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Monday, December 17, 2012

This is how airplanes will look like in future

The future of commercial air looks quite different in the eyes of innovative aero-engineers and designers who have introduced new types of aircraft, in an effort to make them faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Delta Force

Corporation "Northrop Grumman" created this "flying wing" on which engines will be built on the upper surface of the aircraft, in order to mitigate the more noise they produce.


One of the proposed models created in collaboration NASA and Boeing should look like, and its advantages are lower fuel consumption, reduced pollution and noise. 


N3-X, NASA's latest "child", is one of the hybrid aircraft, and the air is lifted over the surface, causing his wings less than the "fat" body. In this way, reduce fuel consumption, as well as the length of the runway for takeoff. 

Double Double 

Another model with wider fuselage MIT D8 has only one flaw that will appeal to travelers, and this has reduced the number of windows in relation to the number of seats, which can create a sense of claustrophobia.

Dual Boom  

NASA has developed a model of "Amelia" aircraft as a hybrid, which looks like the wings of the aircraft to "grow up" directly from the trunk, which should provide a more comfortable flying at higher altitudes.

In the box

Wing-shaped diamond boxes, such as the model of "Lockheed Martin" and NASA, are now feasible in practice due to the ultra light fibers that are reinforced composite materials.

Lift me up

Boeing Model "Sugar Volt" is characterized by its long wings, but he is the most radical feature that features a hybrid electric motor.

Shock test    

"Airbus Walter" brings a whole new dimension to electric motors, with their propellers are powered solely by batteries.  


Back supersonic flight can be accomplished by using the aero-dynamic shape craft.

In both directions

The supersonic jet in the form of suriken could be flying in both directions, and the rotation of 90 degrees exceeds the supersonic in supersonic flight mode. 

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