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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The wars in Europe since 2018?

Dark predictions British historian Dominic Sendbruk: France will "hit" of Britain, and Germany to Greece. Vladimir Putin, the 2015th The inputs to the troops in Latvia.

 EUROPE 2018th became the scene of the great war calculation - provides for a British historian Dominic Sendbruk (37), who, after studies at Oxford and Cambridge, has written several books and a series of articles in the British printing media. The root of the conflict, according to a top-British daily "Daily Mail", Sendbruk see the crisis in the Old World, which, according to his scenario, the escalating war ax digging among the countries that today make up the heart of the European Union.

 France will, he predicts, to invade Britain, the Germans will fall into Greece, while the Russian tanks to move the Baltic states. Warning of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the euro could fail to be a "trigger" for the war in Europe, develops Sendbruk statement that conflict already at the door.

His scenario is quite detailed and includes the date of commencement of the war, for exactly seven years, 29 October 2018th year. But next winter, in February 2012, he said, the protests in Greece will turn into a street war to Athens a month later announced his retirement from the euro zone.

The latter breakdown of European Stock Exchanges Germans will, he argues, to take advantage of the "occupation of Greece." However, by the summer it will emerge, he says, mass protests in Italy, which is why the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi sent an army, would not it brought order. However, the bombs will fly to banks in Rome, Milan, Turin, and the prime minister will be forced to seek help from Europe. Response is reported to have only Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France sending 15,000 soldiers. Prediction Sendbruka for July next year include even the death toll in the unrest.

Things are the 2013th was further exacerbated when the EU summit in March, smaller European nations are beginning to resist the request of Germany to adopt stringent austerity measures. Moving mass protests.Although in the spring of the 2014th The 63 people killed in bloody protests in Spain, the crisis in Latvia's main theme, where unemployment is 35 percent and where inter-ethnic conflicts erupt. Russian President Vladimir Putin, the 2015th The inputs to the troops in Latvia, that, according to British historian, "restore peace". Europe and NATO do not react violently, and Russians in Estonia are included, and the 2016th year in Lithuania, Belarus and Moldova.

In the meantime, apparently, Sarokozi amend the Constitution to France for the third time became president. Five days before the Catholic Christmas, the 2016th year, which says that everyone in the EU must accept the euro, while "the British should be reminded that they belong in Europe, even by force."

The conflict takes place in Belgium between the Flemings and Walloons, with British and French peacekeepers are sent. This is a prelude to the invasion of France to the United Kingdom the 2018th year. On the French side as Spain and Italy, with financial support from the Germans and Russians. Britons are leaving everyone, including Americans.

Time will, as in the case of all these predictions, to show how it has the insight, even the truth. It can not, however, denied that it was a solid script for a video game.

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