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Friday, October 1, 2010

Who's smarter, boys or girls?

War equality in school - who, according to the research and psychologists, is smarter. Girls with work habits are "stronger" in the language, and weaker in mathematics.

In the eternal battle of sexes, the battle turns alternately getting sometimes better and sometimes stronger sex, but the war never to be finished. A recent experiment at the University of Kent in England was re-opened the old battle field – whi is smarter boys or girls. Conclusion of the study is that for the fourth year of girls believe they are smarter and boys to the same point of coming up with seven years. The experience and studies show that boys, although small ladies are more successful students and have better work habits, still do better in life.

Psychologists do not argue the differences in the structure of male and female brain, and concluded that the "weaker" sex is stronger in language, and that a stronger sex is better in mathematics and mechanics. However, it is not proven, whose IQ is higher.

Numerous studies show that girls have a better vocabulary, they are stronger verbal, and boys to better understanding the mathematical and mechanical relationships. These differences are determined with the help of suptests in a test of intelligence. But very important factor in relation to the childrens - will they have more confidence or be "killed in the concept," because it affects the freedom that will come in solving problems.

Study in Kent, made on the basis of an experiment conducted among students of elementary lower grades, showed that boys achieve poor results if they have heard from they teachers that they are already expected to be worse than girls.

Science says that women are socially more intelligent than men, cuddly, resourceful, while men are better oriented in space and have a better view of things, why are more successful in mathematics, especially geometry.

According to the study of the differences between boys and girls, the Programme for International Student assessment of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), although women hawe the results better in school than men, stronger gender earn more, and often hold positions of power in the political and economic life.

Using this study, experts say, should not push boys or girls in certain professions, we should not propagate stereotypes or ignore those that are currently exceptions, but they give as bright examples.

Large differences in educational outcomes and the labor market for boys and girls, and how they arise is a question which should also deal with educators and parents. When children become older, the differences are more manifest.

In the "Mensa" organization has more men. The only reason for this "statistical anomaly" is that it is more men on the testing. But the girls who join make a better test.

So, when the girls are smart, they are very smart. The question is eternal and has always been about him breaking javelin. Men are somewhat more adept with his spear, and taken root delusion that they are smarter. Frequently touring the school and ask the children logical tasks, and my experience shows that girls are better at logical tasks with verbal or social-psychological basis - said one of the experts.

Intelligence is hard to define, there is more species, and is even more difficult to grade by gender something so varied and complex. The answer to the question of who is smarter men or a women, the mostly depends - which sex is the person you've asked it.

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