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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Masculinity in value again

Men: retrosexuals suppress metrosexuals. What is a "real man"? Not burdened by diet, shoes, emotions, cares only about sex, beer and football.

Once the man was simply a man. And then, with the development of the feminist movement, characterized as "chauvinist pigs" who do not spend enough time to sink.

Then came a new, neat man - metrosexual. Women liked, but they began to complain that he does not have enough testosterone to secretly spend their creams and creams from the bathroom ... I, began to complain of "real men". In the book "Retrosexuals: How to be a real man," author and journalist David Thomas said that they are macho details that women complain about, and returning to the scene.

What is this man? Fearless like Indiana Jones, then sufficiently strong as Popeye to be no effort to open cans, but certainly not waxed. Or, if they should find counterparts in the modern world, they are the closest picture actors Russell Crowe, Vince Vaughan, Hugh Laurie and "Doctor House" or a little less raw Hugh Jackman. Buckish Beckham goes back in time? We shall see.

The term "retrosexual" used for the first time the 2003rd year. It is a British journalist Mark Simpson briefly described the "classic man." But he, instead of being nervous about whether his hair and tidy clothes, instead of being burdened with diet, shoes, emotions, how to juggle all the responsibilities, cares only about sex, beer and football. They must be in abundance. Do not consult with friends, and even less with feng-shui, daily or weekly horoscope you need to decide on something.Simply, think for himself. Has strong hands that open any bottle and take more suitcases at once. Does not take up too much shelf in the bathroom, which women in particular prices, because no man wants to have more cosmetic products than her, but one that is only a shower, shave, and it is ready to leave the house.

He paid cash and less credit cards. Pays the bill at the restaurant even when a woman offers to let it do so. It opens doors to all women, pregnant women get up in the bus. And proud of it. When it comes to food is not over demanding, but know that he does not cook, at least not on weekdays. But, because weekends preparing barbecue, and how!

No woman can not be got in between him and his love to watch live football matches. And there and because of that went to the cinema to watch a movie like "Sex and the City". Very holds to the car, but not those

In the golden age retrosexual, for example, all cars were the "Ford", made the 1970th and 1985. year - "Ford Cortina", "ford capri", "ford granada" ... The road is not asking where to go, because he always knows the right way, or at least does not acknowledge that this pathway may fail.

He has no best friends, but buddies, a hug, tears and kisses are acceptable only if they were both hopelessly intoxicated.

Dom retrosexsual is reduced and they are not at all important features chairs, tables, beds and a sofa to lie down while watching TV. But it is not squeamish on a plasma TV, DVD recorder and a good music device. However, David Thomas jokingly points out that even knows how to follow retrosexual styles in interior of the apartment. For example, one that leans to minimalism, will have to fit the TV, bed, fridge (with beer), a good piece of clothing will keep on the floor. The one who "loves" modernism, provide to the apartment in the same way, except that its technical equipment will be more powerful. And so on ...

Retrosexual is a bold, practical, competitive, knows how to majstoriše in the house, well built, but unencumbered by going to the gym, changing rooms, and aging. Dressed casually and is, compared with metrosexuals who rules a decade, seems a bit neglected. Do not wax your chest and armpit hair, no eyebrows, pulls the thread, does not wear jewelry unless it is not counted in a good hour, not a regular at the beauty and hair salons, has tousled hair, a beard for days ... Unfortunately, there are beer belly, but no one is perfect.

Bereaved cosmetic industry

In recent years cosmetic industry is a drop in sales of products for men, and is predicted to be in the future to continue the downward line. Sales of gels and mousse fell for 15, ten deodorants, skin care products by 1.8 percent, and even fewer sales and razors. In order to somehow follow a recent trend and raises retrosexual in the house "L'Oreal" a few months ago they hired Hugh Laurie, what unsaved grumpy doctor and Hausa, as the face of men's cosmetics line. But, alas, retrosexual is neat, but not cat, at least not as much as employed in the cosmetic industry would like.

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