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Monday, October 29, 2012

How to get page rank 10 dofollow backlink

A PageRank 10 site has the top most importance according to Google's system and every webmaster struggle to get the traffic related with this ranking. Google gives these sites a high authority, and links from these sites will increase Authority and Trust of your site!

We all know that Twitter is one of the few sites that have a page rank 10, also all we know that a link from a Twitter profile is nofallow.

What many people do not know is that the link from Twitter tweet is dofollow. Every time you post a link to your tweet you get a dofollow link from page rank 10 root domain.

In order to maintain the link as long as possible on Twitter, and given the increasing importance that is page rank to that tweet, it is necessary more people retweet or favourites this tweet.

If you do not have enough followers or your followers simply do not have the habit of retweets or favourites your tweets, you can simply hire people with microworkers or minuteworkers to retweet or favorite your tweets. I prefer microworkers, because the price is lower, I pay 9 cents for the retweet and favorite per person.

Important note: Do not use shortened links or URL shortener. Because that way your link is not going to get dofollow attribute, but URL shortener than you used. Use your real link no matter that it takes a lot of character.

To increase the likelihood that someone retweets or favorites your tweet, post the most interesting picture that can be found which is associated with your tweet. In this way you get 140 characters plus images. The fact is that people prefer to retweet or favorite interesting image than regular tweet.


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