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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weapons such sacred

U.S. President Barack Obama in the Senate lost the battle for stricter control of arms sales.

A question raised by U.S. President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden of the White House, it is possible that the Senate does not pass the proposal stricter checks when buying guns, but has the support of 90 percent Americans, is one of those one million dollars.

The act of refusal of the Senate to accept his proposal greater control of arms sales to Obama, surrounded by families of victims of the massacre of schoolchildren in Newtown and former Congresswoman Gabriel Gifords, who survived a gunshot to the head mentally disturbed person, described as "shameful for Washington."
The massacre of twenty pupils in the school in Newtown, December 2012. It facilitated a discussion about the laws related to weapons, the administration of President Obama's call to restrict access to offensive weapons. A few months later, the moment when the gun-toting outweighed Obama's call to put things under control again reminded that in America, according to an incident involving mass murder, aggravated first, and disappears again, the issue of arms control.
Possession of weapons in the United States far exceeds other countries and the recent mass killings sparked comparisons with the policies practiced by other countries when the weapons in question. Countries that have experienced similar trauma of mass killings have taken significant steps to rules governing checks before purchasing firearms, and restrictions on the possession of offensive weapons.
In America, it's much more difficult. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the possession and carrying of weapons. Fans of weapons considered that the right to acquire possession of his birth in the U.S., and that's part of the national heritage. The right to possess firearms and self-defense, especially in the west and the southern United States, is considered part of the American identity, from the time of the conquest.
The careful cultivation of the "sacred" tradition has led the historian Richard Hofstadter called the country to America "gun culture." This proves the fact that U.S. citizens, who make up less than five percent of the world population, have between 35 and even 50 percent of the global small arms.
According to a study conducted in Switzerland a few years ago, the U.S. country number one by number of rifles and handguns per capita. America holds another dubious among developed countries - the largest number of firearm homicide per capita. From fire guns every day in the United States suffer 270 people.
Federal law contains minimum standards of regulation regarding personal weapons. Although the U.S. Supreme Court 2008th Supported the right of states to regulate the rules regarding personal weapons, in practice, are "killed" the laws of the Washington District prohibiting the wearing of arms, and the requirement that the home be locked or disassembled.
Arms Control Act in 1968. The sale of firearms is prohibited certain categories of people - people under 18, people with criminal records, mentally challenged, illegal immigrant, "apostates" Army ... The law was in 1993. he received an amendment which required checks before a person without a license buy guns from federally licensed dealers.
But the so-called "hole with arms fairs," legalized by the Act on the Protection of gun owners in 1986. year, allows, practical everyone, including even condemned, to buy weapons without testing. Federal ban on assault weapon, the force between in 1994. and 2004th years, Congress has quietly let it expire, so at the time of the massacre in Newtown there was no law against offensive semi-automatic weapons.
A decade later, the President attempted to take a step in tightening mode weapons sales, has proved to be impossible even in the Senate, which Democrats control Obama. Several have opposed Obama in voting proposal as "flooded" the president's measure, once šokazujući how high political price of weapons in the United States.
Even when you understand the dire consequences of firearms in the hands of mentally disturbed persons, Americans are vulnerable when they are in the right touches to arms. Democrats, while gun control measures likely than Republicans do not want them on this sensitive issue conservatives scrambling voters, especially before elections. In addition, strong lobbying and the National Association for Arms NRA does not regret the time or dollars on Capitol Hill to defend the rights of firearms enthusiasts and successfully direct opposition to any restrictions in the possession of weapons.
The debate about one of the most controversial issues in American politics so again stuck in limbo between the right to bear arms and requests restraint of crime.

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