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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hitler had a son

Adolf Hitler may have had a son by a minor French that when he grew up fighting against Germany in World War II, new research shows.

Jean-Marie Lohr, who died in 1985th year, he thought he was the son of dictator Adolf Hitler, and today's research shows that maybe he was right. "

Lor has never met his father, but his mother before his death he was told that the fruit of a brief relationship that she had had with Hitler during World War II.

He in 1981. years and wrote a book called "Your father's name was Hitler," which will soon be re-released with new evidence such as photographs showing the similarity of the French and Hitler.

According to his mother, Charlotte Lobžoa, she met Hitler in a small town in Furn Vep, west of Lille in June 1917th when she was 16.

Hitler then fought against the French near Sebonkur but briefly lived in Furn in Vep.

"One day, while I was cutting hay with other women, I noticed the German soldiers on the other side of the street. He carried a notebook and it seemed as if something draws. All women is to be interesting and interested in us what is on this line. I decided to approach him, "she said Charlotte.

The two began a short relationship, and Charlotte is pregnant.

"When your father was nearby, which was very rare, we walk in nature. But the walks are usually ended badly. He is often inspired by nature a long talk, and I'm poorly understood. He did not speak French, but shouted in German an imaginary audience. Even if I spoke German, I could talk to him because I had no idea about the history of Austria, Prussia and Bavaria. My reaction was angered your father, so I did not even react to his story, "Charlotte said to his son.

Lor knew that his father was a German soldier, but his mother was only in the 1950s, before his death said it was Hitler.

Hitler refused to acknowledge his son and returned to Germany, but remained in contact with Charlotte.

Charlotte Lobžoa refused to speak about the father of her son and quickly gave him to adopt family Lor.

Jean-Marie Lohr in the Second World War, fought against the Nazis, and during the German occupation of France was a member of the Resistance.

When Laura's mother apologized for Hitler, he did not know what to do.

"In order not to fall into depression, I always worked, I went on vacation, I'm not even going to the movies for almost 20 years," said Lor.

After a while he began to investigate his background and found it in the attic of her mother's picture which was painted by Hitler.

Recently in Germany found Hitler's picture on which is painted a woman who looks much like Charlotte Lobžoa.

Evidence in favor Lor claims are official German military documents showing that the German soldiers brought money Charlotte during World War II.

Lor was looking for and to do many tests and to compare his and Hitler's handwriting, their physiognomy, blood types, images.

The results, published by the newspaper "Le Point", show that there is a possibility that Hitler was indeed the son of Lor.

If it is confirmed that the Lor actually Hitler's son, his children could have a share from the sale of Hitler's book "Mein Kampf", which sold several million copies.

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