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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twitter tips

The best way to find the twitter followers is to under find people option type the keywords that interest you, and begin to follow the people who do not have many followers and who are relatively active. It is more likely that these people will follow you than people who have a lot of followers.

Another important thing is to follow when people make Tweets. Follow only those people who make Tweets about the same time as you, because it does not mean anything to you if bunch of people following you, who tweet in another time. On the other hand, if most people who follow you tweet at about the same time as you, the greater the chance that some of them click on your link.

The fact is that most people prefer to watch than to read. Offer them a video, and write in a tweet that this is video. You will see that more people will click on your link. Also people like to know what they visit, tell them if it is a blog post, video or images or something else.

Another thing, do not always advertise them something, people do not like that, because they have a sense for somebody to exploit them. Offer them something interesting or funny and you will appreciate that, you will get their confidence, and they will click on the links that you advertise.

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