to Lewis Mumford, a higher proportion than anywhere else, as long as electronic communications have been expanded to indeterminate scale surface on which the play takes place, and the number of viewers . One significant difference does exist: while the citizens of Rome to expand their empire less work (work ended in the afternoon) and had more time for leisure in contemporary capitalism is all day long, and modern empires, the United States, vacations are among the shortest in the world.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Instructions for the encounter with the aliens

UN made ​​instructions on how to behave when people encounter with aliens. Astronauts believe that there are sentient beings. Padalka: And the other planets are inhabited, will meet the "brethren according to knowledge."

ONE of the most experienced Russian cosmonaut Gennady Ivanovich Padalka (54) surprised the public by saying that the astronauts' get instructions on how to behave in case of encounters with aliens. "Apparently, the Chinese have made ​​with the UN rules on how they should behave in this case.

In America, the place Koroljov, the question of how Chinese journalists are Russian cosmonauts are ready to meet with aliens, Padalka said for that, "there are instructions." Padalka, who is eight times the open space, the hero of the Russian Federation, said it "believes that the other planets inhabited humans sooner or later encounter with the 'brothers according to knowledge.'"

Astronauts often speak of the strong flashes of light that they see them, although their eyes closed. The first of it, after the flight to the moon in 1969, told Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. In the NASA concluded that astronauts see rapid cosmic rays. However, it does not explain why astronauts feel uncomfortable.

Cosmonaut Alexander Serebrov says that doctors can not lie to the preparation of all astronauts. The American astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims that things happen in space "that we can not, at least for now, we understand."

Test pilot Marina Popovich, who has talked with many Russian astronauts, said that many came back with a lot of uncertainties and doubts. The leading scientific associate of the center for mental health of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Vorobjov points out that strange sensation that astronauts have no cause for fear for their pleasure.

Yuri Gagarin was after a concert band that played on electric instruments, said it was similar music "heard" during my stay in space. And Alexei Leonov, who first came out in open space, said there was at satellite also heard some strange music. Cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov says he is seeing on the ground and heard the dogs barking, and then the crying child.

Astronauts experience are different, but no one called hallucinations. Some call it "the effect of Solaris," some argue that it is "the materialization of human thought."

Russian biophysicist Alexander Pressemane proved that electromagnetic energy is greater than three thousand megahertz block the arms and legs, and since waves affect endocrine processes biopotential brain and may cause feelings of fear.
Alexander Serebrov flew in space four times. The first summer he accidentally dropped a magnet and began to behave strangely, even though it took to float like all objects in weightlessness. Inside the spacecraft, therefore, there is a strong magnetic field, depending on the position of aircraft. Serebrov story to a magnet attract objects in shadow, and rejected them when it was sunny.
- When he took off Serebrov fourth time in 1993, he managed to persuade those responsible to set the accessories that have shown that the magnetic field strength in some parts of the spacecraft changed 16 times during the day. The largest anomalies were in
commander cabin. Cables were passed over the head commander of spacecraft Ciblijeva Basil, who had a very restless sleep, teeth creaked, he shouted and jerks. His dream was the peace of mind when he turned his head toward the floor. Ciblijev dreamed and argued that what dreams he had never seen in my life. Experts have argued that such a dream is possible because of the strong magnetic field.
Professor of the Moscow
Aeronautical Institute Burdakov Valery says that a man in orbit, in a state of severe emotional stress, may lose control of the situation.
- They told me about how astronauts are at some point wanted to leave without helmeted in open space or space ship changes course, believing that it is in their vital interest. Only the strong will be saved by the mindless process - explains Burdakov.
Shock - Small Earth

Head of the Institute of psychophysiology medical-biological changes of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Bubejev explains that "the psychoemotional status of astronauts is very complex." The highlight is when seen from space as a small country and it causes severe stress. This condition says Bubejev, can be called "spiritual awakening". The phenomenon has yet to be investigated.


Double-Soviet hero Georgi Mikhailovich Grechko (81) has repeatedly said he is convinced that aliens are long and many times came to Earth. Grechko as a young engineer working on the preparation of the first flight into space, and later took off and I 1975th He was also a candidate for the Russian crew that was scheduled to fly to the moon. - I'd like to meet with the aliens. I am interested in looking their spacecraft. Is it really as a flying saucer, as we imagine - Grechko said.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The average citizen of planet earth weighs 62 kilograms

Most Americans are obese, because they seem as if the planet has a billion more people. The nations that spend a lot of driving cars and so few calories to get fat.

If all the people in the world were like the Americans, the planet would be "made​​" that lives on it almost a billion more people. All this because the average American is much heavier than the other inhabitants of the country. U.S. citizens on the infamous list of water treatment period. North America settled by six per cent of world population, but a third of the total biomass, and due to all - obesity. In Asia, by comparison, 61 percent of the population living world, but they "waste" only 13 percent of the biomass.

The report of the journal "BMC Public Health" from last week, based on data from the World Health Organization, said that, if the world is so "americanize" all start to look identical to U.S. residents, the effect was the same as if the the earth has settled 935 million people of average weight. The energy requirements would increase the planet for 473 million adults.

Earth currently has a population of seven million people. The average human weighs 62 kilograms, but there are regional differences very large: The average size of the population of Asia is 57.7 pounds, while North Americans - even 80.7 pounds. Americans are constantly stretch "in width": 2030. year, 42 percent of the nation will be obese!

A study published in the journal mentioned, unlike some older, when the level of energy use in a country measured solely in relation to the number of residents, and to account for their profession. Logically - as obese need more energy to function.

- Imagine three people in the room and that they spend a certain amount of energy. If they are overweight by any chance, it is the same as that in room four. The "extra" people require additional energy for cooking, for its transportation, creating more waste ... - Said Dr. Richard Bergman, researcher Sidars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

The consumer society that has allowed Americans to "multiply", and by natural growth. More energy, more food, more trash - happy energy, food, recycling industry ... But, everything is connected and "going in circles." The bad habits (rich) man to "just around the corner" go by car, returned to haunt his health and the line.

Large average body weight of the U.S. population, but also the rich Arab countries, one of the authors of the study, Professor Ian Roberts, associated with a high degree of motorization, conditioned among other things, cheap gasoline:

- One of the most important factor is the heavy weight of cars by the "head" people - says Professor Roberts. - In some countries people eat but little move, because all are going by car.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How Google Determines PageRank

Any backlink from any webpage increases your website's PR (except no-follow links). However, there is a HUGE difference between a passed PR weight from each web-page, depending on its PR and number of outbound links it has. The easiest way to increase your site's Google PR is to buy links on those pages, which pass high Google PR Weight to your web page! Passed PR Weight - is Google PageRank weight, passed from the backlink page to your web page. This weight is calculated based on the Google PageRank Formula. For your convenience, below I provided a simplified explanation of Google PR Formula.

Each Google PageRank, which you see as a green bar in your Google Toolbar, has its own hidden weight, which is not shown in the toolbar. In the table below you can see that each PR has 5 times more weight, than the previous PR.

Google PR of the Backlink Page    PR Weight of the Backlink Page

                    PR0                                            1
                    PR1                                            5
                    PR2                                            25
                    PR3                                            125
                    PR4                                            625
                    PR5                                            3,125
                    PR6                                            15,625
                    PR7                                            78,125
                    PR8                                            390,625
                    PR9                                            1,953,125
                    PR10                                           9,765,625

It means that if you buy a backlink on Page A following to your Page B, then your page will get the following PR weight: PR weight of Page A / number of outbound links on Page A - 15% = weight, passed to your Page B - this is the formula! (Note: we didn't invent this formula. You can find the same, but more difficult explanation of Google PR formula on Wikipedia and other web resources.)

For example, if you buy a backlink on PR6 page with 25 outbound links, then your page will get the following PR weight: 15,625 (weight of PR6 page) / 26 outbound links (25 existing links, plus your link will become 26th outbound link) - 15% = 510.82 passed PR weight. This weight will be added to your current page's weight. If your page is PR0 (1 weight), then it will become PR3 in the next Google PR update. Why PR3? Link from PR6 page passed 510.82 weight to your page, and if you take a look in the above table, you'll see that to get PR4, you need to have 625 weight. Since your page has only 511.82 weight, it will get PR3.

Now, let's take a look at another example for you to see how important the number of outbound links is. For example, if you buy a backlink on PR6 page with only 1 outbound link, then your page will get the following PR weight: 15,625 (weight of PR6 page) / 2 (your link will become 2nd outbound link) - 15% = 6,640.62 weight. If your page is PR0, such backlink will increase your page PR to PR5 in the next Google PR update!

All this means that when you purchase backlinks, you need to consider not only Google PR of the page, but also the number of outbound links on that page. This is even more important!

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