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Friday, June 26, 2009

Most effective link exchange

OK, we all know that the exchange links and leaving comments on other blogs or websites is very important, but many people do not know to do that.
Based on my years of experience I have come to the most effective way to exchange links and leave comments.

Here's how I do:

First I create a new label on the blog or a new page on the site,''which usually name my favorite web sites / blogs'', you can see on the right side. My advice to you is, do not call them''Links''or''Friends'', because everyone knows what that is pages and no one is interested to see this pages, call them so that fits with the names of other pages or label. Then find people who want to exchange links with me. Then make a recommendation or review why my visitors to visit that site or blog, and their set of the link. This is a very effective way in a very simple reason, because it is surrounded by the link content, and not so important to be a blog with similar content as your. To help some people, I even put some key words that they wanted. Come this, as you have your own eZine article, and Google just like theta.

If someone is interested to exchange links leave a comment with your link.

Of course, do not forget to ask that other people do the same for your site / blog.

In the next post I described the most effective method of leaving comments.

1 comment:

  1. I found this post extremely informative. I like leaving comments on other blogs and MY Alexa Ranking is doing quite well too considering I am a fairly new blog.



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