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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rich and lonely

In the new Forbes list of richest people more than 100 world billionaires are without the "second half". The founders of social networks with millions of followers - unmarried

In its 25th year Forbes list of richest people in the world, recorded a few records - most of the 1210 world's billionaires with a combined wealth of 4.500 billion and a few curiosities, of which one of the most intriguing that among the ultra-wealthy more than 100 - free. At least 197 billionaires on the list at least one divorce. The United States has the most billionaires singles.
Half of the ten youngest world's billionaires, thanks to the wealth reaped the initiation of social networks. Interestingly, however, that despite millions of followers around the globe, none of them has not uttered "that fateful".

Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg (26) for three years more than ten times his fortune - one and a half to 13.5 billion dollars. The official with the title of youngest billionaire, from Zuckerberg just eight days younger, his former roommate at Harvard, thanks to the "Facebook" has earned $ 2.7 billion. Co-founder of social networking Sean Parker (30) and Eduardo Severin (28), former president of Facebook ", each with $ 1.6 billion to complete the quartet facebook dream that many users of the global network. As the fifth "freelance" would be able to add and Peter That, first outside investor in Facebook. "

In a similar situation is their Japanese counterpart, the founder of social networking "Care", Josikacua Tanaka (34), with $ 2.2 billion, but still no "better half".

German Prince Albert von Turn und Taxis (27) is 18 years old entered the prestigious list due to a family inheritance. An additional attraction of his wealth of two billion dollars given family castle where he lives, having graduated from high school in Rome, and then economics and theology in Scotland. Additional fame had brought a passion for auto racing in the German league. His 30,000 hectares of forests are considered one of the largest forest holdings in Europe.

Over the ocean, too rich heir Scott Duncan (28), after the death of his father Dan won the "oversight" on more than 50,000 kilometers of pipeline ... For the time being and no wife and no successor. From Asia, Richard Li, the youngest son of the wealthiest people of Hong Kong, Lee Kašinga, also a very good businessman, still searching for the chosen ones.

Of the ten richest under 35, only two are married. Married and the youngest woman billionaire, China's Yang Hjujan (29), Queen property, which is rarely seen in public, and the family has formed a rich Lebanese successor, one of five children of the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Hariri Ajmin (32). His younger brother, Fad Hariri (30) is still free, living with his mother and sister in Paris.

Among the physical is the most Briton David Ross, a widower with one child, which is more than a billion dollars took a job in mobile telephony. Is distinguished and exceptional love for opera, which not only happy to listen but also running in - his own garden.

Over 90

In contrast to the youngest, from 12 billionaires over 90 years, most are married, including the oldest, softveraša from Switzerland Walter Hafner (100), who enjoys family, its 100 horses and four billion dollars. Among the most prominent name widowed American David Rockefeller (95), grandson of legendary oil baron John D. Rockefeller. Father of six children, aged in his late donations dedicated to the idea of human purposes and collecting - bug. It has the world's largest collection of as many as 160,000 copies. The oldest billionaire En Cejmers Cox (91) was divorced, with three children, but has his hands full with its 17 newspapers, 15 TV and 86 radio stations.

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