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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sketches more realistic then pictures

When you first look at the hyper-realistic images Dirk Dzimirsky, you are convinced that these photographs. If you look more carefully, you will see that these are works of very talented artists who use only pencils and crayons.

Dirks photos used only as inspiration for their work. He set the basic proportions and then draw until you create an incredibly realistic portraits. Mr. Dzimirsky uses light and shadow to capture facial expressions, and do not omit any tiniest detail, from pine to water droplets.

- I want to capture and describe the man and his inner world special. As detailed what the writer can use to analyze an individual, I portray not only physical characteristics, but what is more important, that the presence of the inner life-Dzimirsky says.

His paintings "catch" the light on the hair people, the shadows under his eyes, and even the raindrops that fall on their forehead. On its website says that the artist prefers to paint than to photograph because of his work draw the viewer deeper, than by staring at pictures.

- I choose instead of drawing pictures because it allows me to inflict a lot of other layers over layers of lines and dots which react to each other and all that is formed bis vibrant texture with directions and movement-said Dirk.

The artist has exhibited his works in galleries in London, Germany and America, and despite the incredible results and still says he does not want to copy photos.
- Use photos as a base, but I'm not looking for perfect reproduction. Photographers use very little when aspect is established. I usually do like to paint live models-
Dzimirsky concludes.


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