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Monday, May 21, 2012

Americans make projects for the control of the world

DARPA in the United States has for decades engaged in the wildest things as they are the future. Operate outside the law, with a large budget, and devise how to "surprise the enemy".

In one of the many American TV series devoted to science fiction, the U.S. government provides a small group of researchers to the task, using the craziest technology, invent "unimaginable" things of which their country has benefited.

DARPA, an acronym which hides behind the U.S. Agency for advanced research projects for the defense, it is this. Along with a real, not in the television world, which has an annual budget of $ 3.2 billion and more than a hundred "weird" researchers who work for her.

The whole project was launched 1958th the last century in response to the Soviet program "Sputnik" and as "prevention strategic surprises that might jeopardize national security." From then until today, DARPA has evolved, and the description of the reasons why there is added the definition of "creating technology that will surprise our enemies." For this to 240 employees, of which 140 technicians who "live" in the world of the future, imagining, working and experimenting with what is unthinkable for ordinary people.

Either way, this is where they discovered numerous revolutionary technologies. For example, without which it is impossible to imagine life today - the network of computers connected through the communication channels that allow data exchange - was designed precisely in this agency. Just like "hypertext", which allows you to set "Link", and the mouse click is enough to walk from one to another term. A project "Arpanet" in 1969. was the forerunner of today's Internet.

One reason for successful business lies in the fact that DARPA is "outside the law." This acts as a joke, but it is certainly true that the Agency is exempt from the strict adherence to administrative restrictions complained of many other government organizations. Thus, unlike the others, it may enter into transactions with companies specialized civilian and gets what they want from the best. I was responsible only and directly to the top of the Ministry of Defence.

Quickly, clearly ... Another peculiarity of the agency's effectiveness. Projects can not stretch on forever, the idea of ​​eventual realization passes between two and four years.

Since a few years ago DARPA is located in Arlington, Virginia. Only a few kilometers away from the Pentagon.

Currently, DARPA is working on several projects that look like science fiction, and many more before them was unthinkable at the beginning, and now ...

1. SYNTHETIC BLOOD - The idea was to help American soldiers who were wounded on battlefields far from home, but the need for liquid flowing vein is large and without war.

2. FLYING SUBMARINE - So far this was conceivable only in the comics, but the "weirdos" in Arlington believe that such a thing is impossible. And not only military but also for civilian purposes.

 3. INSECTS ON REMOTE - Remember that Bin Laden was hiding in caves to which even she could not fly. E, DARPA is working on the flying-insect robots that no one can escape. They are not just being from a famous film that Tom Cruise, but not far from it.

4. MATERIAL TO FORM - In the movie "Terminator 2" the bad guy is made of metal which is shaped according to his humanoid form. DARPA working on a project to create material that will mold to the shape of an item. For example, an antenna that would automatically search for the best most effective form of broadcasting, depending on the location of the.

5. CAR FOR THE BLIND - It seems impossible but ... if you connect the non-visual sensors (like laser) with indicators of contact (such as gloves that vibrate when a blind driver reminded of the need to draw), that those who can not see behind the wheel.

6. SENSORS FOR UNDERGROUND - Who's been hid, hid it, because if this project comes to life either land or rocks will not be able to hide anyone. Special sensors penetrate everywhere, no more secrets.

 7. SMART DEVICES - Artificial arms are the only chance for those who lose that part of the body, but now DARPA wants to link the artificial body parts directly to the brain, which would also have to control it just like a real one.

8. ROBOTS THAT WALK - The Agency has failed to produce robots that move and balance as well as animals. Although most are like dogs without heads, these robots are in terms continuing walking up the techniques so far managed to achieve.

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