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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Third Revolution (computer revolution)

Many people do not realize that we today live during the third revolution. We all know the first two revolutions, when they occurred and how they affected the civilization. People think that is where all ends, not realizing that we live in during the third revolution.

First revolution

The first revolution, at the same time most important, it was the agricultural revolution. Agricultural revolution has enabled people to settle permanently in one place, for the first time since the creation of men, they were able to provide enough food for an entire year. This meant that they could devote more time to other activities, especially in winter. The first revolution was important because in this period occurred the greatest inventions in human history, such as: 
-    found a way of processing of metals - which has enabled us to the world around them adapt to our needs,
-    letter - which has enabled us to learn,
-    and probably the most important invention in history the wheel, which enabled us to transport goods.

The first revolution has enabled the birth of the first civilizations, such as: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece.

Second revolution

The second revolution is the most famous, which we all know, it's industrial revolution. Industrial revolution actually created economy what we know today. I.r. has launched mass production and therefore mass consumption, which led to the rich become even richer. The fact is that i.r. led to an average citizen now has more luxury than the king could have imagined a few centuries ago.  About i.r. I will not spend more words, because they are all more or less know.

Third revolution

If we missed the first two revolutions, we have the good fortune to live during the third revolution. The third revolution is computer revolution, which began with the advent of Microsoft Windows. Since then they have become present all around us, our life without them would be unthinkable. Computers are present everywhere around us, from cell phones and iPod-s to cars.  Cars are computers for themselves, it is simply impossible to make a car without the help of computers, we simply do not understand how cars were produced before 20 or more years ago. Today even the most ordinary shaver has a microchip.

The fact is that computers are necessary for the progress of human civilization, the progress of our technology. With the advent of GPRS, 3G phones and Skype, computers introduced us in to 21 century,  and make our life much easier. But, are the people who say that computers will rule the world, right, that scenario from movie Matrix will come true. Only the future will give the answer to this question!


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