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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Swastika symbol of happiness

The origin of swastika, the ancient symbol, have nothing to do with the Nazis. For the mysterious symbol before Hitler's time, there was a real frenzy.

"Swastika" - not invented by the Nazis, but the cave man who had it engraved in a Paleolithic cave before at least ten thousand years! Moreover, the symbol represented the embodiment of happiness and good wishes for the future, indicating that Hitler by tacking it for his trademark, wantonly abused.

The story of the swastika cover many mysteries, including the fact that both could meet over the world, at a time when sea routes were not yet discovered, and the market was underdeveloped.  Astonishing, therefore, Some of the most ancient of Buddhist temples, which adorn the facade swastikas in India, China, Korea, or the Buddha in whose breasts are these symbols, Greek coins with swastikas, as well as those found in the Andes ... What to say, on the 20th century, in which, until the arrival of the Nazis to power in Germany, ruled by real craze for emblem that would become the symbol of the darkest pages of human history. Unlike the Apaches, Native Americans who had a swastika carved into jewelry, modern Americans are middle of the 20th century raving for the swastika, which is like an advertisement, hanging on the bottle "Coca Cola".

Not knowing that soon, the original meaning of the swastika, turned into its opposite, the Americans and British, in order to make more money have developed business with the postal greeting cards and postcards in which the main symbol was just a swastika. The peak of use of this symbol, in business was to building a bridge over the Colorado River at the beginning of past century. Realizing that the fence building will be decorated with swastikas, investors are immediately give the money.

"Work" with the "swastika" as a symbol of happiness did not bypass the sport. Swastika is already 1912th found its way to the Canadian men's shirts, and 1916th and the Canadian women's hockey team. And logo, the Swedish company ASEA until 1933, was dedicated to the "swastika" that also dominated the Finnish national flag. Moreover, the Finns are of the end of World War I to the end of Second World War on the wings of their aircraft carrying swastikas.

Swastika arrived to Ukraine, whose numerous churches were once decorated with these symbols, but, presumably, the reader will be particularly interesting to learn that the travel documents to members of the former Soviet Army, of course, before Hitler, were impressed - swastikas!

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