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Monday, February 4, 2013

Movies adapted to Chinese

Hollywood producers make large concessions to their works placed on the largest market outside the U.S.. Cinema tickets in China costs 13 dollars.

While studio "Sonny" rubbing their hands because of the recent earnings of the James Bond film "Skayfol" in Chinese cinemas, another Hollywood "giants" the right strategies in order to win those China. Because, by profit that brings Hollywood movies, this Far East country last year, came in second place, just behind the USA.

Earnings from the sale of cinema tickets in China in 2012. grew by a staggering 30 percent at 2.7 billion dollars. Movies with foreign markets, including leading Hollywood were the most watched, with earnings of approximately $ 1.9 billion. Bearing in mind that the American producers of the last year, taking 25, instead of 13 percent of profits, it is clear why China, in the eyes of Americans, the new film force.

Experts say that this boom box-there are several reasons. China was in 2012. increase the quota for the import of foreign films from 20 to 34 works per year, but also a producer credit. Wealthy Hollywood studios previous seasons have devised ever new ways in a variety of ways to make his "protege" insert in the Chinese market, and now they are the job easier. In addition, the cinema ticket in the most populous country in the world costing $ 13, and the range of prices in the United States.

And while Hollywood triumphs, local authors - sigh!

- On the list of the most popular films in China were mostly American blockbusters. Although national authors last year recorded 893 film, and imported only 34, the fight is still unfair - Pen says Kang, a professor at the China Art Academy.

According to him, local authors do not have what you are American - an unlimited budget!

- The money that Hollywood producers invest in filming, Chinese directors can only dream of. Because of their generation "behind" in terms of technology, special effects and other production miracle - explains Kang.

How important is the Chinese market for the Hollywood industry and proving increasingly "consultations" with the censorship boards from the Far East countries. The ruling Communist Party has strict rules about what can be shown on screen. Among other things, it is forbidden to criticize the party, mocking the Chinese people and their culture. The result is throwing scene in which the Chinese appear as murderers, villains or immoral creature that is on my skin felt filmmakers' Skajfol "and" cloud atlas ". In the first two-minute scene was cut from the Chinese - villain, while the "Atlas ..." dumped almost 40 minutes straight and gay love scenes.

While many non-governmental organizations defending "freedom of speech and artistic expression," Hollywood quiet!

- American producers precautionary Chinese called "censors" to see the movie while it is still in the editing process to ensure that their future hit can count on Chinese dollars - the journal "Variety".

While Serbs to seize the leading position "Hollywood villains", the Chinese will, in all likelihood, continue to look just as brave heroes and superheroes.


To help local authors, the Chinese authorities have delayed planned the December premiere two big Hollywood spectacle. "Skayfol" has been pushed back to 21 January, the long-awaited "Hobbit" will be presented 15th February. These measures helped to come to the fore Chinese comedy "Lost in Thailand," which became a hit film, earning $ 160 million impressions a month.

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