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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

People killed by their favorite animals

They dedicated their lives to those animals, and in the end those animals take their lives.

"That unfortunate day in front of the audience she slipped and fell into the pool, a killer whale grabbed her right in her mouth and pulled her under the water".

Crocodile Hunter was known for his love of animals and the fearlessness in approaching wild and dangerous animals. Fateful day in September 2006, Irwin was diving in search of tiger sharks, and because they didn’t found them, attention is focused on a stingray, not known as aggressive animals. However, ray which Irwin approached, it attacked the shock tail (which contains the spine) and was stabbed, and it was a fatal stab directly into the heart.

Grizzly Man, a nickname under what was known Timothy Treadwell was the lover of grizzlies who felt that they misunderstood, and that does not attack humans unless provoked. His life was dedicated to coexist with them, and usually spent every summer in a tent on their territory by recording and studying them. But in 2003 he decided to stay longer in the fall, when grizzlies preparing for hibernation and are nervous. One night a grizzly bear attacked and killed him and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard who was for the first time was in the nature with him. The attack was recorded and the camera, but the footage was never released to the public.

Preacher from Tennessiea, his entire life preaching using poisonous snakes, demonstrating the power of human faith over evil. However, in one sermon in Florida in 1995, after wrapping a poisonous snake around his neck and hung among the preachers, the snake bit him. Hensley was immediately began to suffer severe pain, but as a believer he refused to go to hospital, because he believed in the power of faith. He died the next morning in severe pain, and his death was declared - suicide!?

Patricia Wyman took care of the animals, especially wolves, even before she was hired reserve in Ontario. 24-year-old woman has never had any problems, at least with the wolves, although she  expressed concern to husband about one alpha wolf, until April 2006, when he found her body. Wyman entered the reserve without having informed anyone, and her body was full of bite and chewed the skin found the next day. The reasons why the wolves attacked are still unknown.

Russian Nikolayenko spent 25 years living with brown bears, which not only studied, but also fighting against poachers who killed them. His body was found in 2004 not far from his hut by the river Tikhaya. Half the body is lacking, everywhere were traces of a large brown bear and almost the empty container of pepper spray. The unfortunate Nikolayenko apparently fought for her life, but the big animal was stronger.

The great tragedy occurred before the eyes of visitors Sealand in Canada in February 1991, when the Orca killed his trainer Keltie Byrne. The unfortunate Byrne daily trained Tilikum, a male orca whale, and that unfortunate day in front audience she slipped and fell into the pool, a killer whale grabbed her right in his mouth and pulled under the water. Whale was moved to SeaWorld in Orlando, where the 2010 killing of another coach again before the eyes of shocked spectators.


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