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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cityville Cheat Codes

To feel the satisfaction on playing what we need are challenges and that is the real essence of the game not only to enjoy but also to learn how you can surpass challenges. These 13 tips will help you to play game CityVille, as I shared my personal tricks in playing this game. I believe that we don’t need to use CityVille cheat in order for us to enjoy every game. Thanks for this site in letting me to shared my guide and for you who have the interest in reading this one.

1. The fact is that the more players can play and be part of your neighborhood, the easier for you to play this game, dominate and cheats If you need some batteries, you can ask your friend to send it to you since, by sending this as a gift this will not affect your energy and batteries.

2. That is why if you can notice there are lots of gamers in Cityville used to spam and invite as many friends as they can to play with them Almost in all Facebook games, you can do this trick. By adding more neighbors to your city, you can send and receive gifts, free energy, coins, and reputation.

3. Business and crops are always be together so make a good balance of it.

4. Plant carrots when you need to go for something and let your account offline So you should plant your crops according on number of hours you can play Cityville. Of course just like your experience in playing Farmville you should aware the duration of every crop to harvest. If you are just starting the game, you have only 2 choices on what kind of crops you can plant, from strawberries and carrots. In this case, strawberry takes 8 minutes while carrots take 8 hours.

5. Each house or store you build in CityVille will give you experience and coins you’ll also receive payments every hour. And also by harvesting crops you will receive food, experience, and coins.

6. Balance is the best combination on this game, when you build stores and business, you need to supply by crops, and so do it with harmony and balance. You should build a great system with plan and right flow for your city.

7. You should also build trains stations for your neighbor cities so you can receive gifts and bonus stuff.

8. Build Community buildings so you can keep on building houses in City Ville, Community buildings make the population limit higher.

9. Decorations can greatly increase the money or products, so you need to be creative in doing this one.

10. You can recollect and help you neighbor by visiting them, sending tourist buses and other task that you can offer. Upon applying this you can receive good experience and reputation from them.

11. To unlock new stuff, you should build stores and buildings and make flourish the entire city.

12. You can build ships by unlocking your harbor, while there are some players to get it first so they can produce more money but and maximize their profit using it. However you should aware on the capacity of your harbor on its limits to hold ships.

13. In playing simulator game, and of course in Cityville, you should go first for resources or houses that can make a good number of populations on your city. By doing you can obtain more profit and resources for your city.

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