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Monday, March 11, 2013

How to kiss tips

You've probably already seen / la how it works in the movies, or all around you when you go out on a Saturday night. They say that so-called "French Kiss", the best way to find a common language. In any case, he has always been passionate romance icing on the cake. These quick tips will help you to not get in an awkward position, to enjoy the best possible way.

1) Wet your lips. Just gently brush your tongue around the lips and that will be good enough. It does not hurt to use regular lip balm - you never know when you will encounter potential partners. 

2) Close your eyes. While closing in Partner, look him in the eye, but when you close your eyes, but quite close. Not everyone agree that the eyes are crossed during lovemaking. However, you do not always have to keep them closed. Someone loves you and keep your eyes open and looking at their partner while kissing.

3) Tilt the head. If you touch your lips while your head at the same angle you will not be able to love so nice and deep. To you this would not have happened cocked her head to one side (not too much, just a little). Do you happen to choose the same side of both of them, and if you happen to still be a little smile and lean the other way. Some studies have shown that most people are leaning to the right.

4) Start slowly with closed lips. Yes, love the open mouth, but that does not mean you have to immediately zines and start drumlin per partner lips as if you want to eat them. If you would learn French, you would first learned how to talk and grammar, not read French poetry. Well, just as "French kissing" Kissing is like poetry. Therefore, before you improve about the art of kissing open mouth, learn how to kiss closed. Even when you improve about it is better to start with a closed mouth.

5) Do not rush. Kissing should be a mutual pleasure. If the partner does not want to separate the lips the last thing you should do is to stop and ask, "Hey, can you open your mouth a little, so I put the language.". Slowly open your mouth until one is sandwiched between the other person. While your lips assembled and swung gently passes with your tongue over his / her lips. This should send the message that you want to go a step further (only as far as kissing). If the partner is still not responding in the same way, you'll have to save your skills for another time when you're both ready.

6) Refresh your breath. If you know you have bad breath do not even kiss, it was the kiss with tongue or a simple kiss on the cheek. Because your mouth will be open during the French kiss, fresh breath is especially important. Takes care of oral hygiene. Always carries with it some kind of air freshener, orbit is not expensive and it is quite sufficient. You shun the stinky food if you plan to kiss (onion, milk, corn ...).

7) Use hands. Although it should not rush hands everywhere, especially at the first kiss, it does not mean you have to let them go over to the side. You can start by going to cross fingers through her / his lips, then slowly proceed to the face and hair and the back. It is also desirable that the first kiss, fondle her / his shoulder. It will show that you comfortable with her ​​/ him. Gently hold your head partner, stroking his cheek and neck, and hugged him. Play with your partner's ears (do not overdo it) and ran his fingers through his hair. The most important thing is to respect the boundaries partners. Pay attention to body language and you will notice what your partner feels good and what does not. Another thing to note, is less important than the first, is that you do something with your hands. Do you hang from the side, you seem uninterested.   

8) Breathe. If the kiss that lasts a little longer, do not forget to breathe. Believe it or not but overwhelm and choke is not romantic. Take the air through the nose. Do not šmrčeš and blow like a maniac. If for some love and you have found a common wavelength could / would by to try to take your partner's breath through the mouth, it is sometimes very romantic. Although not everyone likes.

9) Train your style. Kissing, like any other skill, requires practice. Over time you will become better and better. The longer you loved with one person, all you will be comfortable with it and slowly you relax. Then you can already find way that will appreciate you and your partner. Do not hesitate to talk to your partner, ask him what he likes and what he does not answer.

10) Do not think so much. All this advice carries somewhere in my head, but an occasion of kiss does not think much about them. Only love! When you go slowly, and I'll figure out what to do. Nature is a miracle!   

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