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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Secret revealed

Many people asked me how I earn money through internet. I will finally reveal my secret, so pay attention.
All affiliates tell you that you need to have your site, if you want to sell something. But it is not easy to create a website, but even when you create a website it needs time search engines to pick it up. Is there a easier way? Yes!
OK here's what I do. I find professional template, or if you are a webmaster you can create one. Then go to Blogger and create a blog, then upload your templateand fill out the blog with content that you want. Now go click on the settings option, then click on the publishing. You'll see a switch to custom domain option, move the blog to the dmain that you want, cost is ten dollars a year. Now promote your blog.
Now you have a blog that look like a website, with good promoting search engines will pick it for a week. And that's it, create your blog and start earning money. GOOD LUCK!


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