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Monday, July 12, 2010

The most important animal in the history of mankind

When someone asked you what is the most important animal in the history of mankind? Someone would say that this is a dog, man's best friend, someone would say that is a horse that has enabled us to move over large distances, or some other animal, all these animals are very important, but the man is was still a wanderer, nomad, so that you are all wrong. Only one animal, forced man to maintain in one place, domesticated his, it's most sacred animal her majesty cow.

Cow is an animal that is domesticated people, who created civilization, without her help the world as we know today would not exist. Its flexibility, endurance, strength and gentle nature were a determined to lead the human race to create civilizations. Cows now live on all continents except Antarctic.

When the „man tamed cow " before about 7000 years, created the first agricultural communities in the area of Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). For the first time since the creation of men, we had enough food for an entire year, and did not need to be constantly moving, but we were able to settle in one place. Initially, we secured three important things: meat, milk and leather, cow's milk can drink all the other animals including humans.

But cows have had an important role, they have allowed us to till the ground, to grow food for our own needs, and enough for the whole year. Because the processing of the country need more people, moving large numbers of people is very difficult and complicated, it is far easier to stay in one place, especially when you have enough food for an entire year. So they created the first permanent settlement, the first villages and then cities and even countries.

Since the winter or in drought period, it was not possible to cultivate the land, and people had enough food to not starve, they could devote to other activities, such as regulation policies in the community and the creation of the first law, the creation of philosophy, medicine and mathematics.

The importance of cows to humans, says the fact that in several cases war indemnity defeated party had to pay in cows herds.

Cow was the most important animals to humans through the centuries and even today, cow is the most important animal in the world. It seems to be even more important today than ever before, because cows are the largest source of methane gas, which is used as natural gas for heating buildings and in cars industry. How cows are important, says fact that one cow costs between 1000 and 5000 dollars. The loss of even one cow for a farmer even today represents a great loss. Some tribes in Africa, even today when purchase and sale of land, made payments in cows.

Imagine if the cows disappeared, how it influenced the world. We even today in the 21st century depend on cows, they give us milk and cheese, from their skin we produce shoes, car seats and even a sport balls, a famous American hamburger and even hot dogs are made from cow meat.

At the end when you look at the three most important reasons why the man is domesticated cow around 7000 years ago, and today the most important reasons why they continue to grow cows, those resons will probably never will change. Three main reasons are milk, meat and leather.

To conclude, the reason why the cow was declared a sacred animal in India is a legend that say "as long as a cow, it will be the world."


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