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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dollar riches does not write well

Compromised the role of world currencies, "1", the foundations of American prosperity. United States - most indebted country in the world, which consumes and what does not earn
In the next ten years, "Monetary car", the U.S. dollar will be removed from the throne of the world, experts say. The dollar is bad writing. If anyone doubts it, let him say what the two men listened richest Americans Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who showed that they understand the flow of money and endorsement riches. And they say that "sinking" of dollars to continue and that there is almost no cure.
Nasty message for Americans and the U.S. administration to the Nixon onwards, maintain well-being of their fellow citizens to print dollars and the accumulation of public debt. It is the American formula to live well by being consumed more than it has. The world's iron law of market economy, where there is no "free lunch", it should be impossible, but, well, it is possible when it comes to America. How? Well, that's what America has the strongest currency in the world, a currency that is required in the countries of the world which hold most of its foreign exchange reserves (65 percent). Using the "imperial" position of dollars, the Americans during the Nixon abolished the gold surface and its started to print it crazy, because the world was sought without gold backing.
Starting from the project of American neoconservatives, the U.S. and the dollar is destined to have a dominant position in the world, ruling elites and big and powerful countries, believed that they had found the magic formula that can live on someone else's expense. Cheap dollar is sought in the world, the accumulated public debt, and Americans have lived well and a good deal of the expense of others. Dependence of the world from the U.S. dollar and allowed the maintenance economy that formula, which is now apparently reached the limit, or the bottom. America is in debt up to their necks. It is the most indebted country in the world. Its public debt is a daunting and at this moment is 14,290,000,000,000 dollars, and that is to say more than 14 trillion dollars!
In other words, the U.S. state of every citizen to this point tasked with more than $ 47,000. I still borrow it. To serviced public debt, the state every day must be charged to a new four billion dollars. Experts, including the Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, says that soon this formula with the accumulation of debt could get out of control and the dollar to overthrow the throne. Such trends can already be seen with the naked eye.
The World Bank has announced the other day forecast that the dollar over the next 10-15 years, ie. at least until 2025. year, could be removed from the throne in the monetary market. His rule will replace the sacrosanct "basket" of 4-5 major currencies such as dollar, euro, yen, yuan ... Chinese, Russian and Arab oil man stand such a request several years ago. Will America open the front defense dollars? Will, but does not know how, especially since it costs a lot. And Mr. Obama last week warned that the country unless something is done, may enter into a serious crisis. He even mentioned the possibility of "technical bankruptcy" when it comes to over-indebtedness. Dollar can be defended only on the inside. At the request of Congress, was transferred to the debt in due course reduced from 14 to 4 trillion dollars. And to end the enormous accumulation of debts. It is possible, but it is expensive and difficult.
Need the "cuts" from the inside. First, to slash budget spending, because there is an enormous deficit. How? So that would increase taxes, of course, particularly those who have most. And third, to drastically slash military spending that year are as high as $ 700 billion. Is that possible? Yes, but not likely. Expect it from Obama in an election year is pure illusion. To know and agents of the world monetary markets, and thus requires more gold and more expensive sales. Just in case.

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