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Friday, September 10, 2010

Flying cars are coming

Cars that can fly long been the subject of science fiction, but advances in technologies will soon be able to ensure that flying cars, actually hybrids of vehicles and aircraft to become a reality.

Some of the first prototype could even appear on the market early next year - told the Voice of America. Aviator Steve Seint comes from a family of pilots. His father worked as pilotage in South America, where Steve spent his childhood. I grew up in the jungles of the Amazon in Ecuador, where there are no roads. So, if you want to travel - you must fly - says Steve.

He founded the „I-Tec“ company," Education and Technology Center for the indigenous peoples“ , he says that his main motivation in designing a prototype flying car, which he called "Maverick" was - functionality.

Our main focus are the people in remote areas, humanitarian workers and other activists. Need to find the commercial market here in America - says Steve.

"Maverick" can reach speed of 150 kolometers per hour ( 90 mph) on the highway. When throw the wings looks like some kind of parachute and can fly up to 100  kilometers ( 60 miles ) at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour (40 mph).

Operational manager airline company "Terrafugia" Ana Ditrik believe that in America there is a market for the experimental model and its companies, which they called "transition".
We wanted to show that the same car can fly, to travel by road, the wings folded in a reasonable time to one minute, and then can be parked in your garage - says Anna.
She added that her company is moving toward the next stage in the production of its model "transition".

It is envisaged that the first model to be delivered in 18 months, and the price of the first flying car should be around 200 000 dollars.


Although it appears that these two models represent significant breakthroughs, some pilots and enthusiasts are less enthusiastic.

John Monet, founder of the "Sonnet aircraft“, the company that develops sports airplanes on electric power, said that this is an interesting idea, but that required too much.
Aircraft must be produced by different standards than cars, and when you combine, you get something that is very mediocre - says Monet.

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  1. Nice post. The Maverick doesn't look very controllable for the landing. A tricky wind will spell danger for it. I'll put flying the Maverick down as an extreme sport.



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