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Monday, February 18, 2013

How to get a girl to like you

The secret of attraction for some is detected at birth. Charisma and seductive skills are an attribute of their fatality, which without much effort conquer women. However, there are those who must discover the secret of attraction millimeter by millimeter, constantly learning from mistakes, and new experiences. Honestly, the first option is much easier. However, both are among those who like to work hard for their success (because they are the only truly appreciate the way), here are some tips you can give on the subject of attraction and varied activities, as defined in a number of our mistakes and experiences.

Do not hurry

Most men, when he meets a new girl he wants a serious relationship, hurry up to it as soon as possible and formalize. So are some of the most common mistakes, so it is too early call your girlfriend or your love him more than you are afraid of death, for example, I love you. Slowly. Love is a game, and every game (although in this honesty the most important), there is a tactic which must be taken so that it stayed with you. Her moments of weakness wise use. Closer to her as much as possible, get under your skin. However, if you feel that the wall erected insists that it does not tear down. Let me do it myself.


Sex and kres combination, can be the beginning of your relationship. However, if you want something more, sex can not maintain your efforts to achieve it. For something more is needed, and more. Ties, in addition to sex, based on common interests, partners, and the conversation (which are smarter and more interesting), is one of the key ways to win over in the field. Girls like men who keep their attention, not boring, and that they represent an intellectual challenge. Wit and humor that keeps his smile from her lips are big plus for you. Try it!


Be as you are. Do not try to represent yourself as someone else, someone of whom you think would be appealing to her because she is very easy to debunk your mask. Let her get to know you as you are, with all the ups and downs, and decide for themselves whether she likes it or not. If you give up, there's no better sign of this that maybe it was not for you, less than what you were to her. Be yourself and you will find his girlfriend.

Hot and cold

If you are really serious about being a tie to work, you have to constantly keep her attention. Sometimes this is achieved by constantly reheating the fire, and sometimes the effect is better achieved by reducing and intensifying passion. It is not a secret that the old desire of striking works. After all, the best fish caught on a hook when her little silk loosen and tighten. Just make sure that the fire of passion does not go too far, because the fire at any time must not go out.


To sum up. You'll receive if you are not pushy if you are interesting and funny, if you're honest, if you are skilled in flirtation and seduction, but can only win, if you're brave. At one point you'll have to hit the loop and make the call on a first date that will formalize your relationship (or fail completely). Whatever happens, the agony must end, and the easiest way to the end if the brave, like every real man we ask for a drink? If she says yes, great, but if you say no it's not a reason to cancel the varied activities.

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