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Monday, April 2, 2012

The average world income

International Labour Office calculated that the world's average salary is 1480 dollars.

The rich are disillusioned, and poor data does not seem realistic. International Labour Organization (ILO) was first released publicly with the world's average salary calculation. It is, for someone everything, and the other incredible - 1480 dollars per month.  The study involved 72 countries worldwide

The explanation lies in the unique methodology which economists ILO served and, of course, the fact that the income always means the gross amount.

They are the first of the national statistical institute took data on average monthly income. These figures are multiply by the total number of employees, but without the self-employed, meaning entrepreneurs and artisans. And without the people who receive some form of social assistance. State averages are gathered and divided by the total number of employees in the world. So they came to the world average, which is less than $ 18,000 a year.

To make the data comparable,
ILO economists are taken into account the cost of living in each country and what is the average salary in that country can buy. State averages are calculated by the "consumer dollars," with a value equal to the dollar spent in America.

For calculation of the global plate had the most influence most populous country, one with the largest number of workers, because they are the most and contribute the total sum of wages in the world. It is above all China.

- If someone in China has received a salary of 1,500 yuan a month, he will get it in the bank $ 200 - explains the ILO economist Patrick Belser Would the BBC.

But that's not what we use to calculate the global average, because what is important here is what people can buy these from 1,500 yuan. When compared with purchasing power, we learned that actually is worth about $ 400.

In this study, the highest paid employee in Luxembourg. The average monthly salary 4089 dollars. Following Norway, with 3678 dollars the average wage, and the third is Austria - 3237 dollars.

At the opposite end of the world's income is Tajikistan, where the average salary is only 227 dollars.

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