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Monday, May 7, 2012

When should you change job?

Although this topic is nowadays extremely inappropriate, because they are happy with any job, let alone to think about changing jobs because you are not satisfied with it, sometimes to know where and why draw the line.

Wages and poor long-term position with the unchanged situation in the scale of progress are the main reasons why you should change jobs. However, in these times when you're not sure you even have a job tomorrow, it would be pretty irresponsible of us to advise you - Banish and looking for something else. However, if you are determined to work on that you can not stay longer then the second option you choose - you are looking for something else, and only leave when you find it. Do not risk it.

Besides, you need a job change and a few others, not so radical reasons caused situations.

Who you're such a

Poor poor environment affects you. It is a fact. If you're surrounded by incompetent and negative people, people with no creativity, hope and perspective make sure that you will become such. Drowning is always pulling each other on the bottom. Save yourselves from this shipwreck.


Do you remember your first day on the job? Do you remember your ideals, goals and plans? Your decisions? What is with them today? Bad company, firm tone pulls you along. The bottom is getting closer, all the stars on. Breaking the Chains, and try to re-attain its star. We know very well that 90% of these targets unrealistic and unattainable, but a man who goes through life not aspiring to any goal, live in vain.

They cost you money and time

And time is money, and if you throw throwing time and money. Can you afford such a luxury. According to one theory, the ideal time for retention in the workplace, where some time is not advancing two years. If after those two or maximum three years of your site, or status, it does not materially change - modify. Also, it is always good to change two jobs. Only after a second job to understand what it is, how it works and how much work and sacrifice required.

Cash in of his work

The most important lesson you must learn is to learn, rewarding their work. This, unfortunately, goes with age, but do not worry, eventually you will know exactly what your price and your confidence is growing more, you will need less time to distinguish. You just never wait too long. Not ashamed to say how much you're worth, even in local currency.

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