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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adventure paid dearly

Litigious divorces usually know to grow into digging out the dirt between spouses. Therefore, the judges are trying to forget the party as soon as possible. However, one case for a long time will tell the story in the courts.

 Belgrader I. P. was an exemplary businessman, a good husband, father of two students. Never had a problem in the marriage and he loved his wife. However, one evening, returning from a celebration to home, on the open road he noticed a young hitchhiker. Word by word, and a few miles further along the road, shared the tenderness.

 Adventure has passed. Adulterer I. P. returned to his everyday life, and his wife, forgetting young hitchhiker. However, the devil does not sleep. After a while, on the door of their apartment knocked the young woman with a baby in her arms. Amazed wife she explained what happened and came to seek support for a child. Scandal broke!

 What else could do I. P. has apologized for infidelity, but the child did not want to admit, while it is not a medical certificate. His life turned into hell. Friends, children and relatives have condemned it. In the courtroom, the "litter" the two requirements. One of paternity, the other for divorce. And then the shock! The medical results were "black and white. " Hitchhiker gave birth to a child who knows whos. However, his marriage,  fell apart. According to the analysis of doctors, curing childhood mumps had left the lasting impact - he could never become a father! Pinched against  against the wall, the wife admitted adultery. And children, just as students have learned who their biological father is.

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