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Monday, November 5, 2012

How to get pregnant

Those who have for some time fail to "make" a baby into the world, they become frustrated and depressed because no matter how hard you try and listen to whatever advice at the end, stork does not knock on the door.

For those who want to rock the fruit of their love, "Hello!" Was prepared some tips and natural things that can enhance the process of conception, which convey here.

Quit smoking

Firstly, you and your partner have to stop smoking. Studies show that men who smoke are 17 percent fewer sperm than nonsmokers. Smoking not only reduces the number of sperm, but also their quality. And for women smoking is harmful to prolong the time of conception, but it increases the chances of complete infertility. It has been shown that smokers during fertility treatment have to take higher doses of drugs than non-smokers. And secondhand smoke is harmful to women trying to conceive. If you or your partner for years you smoke, do not worry, all is not lost. Studies have shown that men who quit smoking increase sperm volume eight times. Stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke and you'll get pregnant.

Relieve stress

Yet another important factor that negatively affects fertility is stress. Many studies have shown that the methods for solving the stress increase fertility. Much easier to pregnant women because they are taught how to properly relax. Although infertility is very stressful, try to time when trying to conceive experience as a joyful experience that takes time. Learn to cope with everyday stress because it may be your path to pregnancy.

Nutrition is very important

Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant because they are not eating properly. Studies have shown that as many as 79 percent of infertile couples do not get enough antioxidants. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables because it could lead to the luckiest moment in your life. Men should increase their intake of vitamins C and E as they help to increase sperm count and motility. It has been shown that mercury has a detrimental effect on the quality of sperm, so it would be good for your partner reduce the intake of seafood. It was found that increasing the intake of zinc and folic acid can increase the quality and mobility of sperm. For many men the sperm count may increase by up to 74 percent if you increase the intake of folic acid and zinc. L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine also helps sperm quality.

Be aware of menstrual cycle

Easiest way you calculate your fertile days. Get a calendar where you record your basal body temperature. When you slowly raise the temperature, then ovulate. Temperature is best measured each morning before you get up.

More sleep can increase fertility

Many women who suffer from a lack of sleep holding fewer hormones leptin, which plays an important role in fertility. Try to get some sleep, as this will partially solve other problems - the body will be more rested, and shall deduct and stress levels. Stop using the lubricant because most kills sperm.

How else can influence fertility

- Visit the doctor and gynecologist before you decide to become pregnant. Hidden venereal diseases and infections can make it difficult to conceive.
- Engage in sex at least three times a week. Not every woman menstrual cycle is 28 days, and difficult to predict ovulation. Therefore, sexual intercourse should be at least three times a week that you do not accidentally skip a perfect time for conception.
- Give up caffeine - consuming more than one cup of coffee a day may delay pregnancy.
- A man should wear comfortable underwear - boxers and wide comfortable pants do not heat the testicles and pressed them to the body, which helps the sperm to be better.
- Check that you drink medications - some medications cause infertility in women. In most cases, you will increase your fertility if you stop taking the medication, or replace them with other medicines.

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