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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brussels is full of spies

The classic espionage is not retired despite the end of the Cold War and the enormous possibilities of the new technology.

With the end of the Cold War and retirement Le Kareo Smiley seemed to be a classic forever spies retired and we still see them in the movies, read about their missions in novels or newspapers "as they used to" articles. Leaving a piece of paper under a rock, micro-films in hollow bricks, written plans and sewn in invisible ink to put winter coats - all seems so quaint and surreal in a time of technological advances that allow everyone who wishes to observe and uncalled listen in.

After all, the nude photos of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton are all taken from a distance of a kilometer and 300 meters with equipment worth about $ 20,000, which has any better equipped newsrooms. What you then have the possibility to have a spy organization with the sole purpose of finding out the secret of becoming "the enemy"?

How far, in time of modern diplomacy and "reset" relationship once the great powers, "employees" and espionage organization?

Judging by the statements of Alan Vinantsa, the first Belgian man counterintelligence (VSSE), spies have never been more alive than in its activities today. Only in Brussels there, he said, "not ten, not a hundred, but hundreds from all over the world." Brussels is the center not only by the EU and NATO administration, but also a place that gathers the most representative samples of cream and secret agencies of our time. For each "real spy", the guard of Belgium is the same as for the kids candy store, where simply has to be.

Everything is like in the days of the Cold War when the international espionage - said the Vinants. - Brussels is a place with many diplomats, businessmen, international institutions with a large number of employees who are in contact with the political, economic or industry secrets.Russia, China, Iran, Vinants claims, but "friendly countries to the EU," such as Israel or the United States, have their agents in Brussels.- It would be naive to think that only some of the country's spy, and the rest just watch what happens - says the head of Belgium's espionage. - In this work, the difference between neutral, friendly and hostile agency disappears because everybody wants to get their hands on economic and scientific projects on the other. Virtually every secret service is in constant battle with his colleagues from the other camp.Spies are most commonly present themselves as diplomats, journalists, lobbyists, business people or students. And their targets are, just as in the past - people are greedy, they are in financial trouble, or with radical political ideas. Simply, people with "dark sides of personality", ideal for blackmail. Or, those who want to be as "Bond, James Bond."Recruitment is just like before - personal contacts, joint tours, receptions at embassies ... Some burn, some do not.- I stopped going to lunch with him because he was always something Interrogative, and he never said anything about himself - told the website, "EU Observer" one EU official, who apparently was on the list of suitable treatment.Regardless of the fact that in Brussels the agents of all kinds buzzing like a beehive, Vinants says that in the last six years, there was only one great example of international espionage - the case of Herman Sima, the Estonian defense ministry official in charge of the exchange of classified information with NATO and the EU. He was arrested in 2009. as a Russian spy. Sim's 3294 Moscow handed secret documents, of which 386 are related to the communications and defense systems of NATO and the EU. His relationship to man was a Russian intelligence officer who posed as a businessman from Portugal. Worthy of Le Carre.Sim is now in prison in Estonia. At the hearing, said that the Russians had only paid 1,200 euros a month, but he has promised to become an officer of high rank and salary.Experts say the modern espionage that has long ceased to recruit on the basis of ideology. Money or some other form of financial security today are the only bait.

"Domestic" espionage

Some differences in espionage in Brussels still exist. Thus, circulating among the local professionals claim that "spies from Iran not a spy on others, but their own ambassadors."

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