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Monday, July 9, 2012

The average citizen of planet earth weighs 62 kilograms

Most Americans are obese, because they seem as if the planet has a billion more people. The nations that spend a lot of driving cars and so few calories to get fat.

If all the people in the world were like the Americans, the planet would be "made​​" that lives on it almost a billion more people. All this because the average American is much heavier than the other inhabitants of the country. U.S. citizens on the infamous list of water treatment period. North America settled by six per cent of world population, but a third of the total biomass, and due to all - obesity. In Asia, by comparison, 61 percent of the population living world, but they "waste" only 13 percent of the biomass.

The report of the journal "BMC Public Health" from last week, based on data from the World Health Organization, said that, if the world is so "americanize" all start to look identical to U.S. residents, the effect was the same as if the the earth has settled 935 million people of average weight. The energy requirements would increase the planet for 473 million adults.

Earth currently has a population of seven million people. The average human weighs 62 kilograms, but there are regional differences very large: The average size of the population of Asia is 57.7 pounds, while North Americans - even 80.7 pounds. Americans are constantly stretch "in width": 2030. year, 42 percent of the nation will be obese!

A study published in the journal mentioned, unlike some older, when the level of energy use in a country measured solely in relation to the number of residents, and to account for their profession. Logically - as obese need more energy to function.

- Imagine three people in the room and that they spend a certain amount of energy. If they are overweight by any chance, it is the same as that in room four. The "extra" people require additional energy for cooking, for its transportation, creating more waste ... - Said Dr. Richard Bergman, researcher Sidars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

The consumer society that has allowed Americans to "multiply", and by natural growth. More energy, more food, more trash - happy energy, food, recycling industry ... But, everything is connected and "going in circles." The bad habits (rich) man to "just around the corner" go by car, returned to haunt his health and the line.

Large average body weight of the U.S. population, but also the rich Arab countries, one of the authors of the study, Professor Ian Roberts, associated with a high degree of motorization, conditioned among other things, cheap gasoline:

- One of the most important factor is the heavy weight of cars by the "head" people - says Professor Roberts. - In some countries people eat but little move, because all are going by car.

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