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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Humans will live 800 years

I recently watched the show where the Russian scientist Vladimir Skulacev argues that in the future people will live 800 years.

"People do not die because they must, but because evolution determined like that". This is the simplest version of the theory, famous Russian scientist Vladimir Skulacev, that is a leader in research on the length of human life and what it affects. He boldly announces that due to his research, humanity will reach the "elixir" that will allow homosapiens in the future to live 800 years.

If evolution is "teach as" that should make place for new, stronger and healthier organisms, if it really is about program, and not of necessity, then "this program can be breaken" - sure is Skulacev that intensive searches for longevity medicine.

In the scientific world this Russian scientist is known for his discovery of antioxidant CkLj, known as ion Skulacev.  It was precisely with the aim to slow aging by reducing damage to cells, and it - very successfully! Therefore his courage, saying that age is not a natural consequence of spending the body, but the evolutionary program, which is recorded in the human genome. In our genome, has written several "evolutionary programs“.

Aging is completely unnecessary and that program we have to change - says Skulacev.

To prove his theory, Russian scientist studyin animal life and search proof wich will proves that death is not a necessity. The most interesting to him are animal specimens, which in some stage of life alone decide to „commit suicide“. This for example refers to the largest animals on Earth - whales.

Interesting are the animals, which after the end of its life cycle, although their bodies are still in the pink, die under mysterious circumstances.

Russian is not only preoccupied with the question of lengthening the duration of human life. He, however, is among those lucky ones whose research helps the official institutions. First, Skulacev’s work funded Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, but today, about financial freedom concerns the state corporation "Rosano" and an investment group „Rostock“.



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