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Monday, February 20, 2012

Watch NBA games online for FREE

I love basketball, I play it since I was little, though now only recreationally. This is a fantastic sport, where you can show how good athlete you are, your physical ability, skill with the ball, and also whether or not you're a social person.

I live in the Balkans, and three-four years ago for some reason, all televisions have stopped buying the rights to NBA games. So, now no one in the region can't watch NBA games, except on cable.

So I start researching the internet to find a way to watch NBA games for free. I found several ways to watch games for free, a way that will show you, in my opinion is the best.

Just follow the steps below:  

1. Go to WiziWig.

2. Go to the “Live Sports” Section.

3. Select “Basketball.“

4. Change the Filter to “NBA.”

We’re going to do this so that we filter out all of the non-NBA basketball games, making our job of finding the game or games we want to watch much easier.

5. Choose the Game You Want to Watch.

On this page you’ll find a list of all the available games to watch, some other than the NBA. Each game will be listed by date and time with links to connect to the live streams for each of them.

I’ve chosen the Pheonix Suns vs the Denver Nuggets game.

6. Select “Play now!”

7. Select a Game Link.

Scroll down to the matchup you’re looking for and select a link to watch. Some games will have multiple links of varying quality so you’ll need to do a bit of test driving before you get settled.

It’s that easy.


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