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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

7 most beautiful castles in Europe

We bring you the castles whose beauty literally takes your breath away.

"It was the Alcazar castle served as the inspiration for the famous castle - the symbol of Walt Disney".

Visiting castles can be seen as a trip into the past. Discover the history of the kings, conspiracy and tax evasion, rich and gorgeous wardrobe and interior as well as the romantic intrigues that are still magically associated with castles. Discover the most beautiful castles in Europe.

Palacio de Pena
Located in Sintra Mountain in Portugal, Pena Palace was home to King Ferdinand. The palace was originally a small jeronomitski monastery from the 16th century (of which only the chapel remain), which was completely destroyed by the catastrophic earthquake that destroyed Lisbon in 1755. Ferdinand II Portuguese turned him into a romantic palace of the royal family from 1842 to 1854 years.
Palacio de Pena. VistodesdelaCruz Alta.

Castle Alcazar

Located in the heart of Spain not far from Madrid, this castle is a symbol of Spanish tourism. It was this castle served as the inspiration for the famous castle - the symbol of Walt Disney.

Neuschwanstein Castle
One of the most famous castles and romantic scenes in the world, and a favorite tourist destination. We all know this castle and the stories that are circulating about the castle. How about a night alone in one of these rooms? I'd rather not!

Hohenzollern Castle
Located in Germany, dating back to 1061 year. The first written document in which the castle first mentioned in 1267, and although the original size and arrangement still unknown, we can only assume how the castle once looked.

Walzin Castle
Walzin is located next to the river and there are rapids on three sides, which made it easy place to defend. Situated on top of a rock and a slightly romantic experiences for all who visit. The construction of this medieval castle was begun in the 13th century, but only in the 15th to an end.

Eltz Castle
This magnificent mansion is located at 70 meters high rock surrounded by trees near the river Moselle. If you choose to venture into this castle, you will experience the nature of yarn that looks something out of a movie.

Windsor Castle
This castle is the oldest castle in the world that is exclusively residential character. It is home to the royal family, and in addition to the Queen's house outside London, part of the castle is open to the public.


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