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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pentagon defended Hitler's warriors

The legendary director of NASA's Wernher von Brawn, who was in the Third Reich held the rank of SS Major and guided missile program, but suspected of stealing the idea of ​​an artificial satellite of the armed Herman Potocnik, Slovenia's Noordung, which was first offered to Hitler, then the U.S. Army.

Although accused of grave war crimes, von Braun, the 1945th not completed at Nuremberg because it associates with agents protect the American OSS and military service took him to the United States, where he rapidly advanced to the head space program. Pentagon plan was immediately offered a "satellite of death" to attack enemy targets from space.

 Only when the Cold War ended, it was revealed that U.S. services are not only rescued von Braun and 700 of his closest associates, but also the thousands of Hitler's experts, the chemist who created the deadly gas "Zyklon-B", the Nazi secret agents and commandos the service. Decades of washing biography and infiltration of the Nazis in the institution was located within a planned "Staples", the most controversial U.S. intelligence operations.

It has long been speculated about how Hitler's warriors rescued the American secret service OSS, and then its successor the CIA. The public in the United States' imports of the Nazis "is the 1945th prominent scientists warned, above all, Albert Einstein, who was raging because of Hitler's rockets scientists involvement in research centers. However, the fact that von Braun was the 1945th ended their work on the rocket attack on the United States did not prevent its progression to frontal-man NASA. Cold War logic of "better to me than the Nazis, we Russians" has created a decades-long conspiracy of silence in Washington.

It was not until the early nineties began unmarked "top secret" documents on the "Staples", which took place at full capacity since 1945. by 1973, and some branches remained active later, she found Linda Hunt, after numerous research archives, which are cleverly hidden files on the operation.
 Her book "Secret Agenda" has become a guide to finding the Nazis in the institutions of the United States, in 1991. Si-En-En shows her a series of documentaries about this taboo subject. It is shown, among other things, that Hitler's scientists have the 1985th gained so much power that the abolition of units tried to hunt Nazis in the U.S. Department of Justice! It has been documented that in addition to von Braun in the American military and research institutions was introduced a few thousand of his associates, and "experts" murderous other specialties. The most terrible was the testimony of slaves from the concentration camp Dachau and Dora, which Hitler forced the experts to work to death in an underground missile factories. They found that OSS agents rescued and chemists Otto Ambrose, who was the director of the factory "IG Farben "in the Auschwitz death camp.

Most shocking discovery was that the U.S. Secret Service specialist imported for biological and chemical weapons, which are experiment from concentration camps continued on U.S. soldiers.

 - A frightening psycho-chemical experiments were performed on U.S. troops in Edžvud arsenal in Maryland, the center of the U.S. Army chemical warfare research - said Linda Hunt. - Scientists from "Staples" have been working since 1947. to 1966. Edžvudu in developing nerve gas and psychoactive substances as LSD. Horrifying is that it is not dealt with exclusively by the Germans, but also by an American doctor who had joined the Nazi experiments to 7,000 American soldiers.

Unfortunately, this topic is rapidly suppressed. However, from time to time come out to light a single evidence of history that officially did not exist. So the BBC 2005th scandal revealed in 1977. when the physician in honor of his name Hubertus Štrugholda named aviation Library of Medicine in Brooks based in Texas. However, the name was soon changed as it turned out that the Štrughold, who arrived in the United States under "Operation Paperclip", performed medical experiments on prisoners of the infamous Dachau concentration camp.


 The American archives reveal that even the 1945th found a solution for even the most notorious Nazi criminals whose appearance in America caused too much public attention. Then the CIOS (Combined Intelligence objectives sub-committee) established the program "Sjefheven" (meaning to fit our "safe house") that allowed Hitler's scientists to migrate and extend their research in countries that were sympathetic to Nazi Germany, such as Spain, Argentina and Egypt.

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