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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beautiful people are smarter

Despite the stereotypes, some surveys show that beauty and intelligence go together. In tests, attractive people more successful than competitors ugly.

Mis can be relieved. No longer have to declarations of peace in the world and the achievements of Nikola Tesla prove how smart because the confirmation came from the scientific community. A recent survey of experts from the London School of Economics showed that the beautiful people - smarter.

Discovery by British scientists, they probably are most happy to blondes. Now it will be enough to deftly makeup and mount the "so that - make wiser. A book and some colleges are dealing with those who when they shared the beauty of waiting in another line. Maybe just one of - mind.

All kidding aside, his theory of the British and empirically verified - good looking people on intelligence tests had, on average, 14 points more than ugly competitors. Researchers have come up with good "excuse" for this theory. Apparently, the people that honor the nature of good appearance, attract partners who are handsome and smart, so children born in such relationships inherit both. And so, as in a folk song - like father like son - are passed from generation to generation.

Physical attractiveness is positively related to intelligence in general, nor the beauty nor wit had nothing to do with social origin, physical constitution and health status - says Satoshi Kanazawa, who participated in the survey. - It was noted also that the connection between beauty and intelligence are more pronounced in men than in women.

The study was based on data from the National Child Development Study, which monitored 17,419 people who were born during one week in May 1958th in the UK. The subjects were in childhood and adolescence solve a series of tests that followed their progress in school, intelligence, and changes in physical appearance. The second part of the data collected within the National Health study of adolescents, which was attended by 35,000 young Americans.

They forgot, however, scientists mentioned that based on what criteria they determined who was nice, and who is not.

Psychologist said the findings were similar before, but in science relationship between beauty and brains is not reliably determined.

Depending on the culture and social context to is not exclude. - Some amount of correlation between these two and other variables shows the connection and in the same direction, but not as such a cause-effect relationship. Let us remember the old anecdote about Bernard Shaw, when a lady found that the children from their marriage could be ideal - it smart and beautiful on her. The famous writer and a cynic replied that it would not be bad, but he is afraid of what would be the other way around, that they turn out smart it a "beautiful"on it ... The findings are interesting and should be taken into account by complementing them with other facts that favor not only a kind of natural but also social selection and linkage. Intelligence, however, is not a unique concept and the phenomenon is not always manifested in everyday situations, as some people retired and effective only in the business.

Interpretation of British scientists could be sure, and then reversed to say that smart people - beautiful. After all, they say that beauty comes from within.

Cultural and educated

For years, Sharon Stone applied for the most popular member of the imaginary club of beautiful and smart. By his own admission, after an irresistible face and perfect figure hiding in IQ of up to 148th Recently, however, admitted that, popularly speaking - lying. For this was in a "Oscar winner" Natalie Portman. She graduated in psychology and speaks fluent Hebrew, French and Japanese. Famous Sindi Crawford, true, did not finish college, but is very ambitious enrolled in the study of technology. They say a safe and graduated, but decided on a career model. Hollywood's old-school beauty Hedy Lamarr is also known for a patent in the field of communication (it is shared, though, with her ​​husband) which are partly based wireless phones and the Internet.

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