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Monday, December 3, 2012

Future Economy: China before America

Futuristic analyzes indicate that the economic situation in the coming decades will be very different, with much higher consumption of food and energy and the increase in population by 30 percent.

All consequences of drought, climate change, irrational exploitation of natural resources - Perpendicular to the ground in less than half a century, according to the predictions of the experts. A study by the London "Šroder investment" states that in the next forty years the population increased by 30 percent, and food and energy will become a benefit.

Another study banking company "Citigroup" predicts economic turbulence in the pedestal. China will surpass the U.S. gross domestic product, a higher GDP than Russia will - India.

The country's population, according to estimates, "Shroder Investment", in 2050. increase by one-third, and consumption will be much higher. Those who daily consume 10 to $ 100 will be three billion more.

- Therefore, the scope of the global economy will be tripled, while increasing demand for food, housing, cars - this according to a U.S. study. - To meet the needs will require 35 percent more food and 37 percent more energy.

Both analyzes show the futuristic new economic power - China. "Shroder investment" says that this country the 2060th have a share in the world economy by 28 percent and become the leading economy in the world. Banking firm "Citigroup" China earlier releases in the foreground.

- China will 2025th by the nominal gross domestic product of U.S. threatened - say experts in this business. - In the third place will be ahead of Russia, across India. Brazil, which currently occupies the seventh position, but next year will overtake France and Britain, and India will succeed 2015th year.

According to analyzes of U.S. bank economists, India will have a higher GDP than Germany 2020th when Russia will already exceed France, Canada and the UK.


Governments of developed countries should, according to the "Citigroup" to adopt fiscal policies that will encourage the construction of residential areas, using public transportation, and moderate consumption of food.

- A new economic model requires a more responsible environmental policy based on the controlled use of limited resources - researchers say. - Reforms in the area of ​​energy can increase the living standards of the country's population by 16 percent over the next 50 years.

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